June 18, 2009
By Bullets_for_Revenge BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Bullets_for_Revenge BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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August 19, 2009 was the day I started my “new life” in Sandusky, Ohio. I moved to this dead town about three weeks ago from the beautiful city, Chicago. I left all my friends, well all my two friends. Ralph and Jenna were the only really close friends that I had. We were the only ones who trully understood each other because we were all going through the same thing. But enough about the past, this is the present and I definitely know its not going to be my future.

I woke up at seven o'clock that overcast Monday morning. My dad was still sleeping and my cats, Midnight and Moon, were scratching at my door to get out. I have six pets, two pure black cats, a stray wolf puppy that I named Kerry when I found him the day we moved here, a snake named Zipper, a rabbit named Zombie, and a tarantella named Flame. I got out of bed and put in one of my random mix CDs like I do every morning. Lucky for me the first song was Ghost by The 69 Eyes. I turned up the volume all the way then went downstairs to feed my cats and my dog. My other pets live in my room and I only have to feed them once a day. But I only have to feed Zippy a mouse or rat once every three days.

After feeding all my pets I just sort of sat in the middle of my room. I didn't know how long I was sitting there for so when I looked at the clock, I noticed a half hour went by. I had to be to school by eight o'clock. I quickly sprang to my feet and got dressed. I changed into my favorite black jeans with the silver and purple chains, my black HIM T-Shirt, black hooded jacket and my favorite fake black leather boots with the silver buckles. Then I grabbed my messenger bag with the band and sarcastic buttons all over it. I put my drawing book, pencils, pens, and a notebook in my bag and rush out the door. My bike was on the front porch, so I hoped on and was off to school which was six miles away.

I arrived at school just in time. When I entered the doors to the building, just about every one stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I felt like I was an exhibit in a museum. As I made my totally awkward entrance, I looked around at the other students. It looked like Abecrombie was making people now instead of clothing. I finally found my way to the main office to pick up my schedule.

When I opened the door someone was coming out of the office at the same time. It was a guy who in some way looked different than the other clones at this school. He gave a slight smile at me and I don't even know what I did. I may have smiled back but for all I know I may have just dropped my jaw and looked like a complete idiot.

The lady at the desk was typing about a million miles a minuet and had no intentions of stopping. I said excuse me in a quiet voice, but I do not think that she heard me. Then I said it a little bit louder but again I was ignored. Finally, I practically yelled at her to just get her attention. She stopped typing and looked up at me with an aggravated face and said “I heard you the first time. What do you want?”
“I'm Mandy, Mandy Dark” I replied. I do not think that she believed me because she went back to typing and payed no attention to the fact that I was there. I then told this lady that I was a new student and needed my schedule. Moments later she printed out a sheet of paper and handed it to me. It was my class list.

First was AP Chemistry with Mr. Smith, then AP US History with Mr. White, Honors Calculus with Mis. Martin, finnily it was lunch, then to finish off the day I had AP Literature with Ms. Louis and my favorite class of all was AP Art with Mr. Gray.

Slowly walking to my first class I looked around. Now there was scarcely any one in the hall. I looked at the perfectly polished floor and walls with an endless amount of lockers. Everything was so bright and all cheery, it felt like this place should be a sorority hall way and not a school. My old school had scuffed up floors, cheep beat up lockers, bars on the windows and extra locks on the doors which were covered in flayers.

My first class was boring. My seat was all the way in the back at a table by my self, and all the teacher did was attempt to talk but he was speaking so low that I couldn't even hear him. He could easily be well in his 80s and looked like he was going to just lie down and die any second. I took out my new sketch book that my old art teacher, Ms. Heart, gave me just before we moved. I have yet to draw in it so when is a better time to break in a new sketch book than in your chem class.

All my other classes were exactly the same. The teacher talked about what we were going to learn throughout the year, and what they expected us to do, rules, grading policy, all that jazz. Then lunch came. The day was basically over and I haven't even talked to a single person. I went into the lunch room and bought a pack of Swedish Fish and a Coke then headed out side. I sat under a tree in the middle of the front yard of the school, it was a nice cool day with a little light wind and the sun was hidden behind a few clouds so it was perfect for sitting outside. I opened my Swedish Fish and as I looked at the many little red gummy fish inside the package I thought of how they were all together and none of them were alone until I removed one fish and forced it to be somewhere else. Into an unfamiliar world, I saw myself in that one little fish. Taken away from all that it knows and put into a place where it was all alone, forever.

That made me think of the rest of my life in this reached place. Where I would be alone for the next two years, sitting under this God damn tree, eating my Swedish Fish and drinking my Coke. That one fish made me loose my appetite. I put it back into the package and put it in my bag. Quickly drinking my coke then too put that in my bag. I like to collect scrap metal and turn it into things like jewelry or make them into wall art. It's a fun way to recycle.

I leaned up against the tree and quickly fell into a light sleep. But only until I was to be awaken by the bell. In literature class we were given a copy of the wonderful play Macbeth. Ms. Louis wrote up on the board Weekly assignments: Read up to page 50 in Macbeth by Wednesday. Instantly everyone started complaining about it. I couldn't understand why though. This play is, in my opinion, one of Shakespeare's greatest plays. It is by far one of the most beautiful tragedies I have ever read. Then after giving us our assignment she went into lecturing us about the rules and expectations for her class. It was, to say the least, extremely boring.

It was now the best time of the day, last period. They always say save the best for last and that is exactly what they did. My last class was art. I find art class to be a place where I could freely express my self, while also get an easy grade on it. I walked into class and saw him there. I saw the guy from this morning at the office sitting in this very class. I felt my heart beat faster and faster as I walked towards him. I walked right up to the seat next to him and asked if I could sit there. He shook his head yes and I sat down. He looked like he was going to throw up or something and I thought it was me. I mean yea my jacket smelled a bit because I haven't washed it in a while. I asked him if he wanted me to find another seat and she shook his head no. Still no words came out his mouth. I then got the courage to ask him what was wrong.

He looked at me and said “ I-I'm, its just that, well...” He paused for a moment or two to gather his thoughts then continues. “I'm Rudolf”
“Really?” I replied.
“Yes, it truly is my name. I like being called Liam though. Liam is my middle name.”
“I like that name. Liam, yea I like it. I'm Mandy just plain old Mandy”
“Mandy is not a plain old name, it means harmony in Spanish.”

I looked at him then smiled. Mr. Gray, the art teacher, walked in and caught my attention because he was looking a little flustered. He was carrying a few stacks of papers and trying to balance a mug of coffee. I quickly rushed over to him and helped him set his things down. Then went back to my seat. He introduced him self then told us we had three days to do a drawing of our life. I found this to be very easy considering all of my sketches reflect my life.

As our small class of seven, including myself, was quietly sketching up ideas on what to draw I saw out of the corner of my eye Liam staring at me. I felt my face get hot then I looked at him hoping he didn't notice I was turning slightly red. Breaking the silence of the room he asked me if he could walk me home. I immediately replied with a yes and also proceeded to tell him that he would have to be walking six miles to my house and also how ever long it took for him to get to his house. All he said back to me was that walking is good for your health and then he began to sketch and I continued with what I was working on and couldn't wait till the bell rang to dismiss us.

Around half an hour later the after noon announcements came on. The lady on the speaker was the same rude lady at the front desk. Don't forget that cheer leading tryouts will be held in the gym after school Wednesday from 3 to 4. Also remember to get your tickets to the homecoming dance next month, they sell fast. Immediately after she stopped talking the bell rand and every one rushed out of the room. Liam and I took our time putting away our sketches and helping Mr. Gray bring his stuff back to his office down the hall.

Mr. Gray's office was this small closet like room with no windows and no space. I swear I can fit more things in my shower than can fit into this cramped little room.

Afterwards we headed out the front doors to the school and continued walking down the steps when it began to rain. I did not mind this at all, in fact I love the rain. Liam offered me his jacket so I wouldn't get wet but I refused and for the next ten minuets we talked about how we like the rain because its peaceful, also it makes a beautiful sound as it hits your windows. We even talked about how we liked the way it had an earthy smell to it. Who would ever guess that the first real conversation I ever had with him was about the weather.

It took us bout thirty minuets to walk to my house. The rain never stopped and neither did us talking. We talked about art, music, movies, authors, just about anything and everything. I told him that my favorite flowers were carnations, roses, and babies breath. Also I found out that he liked going to plays more than going to a foot ball game and rather be inside on a nice sunny day and out side when it is overcast. We had so much in common. We both loved pasta and dancing to the Time Warp like we were actually in Dr. Frank-N-Furter's mansion.

When we arrived at my house he walked me to the front door. I offered him to come inside until the rain stopped and he came right in. We went up into my room where I was greeted by my lovely puppy. Kerry didn't seem to like Liam very much. He growled at him and I told Liam to just sit on the floor and hold his hand out. He did and I put a treat in his hand. Then Kerry slowly walked over slowly to Liam and eat the treat out of his hand. I told Liam “a dog never bites the hand that feeds it.” We both laughed and I introduced him to all my pets.
“This is Kerry” I said sitting on the floor pointing to Karry. “He is a wolf that I found when we moved here, but don't worry he is a sweet heart.” Then I walked over to my bunny's two story black cage, “this lovely little white and brown bunny is Zombie” Then I pointed to my spider “This is Flame and the snake in the case under it is Zippy.” I looked under my bed and grabbed Moon and Midnight.
“The one with the black spot on the bottom of her front right paw is Moon and the one with no black spot is Midnight. Well thats about all my pets”

Liam looked so shocked by the fact that I had a wolf. He wasn't at all interested in the fact that I had a pet snake or spider but the wolf really caught his attention. Liam, Kerry, and I went out on the front porch for about an hour. I had Kerry on a leash because he has tried to escape a couple of times from me. Liam and I talked non stop for that hour. I found out that he has two older brothers named Marcus and Eric. Also he has two older sisters named Selene and Clarissa. He was the baby of the family. I told him that I am an only child and I live with my dad because my mom left us. I lied a little bit about that.

My mom didn't really leave us, she went insane. She tried to push me into the lit fire place because she didn't want to have a daughter. She wanted me to be a boy and 16 years after I was already born she decides it's time for me to go. My dad is a drunk and the only reason we have any money at all is because my rich relatives give me money every month so I can survive. After my mother tried to kill me I called the police and they locked her up on a loony farm.

The rain stopped and it was time for him to be heading home so he grabbed his bag which he left in my room, said good bye to Kerry and told me that he wanted to walk me home more often. Then he left. I went into the kitchen and heated myself up some cup noodles to have for dinner. As I was sitting on the couch peacefully reading Macbeth and eating my gourmet dinner I remembered I rode my bike to school that day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this originaly as a final for my writing class. I had to relate it to my life and i am planning on continuing with the story.

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