The Ankle Drama

May 22, 2009
By mykira ward GOLD, Vass, North Carolina
mykira ward GOLD, Vass, North Carolina
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Tears singe the young girl’s cheeks like lava as the bike comes to an unforeseen stop which sends a gross ache through her entire body. That’s when they see it, the crimson colored blood which has saturated the girl’s once white sock. “Look at my ankle” she shrieks. With the spokes grinding into her ankle blood is seeping onto the pavement like acid, the bone is now visible and the aching has grown intense. As she tries to stand on her unharmed foot and balance the bike, Stephanie repeats failed attempts to relieve ankle from its atrocious clutches. “I can’t get it out, it’s stuck.” exclaims Stephanie. As the girl’s ankle is drooping in the spokes Stephanie informs her that it has been entangled in the spokes twice and is impossible to liberate without wire cutters. Stephanie staying as calm as possible, steadies her little sister Mykira with all her might. “ It’s going to be okay Mykira, I promise” Knowing there is no other option, she leaves running to the closest house as Mykira begins to cry as if all hope is gone, becoming overwhelmed with fear and worry of being in trouble, she loses track of time. Stephanie returns with their dad who is beside her carrying a tool bag and moving with hurried steps. “How did this happen?” he inquires. He releases her leg with a couple cuts of the spokes and rushes, with her in his arms to the neighboring house where his car is parked. With Stephanie holding her leg on her lap as they lay in the backseat of their dad’s Oldsmobile as he hurriedly heads to the hospital rushing through traffic. “It’s okay, we’re almost there.” I hear my father repeating more to calm him then me. Mykira who is now more worried with how much trouble she is in barely notices the pain anymore. After the doctor sets her bone with an alerting snap, he puts Mykira’s ankle in a cast and sends her home after giving strict instructions for her to use the crutches he has given her as much as possible. Her dad then holds her in his arms tightly. “I am so glad you’re okay”.

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