Help Wanted

January 25, 2009
By Anonymous

The smoke swirls and drifts around my face as I slowly start coming down.I couldn't help but think about why I'm doing this to myself.Could it be that I was tired of being known as a goody-two-shoes,people telling me I was too uptight and strict? Maybe.Or it could have been the fact that it was the "cool" thing to do at the time? Probably. I bet it was because I was never good enough for my family,growing up around this monster that they were addicted to,always trying my hardest to make them proud but end up failing in the end. Bingo!
I put out my cigarette and got ready to leave.I knew there had to be a party somewhere.I called up my best friend Grace,and she came and picked me up.Turns out her friend Alyssa was chilling with her friends at Adams house.We got the directions and took off.No more than ten minutes later I was feeding the addiction.
I raised my head as the room started spinning.Everyone was laughing and dancing and having a good time.I looked across the room and noticed this guy staring at me.I walked over to where he was sitting and we started talking.After about five hours of running off of little food and a sugar coated monster high,We all passed out.I awoke the next morning to find my pants were lying on a table across the room.I couldn't remember what happened the night before.I started to freak out,thinking I gave the one thing I could call mine to a total stranger.I was planning on keeping my v-card until I was married.Then everything came back to me in a flash.I didn't give it up,It got taken.I broke down and woke Grace up.
"We HAVE to leave,now." I told her in a rush of tears.
"Wait,what happened?" she asked me as she tried to find her car keys.
"I'll tell you in the car! But we NEED to leave!" I yelled at her,not caring if I was waking up everyone in the room.We got into the car and she floored it.On the way home I told her all that I could remember.
"You Need to tell your parents,seriously." she exclaimed.
"NO,If I told them what really happened they'd have my neck." I quickly said as I messed with the radio dials.
We arrived at my house and I grabbed my purse.
"I'm for real,tell your parents." she told me before I got out.
I ran up to my room only to find my parents,sitting on my bed with their arms crossed.My dad held up a small bag.
"care to exlain what this is about?" he asked me before I could say anything.
"Uhm,it's not mine?"

I spent the next three months in rehab,confessing about all my addictions,everything that I've ever done.And when parents day came around,they explained my progress,telling my mom everything I had confessed.I knew they would,I just knew it,but somehow I couldn't stop myself from spilling my gutts.It almost seemed like I wanted help,and I did.

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