June 25, 2009
Today would have been abnormal for every other girl in the world, if it hadn't been a day in the life of Hannah. Her best friend, Charlotte, was in the hospital. Not because she was well...sick, but insane. Charlotte was mentally ill and emotionally unstable. Now, for the third time, she was in lock down for being suicidal. Maybe the thought that your best friend was trying to kill herself would scare some people, but Hannah was used to it. She picked at her fingernails in the lobby as she waited. Charlotte would be there for days, weeks or even months. Charlotte was the closest person to a sister Hannah had ever had in her life, and the crazy that Hannah lived with seemed somewhat normal by now. But it was still scary when it happened. At home Charlotte had thrown lamps, big heavy vases, glasses anything she could get her hands on and toss these items at anyone who tried to stop her from killing herself. Hannah had watched, she had watched in fear for her own safety and the safetly of Charlotte's. It wasn't really a nervous feeling that went away, even when Charlotte was back at home, because who knew when it would happen again. When she would lose it. But the other scary thing about when Charlotte was suicidal was when she started to scream. She could curse until she started coughing and yell that she hated you and everything about you. She would scream and throw things at you and it made Hannah, a fifteen year old girl, cry like a baby. So here she was again, in the hospital the mental health hosptial where her best friend was being detained. A few hot tears slipped down her face as she waited. Hours passed and the thoughts of Charlotte's red face and bloody hands was all she could think about. This was the day by day misery she put up with.

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