Hottest Party of The Year on Friday!

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

One day at James I O’Neill High School there was talk about a party at Jessie Saves house this Friday starting at seven and ending at eleven. “Everyone is invited to my party. It is going to be amazing.” Said Jessie. “It is going to be the hottest party of the year.” She said. So the week goes by and it is finally Friday the day of the party. Everyone is so excited that the hottest party was finally here. “I can’t wait until tonight Jessie I’m so excited for your party,” Said Megan. “Thanks I am really excited also about it,” answered Jessie. “Do you need me to bring anything?” inquired Megan. “No, you don’t need to bring anything except for yourself.” Jessie said.
“Okay, thanks for inviting me. See you tonight.” “Yup, see you tonight at seven.”
So the party is finally here. There is music, food, alcohol, and entertainment. It seemed like a pretty good party. Well, not for long…. around nine there was a fight between James and Jerry. “Jerry, you can’t do that to me I thought that you were my best friend and if you really were my best friend you wouldn’t go out with her.” “James if you were my real friend and my best friend then you would let me do what I want to do and be happy.” James then punches Jerry in the face and pushed him to the ground and started punching, slapping, and kicking him. Finally Jerry pushed James off of him and knocked him to the ground. Jessie’s neighbor called the cops and the cops showed up at Jessie’s house saying, “We got a noise complain, is every thing okay?” “Yes everything is okay.” Well we got a noise complaint so something must be wrong.” “There was a fight between two of my friends here at my party.” “Is everything okay now?” said the police. “Yes everything is settled.” Said Jessie. So after the police left, the party continued. There were people drinking and having a good time. It was finally just about time to end the party. Everyone is about to leave and then all a sudden another fight breaks out. “I am driving home Jerry.” “No James you can’t, you have been drinking let me drive.” “No I am that is final.” “Well then I am not riding with you.” Said Jerry. So James swung at Jerry and then pushed him to the ground. Then Jerry got up, walked away and called his mom to come pick him up. I’m glad he called her to keep him safe. Jerry was so mad at James that he didn’t talk to him for two weeks.

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