June 18, 2009
By Denisha Emmanuel BRONZE, F&#39sted, Other
Denisha Emmanuel BRONZE, F&#39sted, Other
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Life on St.Croix was extremely exciting( “don’t talk ‘bout deh drama in deh school dem” is an average crucian slang the old folks use to describe melee or gossip amongst teens.), But since I moved to Miami it’s more than that.

Where I go to school at Prentice Hall it’s drama all day everyday, and me and my girls try to stay out of it (but can we) we’re in the Junior class of the year and staying out of trouble is a must, ‘cause this sistas waltzing across the stage and getting her diploma next fall.

I’d be the one of the first persons in my neighborhood to graduate from school, go to college , and finish without having 1 or more kids with deadbeat daddy’s who leave after the fact no money.

This is my year ,our year, even if I recently broke up with my hubby and gained some weight on my small 5” 7 frame.

This is my year to make a lasting imprint on Prentice Hall when I say imprint I don’t mean vandalism more like a lasting impression as one of the dopest flyest, hottest, smartest girl that ever graced the corridor of that suburban school ,me and my clique…But I highly doubt that will happen. Well maybe all except the smart part, being with Trent skippin, foolin around and not paying attention in most of my classes knocked me off my A game and I have to retake an algebra course . Ain’t dat sum messed up s***? The worst part is that it was all on me I should have never allowed that to happen, I should have paid more attention in class or cheat on the finals …no man I don’t have the guts to cheat.

I never thought I’d recover from my breakup with Trent I was losing weight…gaining weight til at one point I couldn’t control but I finally got the hang of it and rebounded twice and was wrapped in and out of drama maybe you’d like to know how my game was…

Chapter 1 Perfect except
It was the first day of school and I was looking fly! I had on my bamboo box earrings ( In Miami girls gotta own a pair ) with matching bamboo box bangles 5 large ones on each hand, and one of those baby phat hoodie dresses in light pink (my personal fav. the color of cotton candy) I was looking good and I felt it cause I had a fresh perm and a fresh manicure.

As me and my girls walked through the clattered hall people maid way for us, I could feel all eyes on me and for the first time I wasn’t nervous! Everything was perfect I was lookin dope my breath smelled great (Rule #1 Survival of High School ALWAYS carry a pack or two of MINT Gum U never know when u might need it the most) and my monthly was long gone. Nothing could ruin my day.

Until Shayla said “ Girl Ain’t dat ur man ova there” pointing her freshly manicure index finger to Trent Graham my ex-hubby who happened to be leaning on my locker.

I was speechless not wanting to mention our painful breakup. As we walked closer to my locker til we were 1 foot apart, fool walked up to me and kissed me!
For a moment I enjoyed the gesture I forgot how soft and almost perfect his lips were but after the spilt second when he tried to French kiss me I stepped back and almost slapped him I would have if he wasn’t so fine and I wasn’t completely over him yet , and little regret I stopped , ‘cause I remembered how good his kisses were.

Damn him! As I stared at him I remember the reason we broke up…he left me for Jayda the s*** of the school , he had some nerve.

“You still love me?” he asked but it sounded more like a statement.
Angry I replied in a low leveled like tone not wanting my friends to hear “ Hell No!” fool you got some nerve gon stand there in front of me and ask me “You still love me?” mimicking his words “like we weren’t over months ago”.

“ So is that a yes”, he asked
“No”, I retorted rage burning in my eyes.
“ Look here man dat was all you, I didn’t want no part of dat”, he replied calmly clearly sensing my anger.

“ Yes, you did!- I nearly screamed, as the bell for homeroom rung. I gave him one look and said Good luck to u and yo h*” and walked past him, As I came to and abrupt stop I turned to see him holding my hood on the hoodie to say “Watch noh me and dat ain’t about nothing, we done ‘cause I love u”.

When I heard his last plea I yanked the hood out of his hands and replied “What ever you shoulda known you were about nothing before u went chasing after her draws” and calmly walked to homeroom forgetting my girls in the hall.

I can’t even remember sitting down in algebra class, I guess it was ‘cause I was still mad at Trent I snapped out of my thought my Mr. Rooger said “Ms. House I know I’m handsome and you’d rather stare at me instead of do your work” (laughter broke out in the class I would have laughed to because of the comment because Mr. Rooger’s not my cup of tea ) but by the end of the class I expect to collect your assignment consisting of those 15 problems on the board.”

I hate algebra. As I glanced at the person sitting next to me I noticed it was Jelani, he was in my class Finally! I don’t even remember taking out loose leaf paper and a pencil and starting, when I looked over at him our eyes meet and he flashed his clean smile , with sexy dimples to match it. When I stared more at him he kinda looked like T.I and Evan Ross from ATL whom I happen to love both.

35 more minutes Mr. Roogers called
Ms. House I Know I’m handsome and you’d rather stare at me instead of do your work, Jelani whispered “ but this is for a grade so you best get started.
Did he just? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh with that said I completed my work algebra was a lot easier than I thought but I rather stare at Jelani’s handsomeness any day than do work. As I turned in my paper and exited the classroom, I saw Jelani in the corridor waiting for me or was he? Again I’m so off today cause I can’t remember him leaving class before me. Oh well…

As I passed him in the corridor he walked up to me and said “ Sup , names Jelani Williams , and yours must be Beauty cause that’s all I see” right there and then I could a catch a heart attack! As I looked into his caramel honey brown eyes , he said “ So am I right wats ur name shawty ”? I was dumbfounded and couldn’t remember my name as I bit my tongue scared to say the wrong thing. It’s Rema , no Shayla , no my name my name my brain went back and forth clearly no help as I stood there watching him the more it became confusing, until he started doing sign language like I was deaf oh something. “ It’s um Adirdrah, Adirdrah House” I replied after seconds of being lost. Feeling really embarrassed.

And we walked to second period , I was on cloud 92 So far up I didn’t recall steppin into 2nd period and sittin down until he said “ Something wrong with my breath Shawty”?

Hearing dat I quickly said “No , it’s just fine, fine like you” and I wasn’t nervous it seemed fake.

“ So do you want to be Ms. Williams? He asked
OmG Omg “Yes in every wayyyyyyyyyyyy”! I screamed
“Adirdrah shut up!” My sister whispered half laughing from across the room as I opened my eyes realizing that it was a dream and dah no good dutty bum was using my laptop.

“UGH!”, I shrugged madly upset I was talking in my sleep, and that had to be a dream ‘cause I don’t talk to Jelani and he ain’t in my class, algebra isn’t easy, and when I walk through that cluttered hall most of the time I’m nervous, I silently ranted to my brain.
“Uuuuaammmmmmm’’ I moaned unable to close my eyes and return to Jelani because of the light from the laptop screen. “ Get out , and lock dah laptop off ”I said to my sister or take it with you as I looked over to the Bratz alarm clock I saw it read 2:12 A.M.

“ What ever and yes in everywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”, she mimicked my unconscious comment.

“Out!”, I shouted “ Get to steppin”
The last words I heard her say was okay as she exited my room, and as I dozed back off desperate to get back to my dream to meet Jelani and cuddle up in his arms.

Chapter 2- Reality

“Adirdrah get up”, my mother shouted from downstairs. “Uhghn”, I groaned turning to look at my alarm clock for the second time. It was 4:30 in the morning is she crazy? I don’t hear no footsteps you bes to get the hell up ‘cause I ain’t droppin you to school today , you bes to come downstairs after you done to catch that school bus.

Defeated I got out of bed said my prayer to god for Jelani to be In my class, made my bed grabbed my towel and made my way to the bathroom madly upset.

4:30 is she crazy? I was even more upset when I meet the door closed and instantly knew Aj was in there from the smell of his body wash escaping from behind the door...

The author's comments:
I'm currently workin on this book, this is just bascially a draft i want as much feedback as possible your likes and dislike i could really use them, just tell me what you think and if it sounds alright and you'd like me to continue working on it.

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on Jul. 3 2009 at 3:36 am
Denisha Emmanuel BRONZE, F&#39sted, Other
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i know i know i spelled sumthings wrong...


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