Joe's Party

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Joe came home last night at midnight to no one home. Joe was wondering where everyone was and was a
little bit concerned but he over thought it and sat down on the couch. Joe was really hungry, so he
went to the kitchen and saw that there was no food in the house so he decided to call up the pizza
place. As he was calling he couldn't decide what he wanted so he called his friend Chris and invited
him to come over and help him decided what to eat. As Chris came over they ate the pizza and sat
there bored. They really wanted to have some fun so they decided to call their girlfriends over. At
this point it was getting really late and Joe was starting to get curious about where his family was
because no one was picking up their phones. As the girls came they brought other people with them
and that's when the party began. Chris was really excited and was ready to party but Joe was scarred
that his parents would come home and find the house a mess. Chris pressured Joe into calming down
and having a fun time. As the night went on everyone started to get a little rambunctious so Joe
decided to step outside to take a little breather. As he walked outside he sat on the bench just
thinking about what he was doing. As he was thinking he saw his parents come up the drive way a
scurried inside. As he ran inside he knew that he was going to be dead if he did not get all these
people out and this place cleaned up. Joe did not have anytime at all so he had to push everyone
outside the back door and do a massive clean up with Chris. As they were almost done Joes parents
walked inside and only noticed a little pizza on the floor, they had managed to clean it all up in
time so they were so happy. They had so much fun that they went upstairs and just crashed on the
floor considering it was already four in the morning. Joe had a great night and was glad that Chris
convinced him to have a great time.

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