Against the rush

February 10, 2009
By dodogurl05 SILVER, Salisbury, Maryland
dodogurl05 SILVER, Salisbury, Maryland
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I gently pressed my ears against the front door, as muffled words struck my heart like a dagger to
the chest. I turned around, angry at my parents for not being able to get along. I watched as my
breath swam in the cold winter air then I began to run into the distance like there was no tomorrow.
My heart pounded hard against my chest and my rapid breath suffocated me as I continued to run. When
I ran, I imagined my happiness right in front of me; I imagined it always slightly escaping my
grasp. I ran until I thought I was going to pass out then fell on the grass. I had run to the park
about a mile away. I clutched my heart with my hand then stared at my watch; I ran a mile in eight
minutes. Good but not good enough. I rolled unto my side and found a familiar face staring at me.
'Good day, isn't it?' Ryan attempted to make conversation 'Whatever' I groaned, and rolled
my eyes. Ryan was the school weirdo and I had no clue why he thought I would take any interest in
talking to him. I sighed then got up on my feet hoping to get away from weirdo central as I saw his
group of friends running towards us, waving from the opposite end of the park. 'I was thinking
that maybe, if you were free next Friday we could hang out' he asked, hyperventilating from the
nervousness of asking a girl out. I bet I was the first girl he asked out, and even if he asked
anybody else, they wouldn't go with him. 'Uh-no I am busy' I said, but Ryan stared at me as
though longing for an explanation 'I have to uh'clean my house on Friday' I lied quickly
'What about Saturday?' 'Well, I um'I work on Saturdays' I lied again 'What are you a
compulsive liar?' he asked hurt by my lame attempt to turn him down 'No, Ryan' I tried to
explain but he cut me off 'Look, if you don't want to, you can just say no.' He said angrily,
and then walked off half stomping. And I wondered why nobody liked me. I turned around quickly and
made a run for the Starbucks across the street. I didn't know what to think or do as tears filled
my eyes and I suddenly collided with a biker. It was a Samantha. 'Little girl, puh-lease watch
where you're going' Samantha smacked her mouth, giving attitude with every word that bounced off
her tongue 'Sammy, the last thing I need right now is your stuck up attitude' I said pointing my
index finger at her, then getting up and dusting myself. 'The last thing I need is to see your
ugly face everyday, but you know what? I do, and you don't see me complaining' she said moving a
little closer than before 'Excuse you? You must have lost your mind thinking you can just talk to
me anyway you please, you two-faced witch!' I said pushing her to the ground along with her bike.
She sighed in disbelief and by now a circle of instigators had formed around us chanting
'fight'. I looked around and saw Ryan's face in the crowd and a feeling a wave of sadness rush
through my body, I made a run for the starbucks and made it safely in there then fell in the closest
seat to me. I pulled my gloves off and slid my hood off before finding myself sitting right across
from Jeff. 'Uh-you can sit there' he joked 'I'm sorry I didn't see you there' I
apologized 'Wow! 'scuse me miss thing' 'oh, you know that's not what I meant. I meant
thanks ok?' 'sure' he said then stuck his nose in his book 'So what are you reading?' I
asked 'Just a book' he said with his head stuck in the book then keenly turning the page with
excitement written across his face. I liked
him, as a person. He had this distinctively unique quality about him that made everyone feel
welcome. Jeff and I had known each other since we were kids but high school had started to wear out
our friendship, and so was I. I had been noticing this trend about myself, where I thought I was
better than everyone else. I swallowed my pride then continued to attempt conversation. 'Look,
Jeff can we talk?' I asked, he nodded without looking up, then I added 'without a book in your
face' then he proceeded to placing his book down on the table and then folding his arm across his
chest. 'I am sorry about us' I said 'What about us Jess?' he asked a little disgusted by the
topic 'I know that I haven't been the best friend lately but it's because'' but he cut me
off before I was done speaking 'You're still the same Jess' he quietly shook his head 'I
guess that's a good thing?' I asked a little confused 'No, Jess you're still always trying
to make excuses for the stupid choices that you make. And in the end it's only hurting you and not
me, I am doing just fine with my new friends but I can't say the same for you.' He pointed out
'Jeff, just hear me out' I cried 'There is nothing to say Jess. You're just not the same
anymore and every time I see you I just want to cry because I understand you so much more than your
so-called friends. I see you pretending to be what you're not and if you want that for yourself
then go ahead but I am not going to be a part of that. I am just going to do me' he said,
obviously upset at my newly found behaviors 'Jeff why don't you understand'' I was drowned
out by his phone. He lifted a hand then answered a couple of questions, hung up and turned to me.
'I have to go, girl' he said sliding out the chair and disappeared through the door. I sat with
my face in my hands as tears rolled down my cheeks. I looked up to see dad staring at me. I jumped
then quickly wiped the tears from my cheeks. 'Let's go home' I quickly suggested 'Jessica
darling, running away from your problems is not going to help you' he said out of wisdom 'Well
dad, what if the problem is you and mom' I replied smartly then bursted through the door and stood
by the car. We drove home silently, then dad finally broke the silence in the driveway. 'Jess, I
really don't know who you are lately' he said out of remorse 'Look dad, I am having a really
rough time at school and you and mom are only making my life more and more miserable' 'you see,
that right there is what I am talking about. The rude attitude and the blaming everyone and making
excuses for the stupid choices that you make!' dad said, his last words echoing through my head
like Jeff's. He slid out the car and slammed the door then ran into the house. By the time I got
in the house everyone was at the dinner table.I slipped in a sit and started eating dinner.
'Jessica, you cant just go off for hours and not let us know where you went' mom broke out in
anger 'Dad obviously knew where I was' I said in a duh manner. 'Jess, it was a lucky guess.
Last time I checked I wasn't psychic.' Dad said angrily 'Dad!' I screeched out of annoyance.
Dad always had my back and covered for me. What was his problem? One little fight and he acts like
he does not have a functioning brain.

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