a burned promise

July 23, 2009
By Anonymous

It can happen to anyone right? A simple mistake, I thought it was out, guess I was wrong. I put the match on the table, I thought was cold but no, it wasn't. The table, "w-what was on the table?" I don't know... Something must have been on it that I didn’t see, I should checked to see if anything was on it. I didn't think this could happen. It was so small, even if it wasn't out it's not like anything that bad could happen, it'd be small and easy to put out right? One moment I was in calm peaceful sleep, next I was woken up by a roar and a blaze of heat. I ran out, I should have gotten it, I should have kept my promise but what could I do? The place was fire, was I supposed to risk my life for something so small? It was so small yet it meant the world to her to me...to us? I guess should have. It was right there! I should have gotten it, I didn't though, I wasn't thinking about, I was scared. I ran out only thinking of myself. It was like it was never there and I never made that promise to her. Well It’s to last now. Its gone, and its my fault, I'm the one who put the match on the table, I started the fire and I ran with out a second thought. I left it in there and now I broke the last promise I ever mad her. The one thing that truly meant the most to her is going up in flames, the last thing she ever asked for is dying. I left her ring. I said I'd keep it! I promised her I'd never leave it behind but its to late now. The house is gone, everything in it is gone, her ring is gone. My promise is broken and her love for me went with it. I know she’s watching over me and after what I just did I know I hurt her. More then anyone could have. I just hope when I re-join her she could find it in her heart to forgive me.

Im sorry…

Later that night, well morning I guess they told me it was safe, that I could look around. I ran to where the room once was, where the dresser was where the box witch held the ring was. The box was burned to a crisp. With a touch of my hand it fell apart, I brushed away the ashes hoping, praying! That it was still there that it was untouched. I saw something shining I dove for it, I held it in my hand tightly, slowly I open my hand. I was bleeding, it wasn't the ring, it was a piece glass. My world was crushed, I looked down as the blood was dripping from my hand, falling, falling on something it-it was the ring.I-I couldn’t believe it. Our blood was bond together, we're never to be apart even if one of us was we’re to die. When I saw the ring there untouched, I though I saw her face and heard her voice "don’t worry baby I'll always be there for you, nothing can tare us apart". I fell to my knees and knew that I'll truly be with her forever. From that day on I kept the ring with me all the time, when I slept I made sure it right next to me so if anything should happen I could grad it and run. Years past and still I remember that day as if it was happing now. I can still feel the fire against my skin, and hear her voice, what she said to me. I don’t know weather to say it was the second worst day of my life, or the third best day of my life. In away its both I lost everything, but in away I got her back for a moment.

The author's comments:
im not that good when it comes to spell/grammar check sorry

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on Jul. 25 2009 at 2:18 pm
Hope_Princess BRONZE, Hebron, New Hampshire
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I really liked your story and I understood it perfectly. I'm so glad you didn't hold back on submitting your story despite your grammar problems. You are brave. Keep writing!

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