For Real

June 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Sarah was just walking down the street. Just minding her own buisnues, when she was grabbed. She couldn’t even scream because a hand was already clamped around her jaw. She struggled and whipped around but couldn’t break free. I know this because I was there. Sarah and I were walking to the ice cream shop a few blocks from our houses. You probably think I’m a horrible friend. But sarah and I are not friends. We never were. Are parents are…so we have to fake it. I tried to save her. I really did! But the police were to late. Someone was about to grab me to. So I ran. I ran and ran and ran.i heard sirens. I whipped my head around as the van which now held sarah, speed away.

Oh. My. Goodness. Im gonna die. Right here. Just fall down and die. Only seconds ago I was walking with this loser to go get ice cream. Our parents make us hang out. I was planning to ditch her at the store, but I never made it. Some guy jumped out of a van and put me in it. Jen is such a b****! She didn’t even help me! She just ran. What a freak. Its no wonder she has only one friend. Jeez this isn’t helping. Im trying to get my mind off of what is happening to me right now. Im in a smelly old truck and I cant see a thing because those goons put a blindfold over my eyes. Someone is feeling my pockets, looking for my cell probably. They wont find it. I never tell anyone where I keep it. And no one finds it, either. As soon as I can im texting everyone I can…great the van is stopping. All of the sudden I feel arms grab me, and pull me into the afternoon. I don’t know whats gonna happen. I don’t want to die! I let out a whimper and a gruff voice says, “move it, kid.” What? That was defiantly a womans voice…

I cant belive this. Well, yes I can. The whole neibour hood is freaking out! Obviously about sarah. Everyone is asking me a jillion questions. Her mom hasn’t stopped bawling since I told her. I am curious to see where those weirdos took Sarah. They didn’t look like normal people that steel kids. They looked like they work for the government or something. Just a discuise, I guess. I admit, after everything sarah has ever done to me, I am still worried. Its not like I want her to die or something.

I still cant see a thing. I think im inside. I hear voices, and I think I hear a fan. Ive texted my mom. Its hard to do without being able to see. But I think it said something like, help weird people took me get help. Damn shes gonna be so worried! And to think its all her fault. Shes the one who told me to hang with jen today. I hear a door open. “search her. Find the phone.” The same voice says. Oh no. how do they know…? Well, I am a teenage girl. I guess it might be obvious. Still, im scared out of my wits. Who knows whats going to happen to me…

Ok, now im seriously freaked. Its been 12 hours and no sign of sarah. I cant believe this! Ifanything happens to sarah…look, we might not be the best of friends but id never want anything to happen to her. She’s not so bad I guess. She just hates me because im different. I don’t blend in to everyone else. I stand way out. I guess that’s why I only have one friend. And that one friend is moving to Georgia in November. Just a month away. But Sarah doesn’t know that. She also doesn’t know how scared I am to be all alone…

The freaks searched me. They found my phone. They took off my blindfold, too. Now, i'm locked up in an old room. i think im in some kind of ware house...some ones coming over here. "hey kid look, were not here to hurt you. We need your help for something." the woman in a black suit says. i take in a breathe. i dont know what they want but I'm going to find out one way or another.

ok. I guess its time for me to say something about Sarah. She has no dad. He apparently disapeard one day, out of the blue. Maybe thats why shes so mean and bitter. OK so shes not bitter. but shes as mean as they come. Anyways, I am so worried. I honestly dont think Sarahs mother could take another...loss

oh my word. i have just been crying for a half hour. Because the dad that i thought was dead or that just ran off has not done any of those things. He was taken by these very same people, for his JOB! And now there takeing me. To see him. Apparently he cant stand to not see his family any longer. I guess they thought Jen was my sister or somthing. He'll be here in an hour. I get to see him for one hour then hes back to his job. Which, by the way, is top secret classified information that my my and I will never know. I bet right about now your thinking, wow this chick has the worst dad. i mean, hes giving up his family for a job?! Well, you have it all wrong. He has to do this job, to support us. over the last 7 years hes been gone he has made over 2 million dollars! and half of that money is going to my mom and me. But between us, I'd rather have a dad

They still dont know where Sarah is. Her mom got a mysterious phone call and locked herself in her house. All she said was, "Call me if you hear anything." I wonder what that call was about

My dad. He has aged so much. gray hairs sprout out where blond ones, like mine, used to. But that does not stop me from running to him, and hugging him for at least ten minutes. Then he says, "Ok Honey bunches of oats, lets have me and you a chat." just like when i was a little girl and he would get home from work. When he said that, I cryed because this might be the last time I ever see or hear from him again.

No word from or about Sarah. The police have seached everywhere. No sign of Sarah anywhere.

My father has just told me something else that has made me cry. He is coming home now! he has more than enough money to retire happily. I can't wait to see the look on my mothers face when she sees him! And here I thought this was the worst day of my life, its the best! But see, theres a catch. We have to move to England right away. NO one can ever know about my father. No one can ever know what happend to me. We must leave without saying good-bye. Our family is worth it all. Although, I am allowed to tell one person. I know just who.

I cannot beleive it. I simply can't beleive what just happend to me. I got a call from Sarah. She told me everthing that happend to her. About her dad and, well everything. She says shes sorry about everything and she really wants to be real friends. She told me to visit her in England. I was speechless untill that moment. I told her, "Sure, of corse." I guess you never really know someone untill there complete.

The author's comments:
I would really appreciate comments so i know how to make this piece better. thank you. i hope you like my writting

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