Time To Grow

May 6, 2009
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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“I love you sis.” Casey tells me. She always tries to be all lovey-dovey when ever she knows I’ll tell on her for doing something wrong. “You know that’s not going to stop me from telling mom you were with Josh last night.” I said with a smile. “So what were you all doing anyway? There was a lot of giggling…and then there wasn’t.” I asked out of curiosity. “Taylor you really need to get you a boyfriend.” Casey told me. “Why? Boys are stupid. I know don’t how you like them anyway.” She walked over to my bed. “So what you want to live with girls all life?” she asked me. I thought about it then answered, “No.” “Good, because you would tell me if you were gay right?” She asked. I just looked at her. “Besides, boys gives you good feelings. They make you feel special, or at least the good ones do.” She stuck her hands out for me to grab them, so I did, and she lead me on the bed. “Taylor, I’ve been wanting to tell you every since it happened, but you’ve just been on my case since the whole relationship with me and Josh started hanging out…and I was scared you go off and tell momma or something.” She looked at me with her big hazel eyes. “It’s just that Josh, he’s a white and you know how mom feels about you with people like them.” She squeezed my hands. “ I know, I know and it makes me so upset because it doesn’t matter what color someone is, it only matters what on the inside. Don’t you agree?” she was begging me to agree but that was just me to do what she didn’t want me to do, when she really needed me to. “ Well, even if the color doesn’t matter you can’t go behind momma’s rules. She’s momma.” I Tried to make her understand. “ Taylor will you just listen!” She let go of my hands and stood up. “ I love Josh, and he loves me! He’s asked me to marry him.” She told me. “What? Casey you mustn’t! You are much too young!” I stood up now. “Please, keep your voice down.” Casey whispered. “ I’m 17, and it’s time that I live my life now. I can’t stay here forever. I’ve already begun packing.” She looked at the suitcase almost full and said, we are going to leave town together. We are going to Canada, where everything is white and pure.” She stared into my eyes. “ I’m doing this for me, not because I wave to leave, but because I have to get away. I have to…for me.” She walked over the suitcase, and before she turned her head away from me I saw a tear slip down her cheek. She was hiding from me. Why would she hide her tears from me? “When are you leaving?” I asked her. “Tonight.” Casey said. I could easily tell she was trying not to completely break down. “Well if you are going then you must be strong. The world is a scary place.” I said. I came over to her and placed my hand on her right shoulder. She then turned around and said,
“Look at me. I’m a mess.” I wiped away her tears. “It’s ok big sis. I still love you, and I promise I won’t tell a soul where you were…this time.” I laughed. She smiled. “Thank you.” She kissed me on my cheek. “I will miss you.” She whispered. “No you won’t, because we are going together. You, Josh, and me, and maybe we can find me a boy there. Someone of my taste.” I told her. “No, I don’t want you to get into trouble.” Casey told me. “Casey I will be fine. We will simply leave a note and…” she didn’t let me finish before she said, “Ok. It’s settled. We are going to Canada. I’m going to get married, and you will live with Josh and me.” She smiled. “Together.” I said. “Together” she repeated.

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