The Kid who never came out of his room Part 1 & 2

June 4, 2009
By Devan Culligan BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Devan Culligan BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Part One

Before Jake was addicted to games he was a sweet kid and he always laughed when his mom made a funny face to him and he would always learned different words when was able to talk and he once said a bad word and his parents gasped and started to laugh.
When he turned Five he started to ask for games for his birthday and he would save up money since he started doing chores for his parents and he would buy all of the game consoles in the world. He bought all the games for the consoles and he would buy a game chair so he could play the same game on five different TV’s and he would hack the game so he could put it in all directions on the TV’s. He was able t0 beat the game in five hours and he once went up against the master of the game and Jake defeated him like it he was going up against a beginner. Then Jake became the master of all games.
When Jake woke up one morning he had to go to the bathroom he made an invention that would go to the basement bathroom and he could make any thing he wanted and he became an inventor. He made tons of stuff that no one has ever made like a mind reader and makes his food right there in his lap when he’s hungry.
When Jake gets up he has to pull himself up with a bar that he made by himself with materials in his room.
The day after he found out that he has to get a life, he woke up and he was pulling him self up and he heard a crack and all of a sudden he fell to the ground and he was knocked out. He woke up the next day and he looked in the mirror and he scared him self and he…

Will be continued on part TWO!!!

Once there was a kid named Jake never of his room and he was really fat he didn’t take care of himself, he didn’t want to stop playing his game until he finished. He only ate cookies and soda that he learned how to make with all the stuff around him. He also had a tube that he needed to talk through so he could talk to his mom if he needed battery or a new game if he beaten all of his games he owns. Once he felt like to get up and walk around a little bit. Then he saw how scary he was he fainted.

The next morning Jake said in his head, “From here on out I’m going to get some exercise.

When he walked out of his room his mom heard him and she came up stares and she said “What are you doing?”
“I’m going to stop playing games and get some exercise for the first time in my life.” When he got out side he was blinded by the light. When people saw him they dropped their jaw and they went screaming. When they did that he went inside and started to exercise in the basement and he lost thirty pounds in twelve hours. When he went upstairs he went into his room and cleaned it up in three hours.

The next morning Jake went back down stairs and he was down there all day and he lost another thirty pounds and he looked slimmer than before. Before he weighed two hundred and fifty pounds. Now he weighs one hundred and ninety pounds. When he was slim enough he went to school the very first time in six years. He wanted to be only a hundred pounds and that’s it. When he went to school he got to listen to the teacher that’s it.

The next day he started to do homework and when he had to do an autobiography he did on his past life and he got an A+ on the assignment. Ever since he stopped playing games his life became better than ever by the second and he didn’t miss an assignment ever.
The following day Jake saw the girl of his dreams and he went up to him and asked her out and she turned around and saw kid with nice abbes. She thought for a minute and said, “Yes.” Then he went screaming and he was very happy.
Then he went home and told his mother after school, “MOM come here. I have something to tell you.”
“What son? What is it?”
“I got a girlfriend for the first time.”
“I’m so proud of you, what do you want to have for supper tonight?”
“I’d like chicken for supper mom!”
Then he went up to his room and called Ashley to talk to her, she answered and said “hello.”
“Hey Ashley what are you doing today?”
“Uh nothing what are you doing today?”

“Nothing, you want to come over for dinner Ashley.”
“Sure, I’ll be right over, what are you having for dinner Jake.”
“Were having chicken for dinner.”
“Ok I’ll be right over.”
Ten minutes later she came over and had supper, then they went in his room and played video games and they both beat the game in five hours. Ashley said “thanks for the dinner Jake I really like you a lot, why don’t you come over to my house some time and you could have dinner with my family.”
“Ok how bout next week Tuesday, see you tomorrow at school ok, bye”.

The day when Jake was going to Ashley’s house for dinner. Jakes mom was bringing Jake to her house a red light popped up on the sign and a drunk driver was speeding and didn’t stop and rammed them in the rear of there car. The air bag deployed and hit Jake in the face and he was knocked out the car rolled in the path of car and rammed in the side of Jakes door. It shattered the glass and went too his eyes and blinded him. Then another car rammed into his moms side of the car and killed her, also when the car that rammed into Jakes side it shattered his leg completely. Then a truck rammed into the front and killed Jake instantly.

Ten minutes later the cops came and found out that the people who were rammed were dead. Then the cops brought them to a place of where people can identify bodies. Jakes girlfriend came and said it was him and she was crying all day and she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Couple months later it was the day of the funeral and Ashley was there she sadder than ever and she never got another boyfriend until she could stop being sad and she was twenty six years old. Jake’s spirit was still walking the earth and fallowing Ashley around and one time he actually walked through her and he saw her thoughts and she was still was thinking about him even though she was married. Then Ashley went to his grave and did something to make his spirit rest in piece. So then he went to heaven and lived on, but was still watching her and when something happened he would send a gust of wind and saved her, he was the wind god so he did what ever he could to save her. That’s the end of the story of the kid who never came out of his room.

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