The Guardian Angel

January 13, 2009
By Olivia_WriterontheDL BRONZE, Gonzales, Louisiana
Olivia_WriterontheDL BRONZE, Gonzales, Louisiana
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"Never take someone's dignity, it means everything to them, and nothing to you."

It has been about a year since the accident, yet she still couldn't get over it, she couldn't
put things back the way they used to be. 'It's not my fault', is what she had said over and
over to herself. She doesn't know why she still did that, it obviously doesn't work, but it was
worth trying. Her head hung low, with her dark stringy hair hanging over her tan face. It was her
sweet sixteenth birthday next week, but how could she possibly enjoy it when all she would be able
to think about is the Accident of '88. That's what everyone called it. Her head started to ache
with the intense guilt, and once she was in this deep, it was hard to pull herself out of it. To
pull herself back into her own mind-into perspective and reality-was nearly impossible. She wiped
her tears with her sweaty finger and held her breath until the tears would come no more. She knew it
wasn't healthy, but it worked. That's all she cared about: hiding the pain. "Kacy!" her
mother called from the downstairs kitchen. "Coming mom!" she called back, her voice broke when
she spoke, but her mother didn't notice anymore, she hadn't noticed much of anything anymore.
She pulled her hair into a messy ponytail, and put loads of makeup onto her eyelids, to cover the
puffy red bags under her eyes. She walked down the carpeted stairs, down to the steam-filled
kitchen, and found her mom behind a huff of smoke. "Mom, what are you doing?" she asked her
mother, trying to sound amused. She even giggled a little, but it sounded more like a mouse squeak;
it was hard for her to laugh. "Trying a new recipe, sweetheart. We're having Chinese seasoned
steaks tonight!" her mom shouted back aroused. She always made crazy foods with the most odd
combinations. Her mom loved to cook, but wasn't always good at it. "What do you need?" she
asked her mother a little impatient. "Can you pick up your brother from school?" "Mommmmmmmm.
Please, no." she pleaded her mom. "Never mind, I'll do it." she gave in wearily. Ever since
the crash, she hated driving, especially down Highway 88, which was the road you had to pass to get
to Max's school. That road was dangerous, it was the road that was a vivid memory. She remembered
the night clearly, how could she ever be able to forget such a tragedy? Max is her little brother,
as she sat on the staircase she remember the old days, the happy days. She remembered when her and
Max used to play tag-football in the backyard, or even some one-on-one basketball games. She used to
call him Maxi, just to tease him. He hated that name, because it sounded like Maxi Pads, which is
for girls. Now, things were different, they talked only when necessary and hardly saw each other
anymore. A faint smile reached her lips, if you could call it that, it was just hopeless to smile.
To pull the corner of your lips into a curved grin and be happy, it was too hard for words. The cuts
on her wrist started to ache, they were her narrow little reminders of how not to be happy. She
pulled her blue sweater sleeve down further just to be sure they were hidden. She didn't know why
she did such a thing, as breaking her precious skin to feel the pain, the agony, but it just
felt right, like she deserved it. She arose from the steps and went back to her room. Her pink
room didn't fit her anymore, but she kept it for her mother's sake. Her mother had hope, that
one day, maybe, just maybe, Kacy would be joyful again. Since pink is a happy color, she thought it
was a good influence on her daughter.

The next day at Claverford High School, she had just the average day. Wake up, go to school, go to
class, eat lunch, alone, go to more classes then home; that was about it. Today, seemed like it was
coming to an end, until she walked into her big red front door, she put her book sack up and started
back upstairs, back to the fluffy, happy, pink bedroom. She entered her room and immediately became
aware of her window, it was open. Her mother didn't do it, she knew for sure. Her mother never
took a step into her teenager's room, afraid of what she might find. Kacy stuck her head out of
the window, looked around, but saw nothing. She closed the window and became aware of a presence in
her room. She glanced toward the closet where a tall dark figure stood strong and bold. She jumped
around so rapidly she felt as if her head would fall off, she was afraid, very afraid. The stranger
wore a formal black suit and had dark hair, he was pale with the brightest of blue in his eyes, but
yet, so light they sparkled. She felt jealous of the angel-like face, he was simply beautiful. She
realized how long they had both been standing there, more than three silent minutes. It wasn't
awkward though, more of relaxed than awkward. Kacy realized how long she had been gazing upon his
glorious presence. She tried to speak, but the angel took her breath away, she couldn't breathe,
but it was fine because he spoke first. "Kacy, I'm Gabrielle, but you can call me Gab." He
spoke in the softest tone she had ever heard, her knees grew weak. She fell to her knees and looked
down, it might have appeared she was bowing, but she was simply stunned at the man. He rushed to
help her, but she rejected his masculine hands, fearful to touch his incredible body. It felt as if,
if she touched him, she may ruin his perfection. She was embarrassed, but confused. "Gab, why are
you here?" she asked in such a low whisper she was amazed he understood her words. "I am here,
just as you are. I am here for a purpose. You've been oppressing yourself for quite some time, now
it is time you see the gift of life that you have taken for granted." He said in such a positive
voice it confused her even more. "What is my purpose, and how do you know I have one, and who are
you to tell me I do have one and , uh, and why are you in my bedroom" he looked down then up
again, smirking, this stunned her enough to make her shut up. She just stared at him, in a daze. He
replied," Come with me." He stepped forward toward her and took her hand in his and lifted her
without the slightest hint of uneasiness. She was weightless in his arms, he cradled her like a baby
to his chest, he was taking her somewhere new, but she didn't care. She fainted that moment that
his hands touched her. It felt as right as the blade cutting her wrist, no, this was better. It felt
as if the universe was spinning faster and faster with chaos, but she was being held up by a single
thread of hope. This was like nothing she had ever experienced before, it was as if she and him were
connected by a force, and she wouldn't give him up for anything. She understood from behind her
closed weak eyelids, that this was no force, oh no, this was a power, or a gift. She saw more with
her eyes closed than open, she was in love.

This will certify that the above work is completely original..

The author's comments:
I'm not particuarlly happy with this piece of mine. This is the first article of mine I have submitted to this site, and I plan on many others. I don't like it because I think ots too fiction, you know? So, just tell me what you guys think(:

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mj357 said...
on Jul. 13 2009 at 6:31 pm
okay first there is no such thing as too fiction and i like it it is kind of mysterious i guess. it's a little confusing.

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