July 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Imagine if you were a Martian, a strange species from a far off planet. If you were different from the world, not accepted by anyone no matter how hard you tried, or for that matter, you didn’t. Would it not be, then, a comfort for you to be unaccepted, not because of who you are, but rather of WHAT you are? Would it not give you an acceptance in yourself for being unaccepted by society? To be so different from everyone else, so extraordinary, yet so much alike. To be the one left out by everyone, ignored, shoved aside, yet permanently on their minds, making them wonder, dream, explore the possibilities of their own imagination, attempting to discover a world unknown to them. It would be perfect, to be given an excuse to be unaccepted by this bizarre, ever changing, and rainbow world of reality.

I think that it is possible, that maybe we do in fact all experience the feeling of being a ‘Martian’ from time to time. Of feeling different from other people, not quite reaching up to their standards. Yet we all try so hard to gain their approval, striving to be accepted by those who don’t, yet never satisfied with those who do, striving so hard yet receiving nothing but looks of disapproval and non-acceptance. Looks that make us feel like we are not a part of what makes this world the ‘place to be’. People seem to forget, though, that we are all a part of the bigger picture and that in the end we are all going to end up in either heaven or hell, but either way, we’ll be together.

Life after death, eternity, the place most of us yearn to go: you cannot be ridiculed there. You can’t be a Martian, be unaccepted, let down, hurt, broken, destroyed, because here everyone is the same is equal to one another, the way the world was intended to be. The same as every other face, no one more beautiful than the other, no discrimination against the tone of ones skin, the shape of their face or size of their body. There will no longer be people to look down on, nor will their be anyone to look down on you. But over here, right now in this moment of time, I think people find it easier to hide behind their masks, the excuse of being different. Yet in the end, we all have eyes that see, a brain to think and a heart that beats… and do these few facts alone not give us reason enough to accept one another.

The way that you look, the times you smile, the moments you cry and the tears that fall. They are all a part of you and no matter what, you should not change your individuality to fit others expectations, to others perceptions, levels of how one should be to fit into their world. Because believe it or not, it’s your world too. You can set your own expectations, your own limits and levels, your own standards. You can be who you want, act how you like, smile when you’re happy and cry when you’re sad. You can do what you want in your world, but the day it stops being yours, the day you start compiling with societies standards, that is the day you become a Martian to your own world.

The hurt of loneliness that breaks ones heart is caused only by the unacceptance of others. Of being discriminated against for reasons beyond their control. They are because of those who push you out of place and then don’t invite you back. They turn a blind eye to a Martian trying to blend in to a chaotic world of conformity. They push you out of the place you belong then try to fill the gaps with replicas of themselves.

But maybe, just maybe, they’re Martians too. Maybe their way of finding their way home is by turning this world upside down, by trying to mould it into their likings. Maybe we are all martians, wondering around looking for a place to belong by pushing away people you don’t think fit, when really we’ve all already found that place, we’re in it.

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