Horse Show

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Today was the first day of my riding lessons. I was jumping up and down my hair bobbing everywhere. In the truck I couldn’t sit still. Then the stable came into view.

We pulled up to the stable and I jumped out and ran to open the horse trailer that we were pulling. I let down the ramp and led my black Fresian, Midnight Storm down the ramp. He lifted his head smelled the air tossed his mane then neighed as if saying “I like this place.”

“Hello, what a nice horse you got there. I’m Anna I’ll be your riding teacher, ready to do some jumping? The horse show is in two weeks, think you’ll be ready by then?” asked Anna.

“You bet I’m so ready. Bye mom love you see you afterwards,” I said giving her a hug. Then I talked Storm up and rode of to the arena.

“Bye Lindsey have fun,” my mom said waving. There were five girls already there. I quickly made friends with Sara and Lisa. The other girls were mean they were Tereasa, Natalee, and there leader Kate.

Jumping was so fun. Turns out I’m a natural. Kate got so mad and embarrassed because she was better then everyone and took riding lessons for three years and she knocked down two poles. I only started jumping and I didn’t knock down one I owe it all to my horse Storm he’s a great jumper.

“Kate’s so jealous. I can tell,” said Lisa.

“Yeah, Storm and you were fantastic,” said Sara

I got better and better during those two weeks. After my final lesson me, Sara, and Lisa took our horses to the stable to groom them.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow, the horse show is going to be so much fun,” said Sara.

“Lindsey‘s probably going to win tomorrow,” said Lisa. I smiled; I couldn’t wait for the horse show.

“Yeah right Lindsey’s going to win. In her dreams,” said Kate. I glared at her then left the stables. But nothing prepared me for what was going to happen tomorrow.

I came to the stable early to get ready, but stopped when I saw Storm’s stall opened and empty. I ran everywhere around the stable he was nowhere in sight. I cried and ran to go tell Anna, Sara, and Lisa. We all looked for Storm but couldn’t find him. Kate just kept smiling and said

“Sorry about your horse, I guess you can’t compete.” Everyone was leaving the stables. Except me, I took one of the school horses at the stable and went looking for him. I didn’t go far until I found an abandoned shed. Sure enough Storm was there unharmed.

We went back to the stables. I groomed him until he shined. Then changed into my show clothes. The trailer for me was still there. We came to the horse show just in time, for it was my turn next. We cantered in and went for all the jumps. When we jumped it was like flying above the clouds. When we finished the judge announced that I was clear. It was exhilarating. Sara and Lisa were happy that I came, and made it clear. Then the judge told everyone that competed to come back into the arena. Next they gave out ribbons. They hooked the blue ribbon to Storm’s bridle. We won first place with the best horse ever, Midnight Storm. Kate got into big trouble and was banned from the stable. I was so happy that I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

The author's comments:
I really, really love horses alot. There my favorite animal. I love writing stories. Especially about horses. I used to have a horse, but he died of colic. He inspired this story.

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