Heaven: Third Person P.O.V.

July 20, 2009
By Eggz62792 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Eggz62792 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Feeling the warmth of his body leaving him, as he slowly fade away, falling down, down onto the ground, and down into the darkness, as death consumes him; he prays to his God for just a little more time. Time to say goodbyes to his loved ones. Time to give his great love a sweet kiss, and his child a caring hug before he passes. But unfortunately, his prayers are not answered. However, his wife feels a sudden loss in her heart and his child feels a sudden chill run down his spine. And, as for him he opens his mouth saying he has no regrets. He closes his eyes, and death swiftly comes after. But, then he re-opens his eyes again, thinking that he is alive, but then sees his world from a new perspective. A perspective where he sees his own body laying on the ground dead. He is now a spirit, and, on his spirit form’s left shoulder he feels a warm sensation. Upon feeling such a sensation he looks to his left side quickly, and sees an angel. The angel of death, as it calls itself. It states that it has comes for him, as he all ready knows it's his time. He accepts his fate, and does not deny why the angel has come. The angel takes him past the clouds beyond even the bounds of the earth. Until, they finally reach a new great and astonishing place. A place with golden gates which defends such magnificence, which soon opening then for the angel. The man then asks “What is this place?” to which the angel quickly replies “This is a place of eternal rest for you. A place known as Heaven.”

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