The Ocean Dream

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

As I stand here looking out into the wide open sea, I see where anything can happen. I know most people don’t like the water or don’t like to go to the beach, and I am one of those most people. But then again I love the sea, because I know I could go anywhere anyplace, be myself and not get judged by people I don’t know. I can be myself because the sea is its self and also it can’t talk, I love the way the water splashes on you. It splashes on your face, your arm, or even your leg. But it is always the same but then again it is always different. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is warm water. Sometimes it hurts you and others it helps you out. It is everything. And everything is want everyone wants to be...

I never ever would have even thought that the water was everything until I went out on it, I knew once I hit the water that it is where anything could happen, like you could crash and go down and then again you could be as safe as ever. But we all don’t know. I love it because there is land next to you and you can see everything. See the birds fly, the fish swim and the people, well being people. But the ducks are the luckiest ones of all. The can live in water and land. They could swim to land to land. They could travel all over the world, it would be awesome to swim away from problems and start over in another place, become something else, get a fresh start.

But I think that the birds are luck because they can fly anywhere, they can to see the world from above, and on the ground. They can do whatever they want be whoever they want to be. They don’t have to have a single care in this world. They just have to have their head up high and they have to be strong or they might to make it. But don’t you think that flying high above people and everything would be awesome. You get the sky to yourself and don’t have to worry...

But the sea is so big and so full of nothing it makes me sad to see it going to waste. When us the people don’t take care of it, or we take the creatures that live in it away from it. But what can we say other than sorry. No wait we can’t even say that because we don’t mean it.

Why can’t we see the ocean like a bird from the sky and living to the fullest because you think you are going to die the next day. Or even a duck where we think that the ocean is our escape from our problems where we can start fresh.

No most think of it as a food source where we can take it away and no one would care, because it’s not our house or our place. It’s just another place in this world. Where we don’t have to care about anything but we do care.

But every time you go to the beach or anywhere that you can see the ocean then look across it then above it. Look across it because you will see ducks going to start over and get rid of the problems, and look above it because you will see the birds flying to get a full day of living out of it.

The bird is kind of like the saying by ANAIS NIN;” people living deeply have no fear of death.” They are like this because they live everyday to the fullest because they are not afraid of death.

The duck is like the saying by Dorothy Thompson; “only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” This is like the ducks because they are always running away from their problems so they don’t live.

The ocean is like the saying “no matter what happens you can count on the ocean to lead you to want you want even if you don’t know what you want.” But no matter what we see what we want and not what’s in front of us.

The author's comments:
I dont know why I wrote it. It just came to me one day.

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