May 6, 2009
By RipInAmberlost GOLD, Honesdale, Pennsylvania
RipInAmberlost GOLD, Honesdale, Pennsylvania
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Confused, more than ever before. She had no idea what to do.
What could cure this pain? Where was it coming from?
She had so many questions that seemed to have no answers.
Laying on her bed, buried under heavy covers, and staring at the darkened ceiling, she chanted prayers to make the pain leave.
Her chest burned, her lungs stinging with every gasp for air. Head spinning in circles and grabbing at the sheets for a sense of stillness.
She was too damaged to think of anything to cure herself, all she wanted was to end the pain. As every moment became harder and harder, a constant struggle, she fought with everything she had.
Then there came a whisphering voice in her chaotic mind. “Let it go,” it said to her, “Don’t fight the pain, don’t run from it…but embrace it, let it become what it must.”
Sweat dripped into her left eye and she winced at the thought of letting the heinous pain overtake her body.
There’s nothing else, no other way, she thought in her heart. If there was I surely would have found it out by now. With a release of her breath she seemed to have been holding, she let the pain rush through her with full force.
Tears streamed down her face as she let it take her away, cutting up whatever was left inside.
She grabbed at her chest, as though to calm the throbbing pain, but it did her no good.
Wipping around, rolling back and forth, kicking and struggling through it all. Her heartbeat came faster and faster with every moment.
Just when she was sure the pain was beginning to wash away, it came stabbing through her viens with an epic intensity and fiercness. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her hands grabbed the air everywhere and anywhere, for help.
But there was none.

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