January 23, 2009
By Melanie Flood, Chester, CT

The "L" Word I can't believe it's already been six months. I've never had someone like this,
something like this. I don't think he has either. But then again, how could I have something
like this? My friends call me romantically stupid. Just because I laughed during the Notebook,
doesn't make me stupid. Well, maybe they're right, considering how this happened. We sat in
the library, in a corner, doing our class work. It was the only time we got to spend together,
considering my parents are Nazi's. My friends gathered around us, chatting about something
unimportant. When I stared them down, they understood my glare and went quickly away. They knew
when I wanted to be alone they'd better leave me alone. I'd be sure to have to give them all of
the details about this later. He talked, I talked. He laughed, I laughed. Everything was routine.
We were comfortable together now; I knew I could tell him anything. I'd hoped he felt the same.
We both had something on our minds that neither one of us could tell the other, as much as we wanted
to. Perhaps it was a fear that the other wouldn't want to hear it, or wouldn't feel the same.
Although, we both knew that was ridiculous. The funny part of this entire thing was that I had said
it to my friends. He had said it to his. But what was keeping us from saying it to each other? I
could ponder this all day, running reasons through my head, thinking about when this was going to
happen. Oh no, what if he realized I was deep in thought. I better stop thinking about this. His
hair looks cute today. I reach up and touch it, to throw him off. This is getting ridiculous; I
can't stop thinking about it. My friends are getting sick of hearing me talk about this. It's
consuming everything. Even when we're not together it's all I can think about. You know what,
I have to do it. I'm going to do it. By now, I've lost track of what he's saying. He's
blabbering about something. I cut him off and blurt out, "I love you!" He stops talking. He
just sits there, staring at me. Oh no what have I done. Then he breaks the silence. He laughs.
My face turns, how could he laugh at this? I was being very serious. He realizes I'm offended.
He didn't say it back! Finally, when he gains composure from his laughing fit, he speaks. "I
can't believe you finally said it." I want to tell him he's an idiot. But, I don't. He
babbles about how I'm the cutest thing, and how I just randomly said it. And finally after I
glare at him for what felt like a good ten minutes, he finally answers. "Of course, I love you
too." Thank God. I know he did that on purpose, making me wait. It was like dangling cheese in
front of a mouse. How dare he do that; be in control. He knew I was at his mercy. He could tell I
was still angry, and he knew how to dissolve my anger. When he hugged me, I just couldn't stay
mad as much as I wanted to. So we just sat there, two stupid teenagers in love. Finally, it was out
here. I could breathe. Later that night, we talked on the phone. "I'm picturing the look on
your face right now." I said. "What look?" He questioned back. "The totally shocked
look,"I said. He defends himself, "you caught me completely off guard. I try to prepare for
anything, but I didn't see that coming.""Well,"I said "it finally came.""I'm glad
it did,"he answered. Wait a second, I thought to myself. "Me too, but why didn't it come
from you?"Again, all he could do was laugh. "You're so cute,"he said. All I wanted to do
was say it again. So I did, " I love you."

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