School sucks

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I went to the barbershop, just last Friday and got my hair cut. I don’t know what to have felt; sad or happy. Everyone in class have low cut and I’m pretty tired of being the odd one around. I also met Thompson, the big hairy guy, on the way. He really thinks he’s something but he’s got it all wrong. He’s just a fat big ***. I’ll stop myself here, because I hate cursing. It’s a filthy, degrading sort of language. But that’s not what all the other guys think. They feel it’s cool to be cursing at each other. I have no idea why. But I guess it’s no surprise then why they call me weird.
And I’m tired of it. I think I’m going to try and be cool from now on. Seriously it’s really the only worthy status in high school-to be part of the cool kids. (Hey what’s up with the rumpling? Oh no… oh no, tell me Kelsey has not been reading my journal again. Man, she really gets on my nerves…little sisters, ewe.)
Anyways I’ll be going with dad to a football game. Pretty much everyone would be there. Even Margie….. I can’t believe I still blush when I write about her. Man I’m chicken. I got to talk to her on Thursday. She’s…yeah…beautiful. I just wish she would dump that mean dude, Jake. He wants one thing and we all know what it is. But I’ll leave that topic for another day. As for Thompson, I’m done with that guy. I’m going to meet up with him once and for all, but this time with my dad around. No longer am I going to allow him push me around, anymore. I’m fed up with it. But I’m not going to fight. I’ll probably lose so why bother. But I’m going to confront him, straight ahead, with my dad watching from behind. That sure will scare the heck out of him

Two days after

Okay this is quite terrible…or maybe not. I confronted Thompson just as I said. And he threatened a fight, pushing me to the ground. My dad was just on the cue, watching. He came forward and dragged Thompson’s collar, giving him a piece of our minds. Oh it felt good. But that was until Thompson began to cry. I was really surprise. Thompson, the big fat guy, was crying. You’ve got to be kidding me. My dad was also surprised. He just let him go and Thompson ran off hysterically. And to add to this difficult situation, everyone was watching. We were now like the mean bad guys, while Thompson as the poor defenseless kid. Man, school life sucks. Once I was the softy, now I’m the mean terrible kid. I should skip school tomorrow if not that my dad wouldn’t allow it. That just sucks and I’m going to have to face them somehow. Maybe it would help, as they would no longer see me as a softy. Or would they? I’m not sure.

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