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July 18, 2009
By Crazy_Cuc@ BRONZE, DENVER, Colorado
Crazy_Cuc@ BRONZE, DENVER, Colorado
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I woke to a sound of a door closing shut. I quickly up out of my bed and walked into the living room. I looked out the window. There sat a green Cadillac and mama was getting in it. I wondered where she was going. So I went into to her room. Daddy was fast asleep. I tapped on my shoulder. He woke up quickly. “ Journey! It’s 5:40 what you want something with tyrone and Tia?!” daddy asked.
I slowly nodded my head “no”. “Where is mom going ? I saw her get into a Cadillac just now,” I sais

Daddy turned on his lamp. He looked on the side of their bed. He was looking at the empty spot. He had a frown on his face. Then he put on his coat even though he had on his pajamas. He told me to get Tyrone and Tia. So we all went out to the car. He asked what the Cadillac looked like. “Green,” I said.

He around looking for that green Cadillac. Thenhe saw it around the corner in front of a gas station. I was 100% sure that was the car. He got out. He knocked on the window. I got out too. Tyrone and Tia were sleep. I looked in the window and I saw Mama. She quickly got out. The man she was with was in the gas station. I stood there and watched Mama and Daddy yell at each then I heard it.
“I’m leaving you , Tyrone! You , Journey, Tyrone and Tia. I cant handle this stress anymore. Being a mom of an 11 year old and two toddlers is too much for me! Now Frank he cares for me. He knows me. He Loves me! I can’t be stuck here with a man who doesn’t love me!” Mama said.
The man walked out of the gas station. Daddy stared at him. The man stared back. “Well then okay then,” Daddy said quietly.

The man got into the car, Mama calls him Frank. The green Cadillac disappeared in the foggy cold street ahead. Daddy got into the car. He didn’t say a word the drive back home and you know what that was three years ago.

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