The Wheels of Armageddon

June 2, 2009
By Charles Cha BRONZE, Hubbard, Or, Oregon
Charles Cha BRONZE, Hubbard, Or, Oregon
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December 21, 2065

It was freezing temperatures below negative five degrees. The world is in a constant struggle to fight off the alien forces. The world has come together to fight off this invasion upon the earth. Sergeant William O’Neal was Head of Command of the sector one the American force.
The rest of the army was in major combat with the invaders’ just nineteen miles north from the head quarters of the army base. The navy seals are preparing for an assassination on the four major generals of the alien army. This war has been going on for five years and more than half of the world has been demolished. This was the last chance the world had to save its self from world destruction! But when midnight came so did the destruction of the military because as this night came the Navy Seals had failed at there attempt to assassinate there generals. After the attempt the aliens were all but fierce with the attack and decided to attack the main Head quarters. So as the base was destroyed so was the hope of the entire world.
December 22, 2065
The sector third Japanese and Iraq military force was whipped off the face of the earth by the alien forces and now plan to go to the capitol of America Washington D.C. The alien would then plant fifteen nuclear bombs into Washington to start the count down to Armageddon! As the world panicked in fear others tried to enjoy there last few hours on earth as there was only five more hours until the world blew. But little did the aliens know that there was an elite group of scientist and navy seals.
They were able to bring along fifteen hundred people with them. They planed to go live on the Moon in a secret base that was built six years ago just a year before the aliens invaded this was the safes place for them. The base was made up of pieces of adamantium deep inside the moon this was made so that no one or anything would find it. So it was impossible for the aliens to know if there was any sign of human life on the moon. For the aliens the war has ended but for the humans the war has just begun because as earth only had one minute left the men and women among the space ship could all but watch as there precious planet would be blown to pieces right in front of them. When the earth erupted as if it was a volcano you could hear the screams of there fellow earthlings. So as they watched there hearts tore to pieces. So when they made it to the moon the scientist immediately went to work trying to finish an unsuccessful ray gun that was thought would be able to take out the invading forces of the aliens. This was the hope; there hope of there revenge. This was there justice!

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