Haunted love

February 7, 2009
By sweet_candice SILVER, Georgetown, Other
sweet_candice SILVER, Georgetown, Other
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Behind every pretty girl there's a secret. No one is born pretty or stayed forever pretty.

I never knew me, Christine Kastler will fall in love with someone as hot as Jared. He never let go
my hand while we cross through danger but I never knew about my own secret too. A secret that might
scare off everybody. 'You're cold in the summer. Are you alright'' Jared asked me. I looked at him
in confusion, 'Why am I cold, that's weird.' But then he never knew I was from another world, I
don't know either. All I know was that I am weird and things kept happening to me that never
happened before to anybody I knew. One day, somebody whispered to me, but I couldn't see who was it.
Whenever the person whispers to me, I was controlled by him. I will follow his orders. But then not
long after I kept hearing him whisper to me, I found out that I was a monster of love. Whoever fell
in love is my target, I'll tear them to pieces alive. Tears always drop from my eyes after I was
controlled by him to kill somebody. I got frustrated and wanted to save Jared. I lied that I don't
love him anymore. I gathered all my courage and said that let's break up. I don't want to hear his
response so I left, forever. Although we broke up, I never knew Jared still thinks of me. I never
knew. The whisper came again, this was my last mission, to kill Jared Patterson. I listened to the
voice and went searching for him. He opened the door and was so surprised that I came over. He gave
me a tight hug and I just smiled. I pulled him out of his house and smiled. Then he hugged me again.
I took a knife and killed him from the back. Then he fell to the ground and so did I. Then the voice
laughed, 'Good job, Princess CK. I promised you this is the last time, I will keep my promise, my
highness.' I woke up from being controlled by him and looked at Jared, who I killed myself. Tears
trickled down my face, I am a monster. I hate myself. I destroyed my own love. I picked up the knife
and shouted, 'I might be the one I killed him, but I can die with him too! I'm coming with you,
Jared!' I cried and looked around me, the snow danced around me, I smiled and stabbed myself with
the knife. I might not be born on the same day with Jared but I want to die together with him.

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