The Seasons

July 13, 2009
By Mackenzie R BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mackenzie R BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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The snow flutters down upon her white cheeks, unmarked except by a single tattoo swirling around the corner of her eyes. Her eyes are as blue as the sky at noon. Her hair is as black as a raven’s and her lips are as red as a poppy in full bloom. She was no older that fourteen, but she seemed older.
Her name is Ice. Her name is Winter. Her name is Snow. Daughter of the moon. Her favorite thing to do is walk on the icy paths of the park, not being the least careful to not slip. She even ran every once in a while, wearing nothing but her midnight blue dress and her thin white sweater. No shoes. She never did.
“That’s the girl I told you about.” I whisper to my friend Josh. We were both 14. His eyes lingered on her slim figure dancing under the ice covered willow. Not making a sound, even as she walks onto the ice covered pond. Her feet are blue, but I have no doubt that she is warm.
“Kenzie, what is her name?” He nudged me. I whispered to him.
“Whatever you want her name to be.” I said. “That’s what she told me.”
“Season.” He whispered. I only nodded, not sure how to answer. “Oh my God, its Season.”
I gave him a strange look.
“Who is she? She has been dancing here since December.”
He shook his head.
“She used to dance in the Autumn farm fields back in November. She had red hair then. She wore the same dress.” He said. “She said her name was Season. But she came back in the summer with brunette hair, but the same dress.”
“Hm…sounds like some wacky girl.” I said.
“She’s not. She is probably the most important thing that has happened to anyone.” She is Season.”
“Like seasons? Like winter, spring, summer, and autumn?” I asked. But he was already walking towards her, his arms extended. And he did something that I didn’t even suspect. He got on his knees and started crying. He murmured whispers of lost words he wanted to tell her.
“I-I-love you.” He said. She smiled and pressed her red lips upon his. “Stay with me.”
She was smiling, but tears rolled down her cheeks.
“I belong in the wind, on the autumn leaves, within the sun, still in the snow.” She said. Her voice sounded like wolf howls.
“Can I come?” He asked.
Won’t Kenzie miss you?” she said. He shook his head. She looked to me.
“I won’t. As long as he’s happy.” I said reluctantly. She nodded and set her hand on his forehead. She whispered in a language I had never heard and Josh nodded to everything. She too his hand and the walked to the middle of the pond and turned into two ice sculptures, caught in an embrace. Then I walked away and I could have sworn that from the corner of my eye I could see them waving.

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Alicia R. said...
on Jul. 20 2009 at 5:35 pm
Alicia R., Fort Wayne, Indiana
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wow!!!! I really like it! I hope it is published!!!!!

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