July 7, 2009
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"About yesterday...",said Chad.
"yeah,I know. You're gay.",replied Darius.
"Well,no. Not really."
Chad looked into Darius' face for some sign of understanding.
"You know what a liger is? It's a cross between a tiger and a lion. Only thing is,it spends its entire life, trying to prove whichever it's more of. But no matter how hard it tries to, the lyger never seems able to get rid of its mane, or its stripes. He could try and hide a part of who he is, but the whole process, it would be unnatural, and he'd always feel as if he were missing out on something.Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?"
He continued:
" All my life, I've liked boobs. But then, I'd see this guy,too. He'd be all sweaty in those nylon gym shorts-and the way I feel with Josh-nobody knows how to please your body the way a guy does."
"Chad,don't take this the wrong way, but it's against The Bible."
"Darius, the Bible was written ages ago. People slept with their brothers and sisters, they owned slaves. It's all in The Bible,right?"
Darius frowned.
"Chad, if anyone knows about being treated differently,it's me. I go to a music store, and every time I ask a sales clerk for a CD I like, they look at me as if to say:'Why would you want to listen to rock? Go and listen to some rap instead."
"I go to my mom's sister's house, and every time someone mentions fried chicken, everybody turns to look at me. Go to my dad's family's house, and everybody is all like'Oh,look at you-so handsome and light-skinned.'"
"Unlike you, Chad, I didn't have a choice. I didn't say'Look,mom. I'm black and I'm white' the way you said'Look,mom. I'm bisexual.' People look at me, and they know."
"Man",said Chad."That sucks."

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dolkio said...
May 31, 2010 at 8:46 pm
its cool how you put a thing in there that has meaning. like a linger. and how its like to be judged. i like when i think while reading a story. it awesome.
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