February 22, 2009
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You look in the mirror to see a painful reflection.The reflection you see is you.Your pale lifeless skin. Your droopy swollen eyes.Your dry crusty hair.You see the cuts on your wrist.You see the left over spot of puke on your upper lip.You don't understand yourself anymore.You always wonder what happened. You always had a lot of ambition. You think about the past year and you wonder. You wonder why all the horrible things happened. The pain you suffered through.The loss. The heartbreaks. You think of how many times you've tried to get your life back on track and how many times you've failed. You think of how many times you've seen yourself like this.Then you think of all the good times you've had.You think of the good memories. But then you think of how few there were. You think that you've had more bad then good. And you wonder what's the point. What's the point
of always getting your hopes up. They always get crushed. You think of how many horrible mistakes you've made and who you've made them with. You get up, clean up, and brush your teeth. You put on your face with a fake smile and live your day like everything is okay.

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