The Dog Bath

July 18, 2009
By Acecreate BRONZE, Crete, Illinois
Acecreate BRONZE, Crete, Illinois
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“The barking form outside, was really getting annoying,” Ashley said as she was talking on the phone. “As soon as he got in he was covered in mud! He got mud everywhere! Even on my new shorts! So, we decided to give him bath.” The fifteen-year-old tall blonde said as she was rolling up her selves talking to her mother. She was the spitting image of her mother, she was one of the taller people in her class, and she had a good summers tan. Her blonde hair was shiny, not a beach blonde though kind of a dirty blonde, with green eyes as green as the grass on the ground during summer. She was wearing her new vintage black T-shirt form the Paramore concert two weeks ago, with white shorts that showed off her skinny tan legs. She thought that she looked like Maria Sharapova if she had lighter hair and brown eyes. She had the same body though. “Yeah...Okay we will. Love you too, see you when you get home.” She hung up her home phone. “Ashley! Can we soap him up now?” Annie asked anxiously. Annie looked like a mini version of her sister and her mother, expect her hair was the littlest of them all and she had blue eyes. She was wearing a pink strawberry dress that her mother had bought her for her birthday, she was six years old. Ashley was baby-sitting till her mother got home after that she was going to her best friend’s house. “Yes, just hang on one second, he’s in there right?” she said as walking through the gorgeous hallways in their beautiful house. “Yeah, he’s in there. Let’s go!” she said running to the kitchen. As they walked into the white walls into the kitchen, it had white walls with white and reddish brownish tile. The fridge was the left was they walked through the arch. Next to the fridge, there are the cabinets and, just like the rest of the kitchen they were white. Under the cabinets there was the stone counter it was jet-black marble. In the middle of the room sat the tiny brown and white spotted bloodhound in the gray metal tub. The bubbles in the tub were overflowing almost perfectly around him; they were on his head and to his sides. His big floppy ears were drooping over like his big black eyes. His right paw was sticking out of the tub; his left paw was in the tub. “Aww he’s actually cute when he’s not cover in mud!” Snickered Ashley. “I think he’s ready let’s soap him up,” she said as she was getting the sponge to wash him up. “Okay, let’s get this done.”

The author's comments:
tell me what you think I could add on to it so i can make it a longer story.

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