The Shallow Side

June 11, 2009
By Melanie Zerah BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
Melanie Zerah BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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ch 1 The Shallow Side

Lily Kingston climbed to the highest dive of the Delray Beach indoor pool, and perfectly executed a double flip dive.

That was amazing!!” yelled Amy Greene, Lily’s best friend. Amy had super fair skin and blond hair, she was very sweet.

Thanks, I could have done better,” said Lily being modest.

“Well whatever, it was like, sooo great!” said Amy in her most preppy-cheer leady voice.

“Well,” Lily tossed her soaked brown hair. “I guess you could say that.” The two girls exploded into laughter, and got out of the pool.

“Hmm, okay ladies that is good enough for today,” said Coach Alison, “Let’s try and do better next time.” Coach Alison never seemed to be satisfied, but she really knew they had potential.

Lily and Amy walked to the locker room and got to their locker. Amy started to open her locker and started to get dressed, but Lily didn’t. As Amy was putting on her tank top she noticed Lily looking at her phone and giggling. “Oh my god,” said Amy, because she knew who Lily was talking to.

“What? He is my best guy friend!” exclaimed Lily. She was reading a message from her elementary school sweetheart Kevin. Kevin and Lily had been friends ever since Kevin shared his 64 box of Crayola crayons in kindergarten. Big boxes of crayons were the big thing in kindergarten. The message read:
“Hey Lil, I was just wondering if you wanted to go for pizza after your swimming thing. See ya, : ).”

“Aww, has Kevvy Wevvy been texting you?” teased Amy in a baby voice. “Shut up,” Lily said nudging Amy.

“You’re obsessed with Kevin Blackwell!!!” yelled Amy for the whole locker room to hear.

“Amy!” Lily exclaimed as she put her hand over Amy’s mouth. Amy started laughing and licked Lily’s hand.

“Eww you’re so gross!!” Lily said disgusted.
They both laughed and got back to getting dressed.

“Sooo I heard you are going out with Kevin B, Lily?” said a voice behind Amy and Lily. They turned around, and there, standing in Juicy Couture bathing suits, was Violet Belle and her ignorant followers, Bridget Ford and Alex Semmes.

“N-no were not,” stuttered Lily. Violet smirked in satisfaction because she knew Lily was intimidated. The truth is, Lily really was intimated, in fact, she always was. Violet stood there with her jet black hair and pale skin, looking gorgeous, as always.

But apparently Amy was not intimidated.
Yeah well maybe Lily is going out with Kevin! Are you jealous Violet?” Amy said in an in-your-face tone.
Violet turned even paler than usual, she couldn’t believe someone would talk to her like that. Bridget and Alex gave Violet a look that said

“are you really going to let her talk to you like that??”

Violet regrouped herself, laughed threw her nose and said, “Are you serious Amy? I would never be jealous of her!!”

Bridget and Alex knew that was the “O.K.” to start laughing at Violet’s diss to back her up.
Lily just sat there in silence wanting to disappear. She was sooo embarrassed. “Whatever, Violet, don’t deny the truth!” Amy said still standing up for Lily. Lily appreciated her friend being so loyal, but sometimes Amy got a little to into it.

“And also,” Amy continued, “ We are just here, minding our own beeswax and you just come over!” She was getting fired up.

“Are you really still talking?” said Bridget and Alex in unison. “Ha, good one girls! Let’s go we actually have some lives to get back to. Sorry Amy we have to leave your planet loser now! Bye Amy Greeny!” Violet snickered, and then she snapped her fingers and walked off, Bridget and Alex following.

“It’s Green! And its spelled G-R-E-E-N-E!!” Amy yelled after them.

“Ha, whatever!” said Alex and Bridget in unison again, and with that, they strutted away.

“They are such robots Lil.” Amy said as she sighed.

“Oh well robots are robots. Let’s get dressed.” said Lily trying to break the tension.
So the girls got dressed and went their separate ways to their moms. As Lily walked out of the building, the warm Florida air hit her face. She loved it. “Ahh,” she said as she walked toward her mom, she was talking too her English teacher who was waiting for her daughter. How awkward.

The Shallow side ch 2

The song “Don’t trust me” sounded from Lily’s bed, it was her phone. Lily quickly put on her fuzzy pink slippers and sprinted to her gem invested pink razor.

“Hello?” Lily said as she put her wavy brown hair in a low ponytail.

“Hey,” The voice said. It was Kevin.

“Oh hi Kevin, what’s up?” Lily said casually.

“The sky,” Kevin joked. Lily thought the joke was lame, but as her older sister Catherina said: “If you like a boy, just laugh at his jokes even though they aren’t funny!” So, she followed that advice and laughed.

“Anyway, wanna go on webcam?” Kevin asked hopefully

“Yeah sure,” Lily agreed as she walked to her computer and opened her web cam camera. “Okay I’ll hang up now,” Lily declared.

“K,” Kevin said. And right as he hung up he appeared on the screen. His long shaggy brown hair was in front of his gorgeous deep amber eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt with a logo of a band Lily never heard of. Lily could only help her self but to gaze at him.

“Um, hello?” Kevin said as his waved his hand to get her attention.

“Oh, uh hi,” Lily said embarrassed. But she laughed and brushed the embarrassment off.

“Guess what,” Kevin said

“What?” Lily said with an enthusiastic tone and smile

“Violet Voici thinks I’m ‘cute.’ The one in that group, the Fierce 3? Is it called?” Kevin said in a “like whatever” as he held up air quotes. Lily’s smile ran from her face. Oh…My…God… this isn’t happening! She doesn’t like him! She can’t! She won’t! I like him and I know him better! And she never ever talks to him!! Lily thought this over and over in her mind. But she couldn’t seem like she cared. She had to keep cool.

“Oh really?” Lily said as she examined her cuticles. “Who told you?”

“Well, Bridget and Alex told me. It was funny they said it at the same time,” Kevin replied firing back the cavalier attitude. Robots. Lily thought as she recapped Amy saying it at swimming practice.

“Do you think she likes you?” Lily said with an accidental look that said you better say I don’t like her. Kevin must have saw it.

“I don’t know… well not really…. I don’t know,” Kevin said in an unsure way. Lily knew that kind of talk from a boy. What he really meant was: Well I do like her but I don’t want to tell you because I’m afraid you will get mad at me and not be my friend. But Lily hoped and prayed she was wrong. Lily just didn’t feel like talking anymore so she tried to come up with an excuse to leave.

“Oh I got to go, um, feed my cat,” Lily thought up fast.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Kevin said and his image left.

Lily sighed with relief. It’s a good thing she had a cat, because that just slipped out.

Later that night Lily was lying in bed thinking about what had happened that day.

I really can’t act jealous, even if he like tells me he is hanging out with her…

Lily turned on her left side, and closed her eyes, but opened them a second later she just couldn’t seem to fall asleep with all these thoughts in her head. She sat up, turned on the purple rimmed lamp on her nightstand, and grabbed her current book obsession A Million Little Pieces and began to read.

But she couldn’t seem to concentrate.

Suddenly, she heard the door knob of her front door jiggle and turn as it opened. Of course Lily was startled but knew it was just Catherine coming in from a late night at her friend’s house.

Catherine was 16 and absolutely beautiful. She had short dark brown hair, and wore a pair of D&C thick black rimmed glasses she had gotten for her fifteenth birthday. Catherine had a medium skin tone, and towered over all of her friends. It made Lily wonder why she wasn’t tall, because Lily was just a inch below medium height for her age. Lily and Cat also had a good relationship. Unlike how some siblings hate each other they had a rather good relationship as sisters.

Catherine, or as Lily calls her Cat, walked to the door in Lily’s room and began to slowly close it.

“I’m still awake Cat,” Lily said pulling the door open.

“Oh sorry,” Cat popped her head in her room and walked in. Lily scanned her outfit. A flowing blue V neck from Forever 21 was complimenting her light blue eye shadow and her dark wash Old navy jeans were covering most part of her silver ballet flats. Lily gave it a 9.

“Why are you still awake anyway?” Cat said pointing at the black I
NY digital alarm clock that read 10:47pm.

“Well why are you out so late?” Lily said raising her eyebrows and tilting her head to the right.

“Excaaaaause me Lily, I was just with my friend. She lives like a block away.” Cat said raising her tiny eye brows.

“Oh yeah. Ok.” Lily said fixing her eyes on her book.

Cat rolled her eyes. “If you are mad about this Violet girl maybe liking Kevin, you need to get over it!” Cat said “God why do seventh graders have to have boyfriends and girlfriends it just causes drama! Good night!” and with that Catherine walked out.

Lily laughed and decided to just try and sleep. So she turned out the light put back the book.

Lily lied there in the dark thinking about what Cat had said.

The Shallow Side ch 3

“Lil chill, I don’t think he would really go for someone like Violet,” said Amy to Lily. They were walking to their most favorite class, English honors.

“Well apparently, every other boy goes for her,” Lily sighed as she attempted to pull up her Abercrombie ripped jeans while carrying her books, the maroon tank and blue half sweater she was wearing was her favorite outfit. “I mean if Kev is still the guy I think he is then he won’t…” her voice trailed off. “Hopefully…”

“Just don’t think about it.” Amy said fixing her mint green v neck sweater.

“Okay I guess your right, I’m just-” Lily stopped in her sentence and tracks. There, in the middle of the hall, was Kevin talking to- or should it be called flirting with Violet, with Bridget and Alex behind her, who seemed to be standing in poses.

Where they just talking? Or was this another sign of Kevin’s love for her? Either way Lily hated being jealous. She felt like if she said something they would think she is a jealous wreck. But she couldn’t help to be overcome by a big green monster.

Why was Violet so perfect? Her shiny, glossy, beautiful black hair was pulled back in a flirty low bun with an adorable hot pink French beret hat and with her side bangs hanging out. Her outfit consisted of a plaid pink mini skirt with black velvet leggings. Her shirt was a pink v neck with a black sequenced undershirt. She looked like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. Alex and Bridget were wearing the same things expect Alex’s was black and blue and Bridget’s was purple and black. They all looked flawless.

Lily look down at her outfit which now looked like garbage compared to theirs.

“Lil, what are you doing?” Amy exclaimed “Go and talk to him!”

“Um, well he is talking to someone I really shouldn’t,” Lily said still staring at them. She really did want to take charge, just like Amy said. But once again, she was over powered by fear of Violet.

But instead she found herself moving towards them. She didn’t know what she would say or what she was doing; she was just going to dive in. Amy’s thin blond eyebrows rose, and she followed Lily. And when she got to Kevin, Violet and the others she just froze.

“Hey Kevin,” Amy said in an attempt to save Lily. She nudged Lily to do the same.

“Oh, Hi Kev,”
Lily said side glancing at Violet. Her eyes were narrowed toward Lily.

“Hi guys,” Kevin said “What’s up?”

“The sky,” Lily said. They both laughed. Lily used the only inside joke she remembered to make Violet feel left out.

Violet saw what was going on and she took action in response.

“Anyway Kevin, so want to go to the movies with us and two other guys?” Violet said to Kevin but she was looking at Lily for any sign of jealousy.

Oh my god. She is obviously inferring the two other guys for Bridget and Alex; and she will take Kevin for herself. Lily reasoned this in her mind.

“Well uh, when?” Kevin asked not knowing how he should react.

“We were thinking Friday, seeing The Uninvited,” Violet said

Of course, a scary movie so she can have an excuse to grab him and hug him; he is so going to say yes. But once again Lily hoped she was wrong.

“Oh sorry, not Friday,” Kevin said “I’m hanging with Lily this Friday,”
Lily sighed with relief and smirked at Violet. Violet’s expression was did he just turn me down?!? Bridget and Alex’s was did he just turn her down?!?

“Oh, well then I we will just ask another boy,” Violet said she was disappointed but she didn’t show it. “Ba bye,” Violet said completely casually and cool. She snapped her fingers to make Bridget and Alex follow and the three of them walked off.

“That was so great,” Amy whispered to Lily.

Lily smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Well, shall we go?” Kevin said in a sarcastic suave voice.

“We shall,” Lily said suavely back. Amy laughed and then so did Kevin and Lily. With that they walked off. Now Violet should now he was Lily’s.

Lily took out her pink striped little notebook and wrote:



The shallow side ch 4

Amy glided a huge glop of lip gloss across her lips and smashed her lips together.

“I don’t understand why you have to get all dressed up for gym.” Lily said throwing her hair into a bun.

“Because,” Amy said in a cool way “Nick is my partner for square dancing!”

“Oh my god, I totally forgot!” Lily said sarcastically. “Just make sure he can reach you!

“Shut up isn’t that short!” Amy said laughing.

“Um yes he is, if you ever went out with him and kissed him, you would have to bend down to get to his level!” Lily said

“I do not care, it would be worth it!” Amy clasped her hands put them to her cheek, and batted her eye lashes like a girly girl in love.

The girls cracked up

“But seriously, how should I wear my hair?” Amy asked holding her hair in a pony tail and looking in the mirror

“How about just down?” Lily said fussing with her own hair

Amy let go and blond curls tumbled onto her shoulders

“Perfect” Amy beamed smiling at her own reflection

“Okay lets go, I didn’t get a partner last time so who knows who ill get.” Lily said rolling her eyes and decided on pony tail.

The girls walked out into the sweaty gym and looked apron the anxious 7th graders in there squares of four.

Nick Lassa looked up and waved happily at Amy and she wave-smiled back.

“Well duty calls!” Amy said step-skipping away “Good luck!”

Lily watched Amy plop down next to Nick as he “accidently” put his hand on hers. Lily considered yelling “come back!” but decided against.

So Lily walked towards Mrs. McGlee for a partner. And Kevin was standing there also.

Lily casually stepped next to Kevin and he smiled at her in a “thank god you’re here I don’t have a partner maybe she will put us together” way.

“Um, Mrs McGlee, I don’t have a partner.” Lily said to the tall, young red headed women.

“Well then purrrrrrrrfect ill put you two together!” She pushed them together and motioned them to a square with only 3 couples.

And so Kevin and Lily merrily walked to their square together.

The music started up

“Hands together everyone” said the country voice

“Ready?” Kevin said taking Lily’s right hand

“So ready,” Lily said so they took hands and started to promenade

Lily was laughing as Kevin kept tripping on himself. He laughed and blushed.

Lily looked back and eyed Violet who was dancing with one of her admirers. Violet’s envious glance was intimidating but in this situation Lily was the one who was winning.

Kevin and Lily danced 4th period away together. Lily felt fluttery and she wonderd if Kevin felt it too. As she walked to the locker room after she started feeling something for Kevin she had never felt before. Usually they had a best friend I-love-you-as-a-sibling love, but this was different.



The Shallow Side Ch 5

Social studies dragged on forever, as always, and Mr. Baring, or as Kevin joked, Mr. Boring, was nattered on and on about the economy.

“And what is Barak Obama’s plan?” Mr. Baring said in his deep, dreary voice.

And of course, Bridget, the smartest one out of the “Fierce 3,” mouthed the answer to Violet so she could look smart in front of Kevin who really wasn’t paying attention. Therefore, Violet’s hand shot up and she sat up in her seat, puffed out her “early bloomer” chest, and side glanced at Kevin.

Lily rolled her eyes in disgust, and looked down at her barley A cups and sighed.

“Yes Miss Voici?” Mr. Baring said. It sounded more like mizz when he said it.

“Well,” Violet began and looked at Kevin who was now making googly eyes at her. “He looks toward the future, and wants to take a different course of the future.”

“Yes, very good Violet.” Mr. Baring said trying to smile.

“Thank you Mr. Baring.” Violet said smiling at Kevin who was… now smiling back?!?

And Lily angrily scribbled in the notebook:




Lily could not believe how jealous one person could make her. Violet was a pro at stealing boys and making the girl who had them super jealous. And Lily wondered if Kevin even knew that they where quietly fighting over him. That they were acquaintances on the outside, but they were really enemies trying to cover up their jealousy and competition.
Does Kevin even have a small thought that he may be in a position where he might have to pick between his best friend from kindergarten or the “hottest” girl in Raywood Middle School? Whatever it was, there was no reason why Lily couldn’t fight back. Violet was just a power-crazy girl, inspired to be this way by the so many boys and girls obsessed over her, giving her the thought that she was the alpha-female of the entire 7th grade society. And so the opportunity was there, staring Lily into her light blue eyeliner eyes, telling her to go for it. Just like that her hand shot up in the air.
“Yes, Miss Kingston?” Mr. Baring said adjusting his spectacles. “Do you have anything to add?”
“I do.” Lily said. “I think Obama doing all these risky ideas, because he isn’t afraid to take a challenge.” Lily turned her head towards Violet.
And Violet shot back a look that said: It’s on.
The Shallow Side chapter 5

It was finally Friday. Lily smiled at herself in her tiny light green framed locker mirror and lovingly gazed at the pictures of her and Kevin. She could not help but laugh at the memory of Violet, Bridget, and Alex’s faces when Kevin turned Violet’s “irresistible” offer down. And today Lily and Kevin were meeting at The Pizza Box after school, to hang out and eat, just the two of them. It would go the way it always is, they arrive and share a special pizza with everything on it. Then they would walk over to dollar tree which happened to be in the same shopping center, they would buy cheap candy and eat it outside the bagel store. And that’s just how Lily liked it.

Nothing-nobody could ruin this.

“Hey Kev,” Lily said putting math binder in her Jan sport baby blue backpack.

“Hi, I um…” Kevin’s voice trailed off as his blue braces smile faded away.

“What is it?” Lily asked. She had a tone of worry that she felt stupid having.

“Well,” Kevin hesitated “Violet needs help with her science lab and its due tomorrow and she needs my help and you know that I’m good in science and-”

“Wait,” Lily shook her head and look down at the ground “Wait, wait, wait. I thought we had plans”

“Yeah but she really needs my help,” Kevin said looking at the ground also

They both looked up and their eyes met, Kevin and Lily silent talked and looked into each other’s eyes. Kevin could feel her vibe.

“Why are you mad?” Kevin said

Lily’s heart dropped and her insides warmed. The concerned tone of Kevin’s voice lingered in her mind. She couldn’t seem to bring herself to tell him.

“It’s nothing,” Lily said. She wish she had told him but she didn’t have the guts. So she closed her locker and started to walk.

“Wait,” Kevin said as he pulled her arm back to the locker.

Lily wanted to cry and she didn’t know why. She felt over powered by the thought that he would leave her for someone else. She knew she was overreacting, that’s why she didn’t tell anyone, not even Amy, how she really felt.

“Kevin it’s just we were hanging out and…” Just then Lily heard the unmistakable snicker of Violet. Lily didn’t turn around to see if she was there because she knew. A shot of adrenaline shot into Lily’s brain. “And why are you choosing her over me?”

Kevin’s thick eye brows rose up. And Bridget’s gasp followed by the laughs and whispering of Alex and Violet followed. Lily instantly regretted what she said.

“You think I’m doing that?” Kevin said “Is that why you have been acting so weird?”

“No Kevin I’m just mad that you’re leaving me for something you think is better!” Lily shouted.

“Wow Lily you think that?” Kevin looked her straight in the eye “Your just jealous, and I’m not your property and- and it’s pathetic!”
And with that Kevin stormed off

Lily was in shock and she tried to process what just happened

As he walked down the hall, Violet ran up behind him and started to walk and talk with him. Bridget and Alex followed but she shooed them away.

Lily watched, her eyes were about to overflow with tears. She stared after him, maybe he will turn around run back, hug her and apologize. Maybe he will look over his shoulder and yell I’m sorry. Maybe he will turn around and say we can hang out now I don’t want to be with her.

But as Lily watched him walk off, he did nothing.

To be continued…

The author's comments:
This is a story about a young romance between two middle school students who have been best friends forever.

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