&& she should have said yes.

June 20, 2009
By hopesmami BRONZE, Sanjose, California
hopesmami BRONZE, Sanjose, California
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You mean you haven’t done it yet? Jessica asked. No what is the big deal? I said annoyed. Well your almost 18 don’t you think it is about time you jump on the horse? She asked. What is the rush? I was thinking about waiting until I was married, I said. Married? Are you kidding me? Jessica said meanly. Well since you are just a know-it-all when did you lose your virginity? I asked with an attitude. I lost mine my freshman year with a senior. She said proudly. Oh really why aren’t you still with him? I asked. Um, he broke up with me, she said looking at the floor. Exactly my point, I will not let a guy get with me take my virginity then break up with me I will not fall for It,. I said proudly.
Yea I understand that, I had that thought in my mind to but somehow I fell for it. Jessica said with watery eyes. ‘’Do not get down on yourself because of one mistake u made.’’ I said. Just change your views on things and don’t do it again girl, I said trying to raise Jessica’s spirits up. “Yea maybe you are right Mya” Jessica said. So will you actually be in school tomorrow? I questioned her. Yeah most likely why? Jessica asked. Because we have a huge quiz in Hernandez class tomorrow, matter of fact I am going home to study right now .I said agitated.
Are you seriously going to go home and study? Jessica asked. Why not? I asked with an attitude. You are going to pass anyway I don’t see why you have to study. Well I would like to be sure of myself and I do that by studying Jessica, I said sarcastically. Whatever, so do you want to go do something Friday night I know this guy that kind of likes you, she said smiling. No I am cool off all of that girl. I said trying to hide my tiny smile. He is pretty cute green eyes nice smile Jessica said trying to convince me. I am not sure I will get back to you tonight about it, I said. Promise she yelled. “Promise” .I yelled as I walked through the door. But I don’t know why I promised as tired as I was I was going straight to sleep when I got home.
As I walk down the street I see the guy the one I have been crushing on since kindergarten I never really tried to put it out there that I like him because I don’t know if a black girl would be attractive to the type of white boy he is. The typical jock of course the guy all the girls drool over, that is not me though I don’t wake up extra early to do my hair and I do not wear make up only for special occasions.
Hey don’t I know you? He asks. Um, not exactly we go to the same school we have English same period that is about it. I said shyly. Oh I see, well are you good at English? He asks. Well actually I am I do have the highest grade in the class, I said looking down at my shoes. Hey don’t look down when you say that, in my opinion that is something to be proud of I wish I had the brains in English, he said smiling. What is your grade in Hernandez class? I asked. Let’s just say I have the lowest grade basically and if I don’t raise it no football and if I am not playing football my dad will disown me .He said nervously.

Well how about if I tutored you would that be of any help, I asked anxiously. Are you serious? That would be great wow I am glad I walked into you, he laughed. Yea I said smiling. So why don’t we exchange numbers so I will call you and we can figure out a convenient time to study, He said. Yea ok. I responded.
What is your name by the way? He asked. Mya I said back. Ok my name is Jason, Jason smart don’t let the name fool you, we both started laughing. So I will be calling you Maya, he said smiling. Ok I will be waiting, I said back. As I start back on walking home millions of things start to fill my mind what if we really did get together........

The author's comments:
this story is way longer than what i portray it to be. it has so much involved.

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