Always Been There

June 18, 2009
By Sammy SILVER, Juab, Utah
Sammy SILVER, Juab, Utah
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Don't fall in love with someone unless their willing to catch you.

Chapter one

Why Did He Have To Come Back

I sit on the bank of the pond watching the snakes on the willow trees fall off, into the water creating ripples. Little shiny rainbow trout are jumping in and out of the water catching the little flies to eat for lunch. The carefree birds zoom across the water, one by one. They cloud forsaken sky is beautiful, with the sun shining brightly. I could just kiss the sky and all of the beauty surrounding it. Suddenly I hear a sound. Oh, no it’s Gabriel, I thought. Then I started running. I run past the tall, yellow corn patch, and the long aisles of blooming apple trees. I passed the scarecrow in the pumpkin patch, and the stinky horse corrals, that I forgot to clean this morning. Oh, and I also passes the ever lazy Bruno, our eight year old bloodhound. Who just stared in curiousity. He’s still chasing me, I thought as I ran into the long wheat fields. We have been growing wheat for the last eight years. My dad decided to make a living off of it. I ran as long as my feet would let me, and then tumbled right on my back. Then he was hovering right over me. His green apple eyes were just as beautiful as ever. His dark brown hair flowed like a waterfall right down his head. He was just as beautiful as ever if not better looking.
“Rosie, why are you pretending I don’t exist? He said sadly. I said nothing. I did not look him in the eye, if I do then I know I will give in and talk.
“Your mom said you’ve known for weeks that I was coming back yesterday.” He said again sadly. If he thinks I’m going to go for that puppy dog tone, he’s crazy. Wait how did he know where to find me?
“How did you find me?” I said confusedly. Danget I broke. Oh well, I’m still gonna be stubborn. I really wish he would just go back to wherever he went so he can’t brake my heart anymore. I’m sick of heartache.
“Rosie, do you really think I’ve forgotten where we always used to hang out?” He said with dry humor.
“Well, you obviously forgot about me while you were gone, why wouldn’t you have forgotten about the pond, and the weeping willows, and the corn patch an-“ Then I was cutoff. Man, I hate when people cut me off.
“First of all I didn’t forget about you. I’ve missed you every single day, and night that I’ve been gone. I’ve missed your long, mahogany brown hair, and you’re deep blue eyes. Trust me I didn’t forget about you Rosie.” He said trying to impress me. I wasn’t going to fall for it, he probably learned how to talk smoothly while he was away. I just ignored him. I’m not as easy to impress as those city girls probably are. We didn’t talk for at least two more minutes. The silence was awkward.
“Rosie, I’m begging you. Please talk to me. I haven’t heard your voice for three years. I miss it.” He said trying to smooth talk me again.
“Ok, why did you leave without telling me where you were going?” I said toughly. I’m not giving in. I’m too stubborn. He probably forgot that about me. He probably forgot everything about Juab, Ut.
“I know I should’ve told you, but I was scared. I didn’t know where I was going. I went to New York City. I went there because I found my mother, and sister.” He said softly
“You went and found the low life that abandoned you here?” I said harshly.
“Yes I did, and she is just as bad as we thought when we were younger. She beats my sister, and yells at her. It’s so sad. That’s why I brought my sister with me” He said.
“Really, what’s her name” I said suddenly interested. Oh, shoot I lost my stubbornness. Oh, well I guess I have no reason to be stubborn anymore, but I’m still mad at him.
“Let’s head back to the house. I’ll explain everything on the way, and I really am sorry about leaving without telling you.” He said with affection lingering in his voice.

Gabriel’s sisters’ name is Jessi. She is two years younger than us, and has blonde hair, which is not what I expected. She loves animals, and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is really shy, is scared of heights. I just can’t believe that he found his little sister! I knew that his no good, drunken slob of a mother was still out there somewhere, but I didn’t think that anyone would let her reproduce again. That old hag had no right to have another baby, after what she did to Gabriel. He told me every detail about the three years that he was gone. The first year, he just spent the time finding out about his mother, and getting to know her. The second and third years he spent figuring out a plan to take his sister with him. Now, I’ve never been to New York, but it sounds like a pretty big, and messed up city. I never want to go there in my life. When we got to the barn there was a fancy red, and black striped fancy car.
“Gabriel is that yours?” I asked astounded. Man how did he afford to get such a fancy car? Why would he need it anyways?
“No that’s Jessi’s car.” He said sarcastically. I thought she was only fifteen?
“How can she have a car? Isn’t she only fifteen?” I asked surprised that she actually had a car. I don’t even have a car, and she’s only fifteen. Oh well.
“Her real dad bought it for her before he died of lung cancer. Actually, he just left her fifty thousand dollars. She bought the car, but enough about me and Jessi, what have you been up to for the last three years Rosie?” He said interested.
“Well, I haven’t been doing as interesting as you. I pretty much have just been getting home schooled, and staying on the ranch. Oh, last month Rebel threw me off, and I hurt my arm. That’s the only thing that’s happened here lately.” I said not wanting to talk about me any longer.
“How’s your arm?” He said.
“It’s better than it was a month ago.” I said wondering where the conversation was headed to.
“Well, are you ready to meet Jessi?” He said enthusiastically. Wow, we’re already to the house! I must not have been paying attention to where we were.
“Yeah, lets do it!” I said with a little too much enthuaciasum.

As we walked into the house, my eye caught a beautiful creature with Gabriels’ apple green eyes, but she had long flowing platinum blonde hair. Her face had the appearance of a Greek god. She looked like she could have been a supermodel. There was also something about her appearance that was odd, but I couldn’t put my finger on it though. She looked just like Gabriel, except for her hair. The goddess stood up from her chair, with grace and poise, and came to stand right in front of me. She suddenly put her arms around me for a hug. Not what I expected.
“Hi, my name is Jessi. You must be Rose.” She said as she let go of me.
“Hi.” I said still in shock from her beauty.
“Gabriel has told me so much about you.” She said. Then she cam closer and started to sniff me. Oh, that’s really odd. I thought
“You do smell like apples.” She said peacefully.
“Thanks.” I said shyly. Gabriel was just looking down at the ground shaking his head.
“Did Gabriel really pick you up and drop you into the wishing well when you guys were little?” She asked curiously. How did she know about that. Oh, Gabriel probably told her. That’s funny. I though.
“Yep.” I said as I pulled up my my dress to my thigh. “Here’s my scar.” I said, watching her face, make a disgusted look. Then she punched Gabriel in the stomach.
“I can’t believe you did that Gabe!” She said really mad.
“I didn’t mean to. I was just going to scare her, but I accidently dropped her, besides she didn’t really fall in she held on to the sides.” He said reluctantly.
“I’m still mad at you!” I said jokingly. He knows when I’m joking. Then I felt a excruciating, stinging pain on my back, and then everything went black.

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