I thought Everything was over

June 24, 2009
By Leeyiashay SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Leeyiashay SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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Every Morning I came to sit on the beach. It took away of some of the frustration sitting here away from everything. I thought of the times mom,dad,and I would come here,how we use to laugh. That definitely wasn't us now. Since dad left for this younger women named Destiny. I remember sneaking out the house to get here to get away from all the hollering and crying. I know mom could feel that her marriage was ending but she was fighting hard to make everything work out. I knew that they weren't going to stay together but I wanted everything to work out too. That didn't happen daddy started saying he had to work late I knew that he was lying. Daddy ended up divorcing mom and also I got a new step mom Destiny. I didn't get her name though, Destiny like it must was destined for her to come into our lives and break up our family. Every time I heard her name I got mad felt like I could scream. Mom didn't do nothing except for cry and work 24/7 at the resturant she owned. We didn't even hardly speak to each other no more. I stayed in my room all day or go to the beach and sit on the sand and watch everybody else family have fun and think of how my life use to be. So I decided that I didn't I wanted time away from all of this I wanted to go stay with my aunt Margaret awhile. Maybe mom would be a little better about time I'm ready to come back I was going to tell her. But, when I was going to her room to ask her that day she was crying and when she seen me she hurried up and wiped her eyes and said,"Hi sweety, is everything ok." I looked at her and smiled,"Yeah mom everything is I just came in her to see what we were going to eat." I lied I didn't want to hurt her no more then what she was hurting. "I'll be down in a little bit and then we'll go pick up something to eat." I nodded my head and left out of her room I just couldn't do it. I wanted to but couldn't.

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