The hidden

June 24, 2009
By Anonymous

She stared up at the pinch of sunlight that was coming through the cracks of the wooden cell. She always told her self she would never see daylight again,but this made her think otherwise. For the past 4 years she had lived in a cell that her kidnapper had made. Forced to eat rat feices and to drink her own urine. She had givin up on her parents. She had givin up on the police.She had givin up on the entire world because she knew this was the end...she looked at the sunlight as if it was freedom, and for her it was. She knew she would never leave those cell walls, so she cheerished that sunlight. She closed her eyes and gently layed her cold,naked body on the floor. She curled up,and only prayed for a miracle to be found,But that miracle will never be a "miracle" for her. She will rot in those walls.

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