Finding Candy

June 11, 2009
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“Finding Candy”
Chapter 1
“Evie?” A little voice asked. I felt a sudden shake and awoke slowly. Dreams clouded my head and then I instantly shook them from my mind. My grass green eyes slowly opened. My vision was blurry, and then it cleared up. There stood my four year old sister, Candace Ann. “Good morning Evie!” Her little voice said. I sat up and looked her.
“Candace, how many times do I need to tell you? Do not come in my room without asking!” I screamed at her. Candace giggled. I pulled my covers off and got out of bed. “Out!” I demanded fiercely. Candace smiled at me. She pranced her way out and I shut the door behind her. I shook my head and glanced at the clock. It read 9:00am. I instantly got madder at Candace for waking me up this early on Saturday. I opened the door and walked down the hallway slowly.
“Mommy and Candy are cooking up a storm!” Candace shrieked from downstairs. I walked down the stairs and through the living room and into the kitchen. I saw my mom and Candace mixing up a new recipe. I wasn’t sure what they were cooking but Candace looked she was having fun. Flour was on her face and she was giggling like crazy.
“Well look who’s up, Good morning Evelyn” My mom said looking at me. I smiled at my mom. “Evie is being a grump, grump this morning Mommy” Candace said looking at me.
I rolled my eyes at the kid and sat down at the kitchen table. “What’s for breakfast?” I asked my Mom.
“Blueberry pancakes!” Candace proudly said.
“Uh, I asked my Mom. Not you.” I stated firmly. Candace looked at me and then at my Mom.
“Shush up, Evelyn.” My mom said giving me a look. Candace pushed her “Alice in Wonderland” blonde locks behind her small ears and blinked at me with her big green eyes. We may have the same parents and same the colors eyes but at least we don’t have the same color hair. My hair is very dark almost black but its very curly. I hate it.
“I hope your hungry Evelyn, there is plenty of extra blueberry pancakes and slices of toast with jam for everyone” My mom said standing up and heading for the stink. My stomach growled. Yes, indeed I was hungry.
Candace hopped off the chair she was on and followed my mom to the sink.
“I need to wash my hands!” She said holding up her hands which had pancake mix on it. My mom smiled at her and lifted her up and put her small hands under the sink. She turned the faucet on. “Scrub! I’m scrubbing up a storm!” She said clapping her hands and turning them into bubbles. I walked over the sink and slipped my hands under. Candace looked at me and then she blew the bubbles off her hands and into my face. The bubbles turned into water when they hit my face and soon my face was wet. I stepped back and huffed. “Candace! You got me wet! You’re such a little brat!” I screamed at her. My mom instantly came over to the scene and looked at Candace.
“Candy, why did you do that? That was not nice at all.” My mom asked me. Candace shrugged her shoulders and giggled. I rolled my eyes.
“Evelyn, please do not refer to Candy as a brat” My mom said.
“She is so annoying, you don’t understand” I told my mom. Tears welled in Candace’s eyes. I looked at her. “Wow Candace, save the tears for a funeral” I said.
“Evelyn!” My mom yelled. “Yes?” I said with an attitude. My mom shook her head. Candace sighed.
“Mommy, is it time for breakfast?” She asked wiping the tears from her eyes. My mom nodded and picked her up. “A few minutes honey.” She replied to Candace. “You treat her like she is a baby; she really isn’t actually for your information and whenever she does something bad you never yell at her, you yell at me. It’s getting really annoying” I sharply said. “You know what Evelyn, you’re getting really annoying” My mom said. I raised my eyebrow. I actually don’t intend on being so mean to my mom but she just gets me so mad. My mom sighed. “Go sit down, the pancakes are almost ready” My mom said. I walked over and sat in my normal seat which is next my mom and across from the brat. Candace followed my lead and sat in her seat. She smiled at me. I smirked at her. She smiled at me, again. I stuck my tongue out at her. She frowned. My mom walked over with a plate of the pancakes and toast with jam. She placed it down. “Help yourself” She said. I reached over and helped myself to two pancakes.. I took the maple syrup and poured some on my pancakes and instantly digged into the warm fluffs. “Uhm Evelyn, Do you think you can do me a major favor?” My mom asked me sitting down. I opened my pancake filled mouth. “What kind of favor do you mean?” I questioned. “Bring Candy to the park for like an hour or so while I go the grocery store?” She asked. My jaw dropped and chewed pancakes fell out. “No!” I screamed. “Sounds like fun!” Candace said. “Please Evelyn, I really need your help” She begged. “Perhaps, I can get paid?” I asked. My mom shook my head and sighed. “Whatever Ev, please just take her to the park for me” She said. I tried to smile at Candace. “Eh, sure?” I said.

“Park! Park!” Candace happily said clapping her hands. I instantly regretted what I just said. My mom smiled at me and gave me a small hug. “Thanks Ev, you’re a real savior” My mom said grinning at me. I tried to smile. “Well Candy, go finish up and go get dressed!” My mom said picking Candace off the chair. Candace jumped up and down. “Yay!” She said. Her tone of voice was full of perkiness and full out excitement. “Evie and I are going to the park! We will have so much fun!” She yelled running down the hallway. “Ev, see how happy she is? If you were like this everyday, she wouldn’t annoy you as much” My mom said putting the dishes in the sink. “Whatever” I muttered and then stood up and heading for my room. On my way to my room, I saw Candace jumping up and down on her Disney princess themed bed. I rolled my eyes and walked off to my room. I walked inside my room and shut the door behind me. My room is all different colors. The walls are grape purple and my bed spread is neon green. My style is basically whatever I like. I looked at what I was wearing. A simple pair of white and purple checkered PJ pants matched with an over-sized t-shirt that said “Peterson Soccer Club” in yellow bubbly letters. I sighed and walked over to my closet. It was warm outside so I choose a pair of plaid dark blue, white, and light blue shorts and a dark blue shirt that read “Hollister CO” I matched it with a pair of dark blue old navy flip-flops. I didn’t bother to straighten my hair so I left it curly which of course I brushed. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, face, and hands. As soon I was felt clean, I left my room and headed downstairs. I saw Candace. On her small slim figure was pink shorts matched with a white shirt with “Hello Kitty” on it and on her small feet were pink sandals. “Park! Candy and Evie are going to the park!” She yelled jumping up and down. “Yes, park” I stated firmly. “Let’s go!” She said to me running over to me and grabbing my hand and trying to pull me but did not succeed. “Fine” I mumbled and then pulled her off of me. She smiled. “Evie and I are going to have buckets and buckets of fun!” She happily perked. “Buckets?” I groaned and then Candace smiled. Candace ran to the front door and pulled the knob open. Candace ran outside. I slowly followed. When I walked outside, I saw Candace running the entire front yard. The spring flowers were blossomed and the birds were singing. It was defiantly almost summer. It’s just about the end of May and school will be closed soon. Candace and I started walking down the sidewalk. Candace looked at me and grinned. “I want to go the slide!” She happily shrieked. “You can on whatever you want” I told her. “Yay!” She said. A few minutes later when we arrived at the community park. “Here we are” I said as she entered the park through the gate. “Go play” I said walking to one of the benches. “You’re not going to play with me?” Candace asked with a sad face. “Later…Uh go play with the other little kids” I replied pointing to the playground which a bunch of little kids were running on. I knew Candace was bound to ask me to play but I tried to avoid the question. Candace sighed and then ran off. I sat down and pulled out my cell phone. I had one new message. It was from my best friend Kelsey.
Kelsey(: : Heyy Ev! :] Wanna go to the movies with Tiffany and I laterish?
I decided to reply. I flipped the key pad open and started typing in words.
Evelyn : Shurely ! But im at the park with Candace ugh this is torture lolz hmm if I walk away maybe she won’t noticed lol maybe I’ll try!! (:
I clicked send and the message went through. I picked up my head and saw a white truck pull up right next the park. A dark man dressed with dark clothes stepped out. I ignored him and went back to my texting. “Evie!” I heard Candace scream. I picked out my head up and stood up. The man had grabbed Candace and was trying to pull her. “Candy!” I screamed. I rushed over to the playground but the man had already grabbed her and was starting to get her in the car. “Let go of her!” I screamed. I kicked the man. Candace was already crying by now. The man held Candace and threw her little helpless body into the car and th door was shut. The man got in the car and zoomed off. Thoughts rushed through my head. I all of a sudden had one regret. It was a big regret. The outcome of this regret was….
My little sister was kidnapped. I was confused.
Was it my fault?

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