Pendle Hell

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Its was the day before Halloween; Pendle hill loomed darkly above us.The storm clouds united above
Pendle Hill.The trees' bare hands seem to creep on to our car's wind screen. Our car slowly got to
our home, Our home was called Malkin tower. I was so excited that I was going to live in a tower!
When we got there i just couldn't believe what i saw not a tower at all it was a scruffy old farm
house. I stood shocked while Mum and Dad told the house removers where to put the furniture in the
old scruffy house.I stood outside still shocked but i wish i hadn't.All of a sudden an old women had
appeared from nowhere. The old women limped up to me. The wrinkled ghoulish women had stood in front
of me, her dull eye's looked in to my eye's.She then spoke the unusual thing she spoke in an under
tone voice and said " Beware child she will come back soon,move out your time is short".Mum shouted
my name I looked at Malkin tower I wanted to go to Mum but i needed to ask that old woman
something.I turned towards the ghoulish woman only to see no one there, she had vanished in thin
air.I had many ideas about what the she meant. I went inside our home, I went upstairs to my room as
I couldn't believe it there was a wardrobe in an ancient places like Milton tower.I opened the
wardrobe door only to see a room which in the middle of the room had a rocking chair which looked to
be very antique it had dust on the chair beside this they, was a picture on the wall it was of a
woman in her eighties the name was written underneath the picture, the name was Alias Demdike.
Somebody knocked on my room door I quickly came out of the secret room and jamp on to my rusty bed.
When the person was opening the door then I acted as though I was texting someone even though they,
wasn't any no reception.

Mum opened the door, she took a glimpse at me and then
looked at the room in silence.Mum finally said "have you unpacked your clothes' in the wardrobe?".I
was about to reply but mum said "I will just check myself".Mum walked up to the secret room she
opened the door, I couldn't believe it was a normal wardrobe. I was so confused. Did I see a
illusion? It might have been a dream I had no idea what was happening. Mum happily said " come on
its enough packing for now i think it time we had some tea."
After tea I was still thinking what
happened how could it turn in to a wardrobe I was so tensed, so I decided to go to sleep.I fell
asleep as soon as i got in to bed.Through the middle of the night the wardrobe door's wooden knob
twisted.I got up I looked around the room, everything was pitch black.I comforted myself so that I
could get back to sleep so I shut my eye's all of a sudden a wolf howled I'm not sure if it was a
wolf only it seemed to sound like one. I got out of bed and put the table lamp on which was beside
me.I walked near the window, the wind kept pushing me away as though I was not wanted there.I fought
with the wind although the wind won me several times; I decided to give up so I went back to bed. I
was to scared to shut the table lamp so I went to sleep.

next morning when i woke up I got ready and went limping down the stairs.My leg was hurting a lot so
I got down slowly and sat on the sofa i pulled the trousers up the blood streamed from my knee to my
foot by chance Mum came in to the room and screamed. Dad ran down the stairs to check what happened
when he got there he looked at me in horror and softly asked the reason for my leg to bleed like
this. I couldn't speak I had no idea how my leg started bleeding so I just murmured. Mum got the
first aid kit and cleaned my leg up. Mum got a chair next to the fireplace and made me sit there all
day. Mum and dad had to go out during the evening; left me on my own. The night came Mum and Dad
hadn't come back.The large overhead chandelier with crystal prisms at that moment it was turned
on.Suddenly the chandelier shut off and immediately switched on. Off and on it went a half dozen
times.Until it just fell in to the middle of the room.I screamed in fear, unexpectedly a white and a
splash of blood was written on the opposite wall I looked at the on the wall shivers ran up my
spine. I read the writing on the wall it said " Time you die ...tonight." Chill blasted over my skin
in spite the warmth flowing in the room from the fire place.The room seemed sinister I felt uneasy,
as if a foul presence was there. I looked around if anything else was there which would shock me

I saw a shadow of someone or something I couldn't describe the object's
feature it seemed to be unseen in man eyes dictionary, I could fell the presence.The floor boards'
started to creak as though something was coming close to me; I shut my eye's in hope that just my
chance the thing never saw. I opened my eye's when they was absolute silence in the room, they was
some type of light which made my eye's squinted. My eye's opened properly after a while, when I saw
the scene I just which I hadn't open my eye's. I saw the rocking chair from the weird room and a
ghoulish looking woman her head twisted without moving I screamed and just fainted.

The sun
raised just like a normal day it maybe a normal day for the outsiders but this was and still is my
families worst day. The arctic wind blew at me. I raised like the sun, although I never felt like
the sun I felt like a storm. My eyes had turned bloodshot red and so did my thinking all I could
think about was revenge, neither did I know what revenge I wanted but I wanted it. The door opened
it was mum she brought breakfast I went up to her and throw the food on the floor. Mum wanted to
shout at me but before she could I grabbed her neck ready to strangle her. I hastily let go I
realized what I was doing a tear wriggled down my cheek and just begged mum to save me I screamed
"save me! Please". I never knew what I was doing, I just got out of control and scratched mum on her
arm it started bleeding a lot I wanted to wipe it but I couldn't. Mum ran out of the room and locked
the door behind.

I couldn't face not being myself, so I had to wait and die.
That was the only way to save the innocent people. You might glimpse me roaming around in that room
I was not able to rest in peace. To not let people end like me I roam around the room in ghostly
look. I will give you a warning and that is beware and stay out!!

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