See No Evil

June 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will break my heart. I wish they had taught us that in primary school. I’m not all grown up just yet but the little bit of growing I have done, hurts. Year 7, 8 and most of year 9 is all bless, until the three letter word, which is the root of a lot of evil appears. Then it all changes, people change, and all of a sudden it’s not a joke anymore, it’s real, because the consequences hang around forever, like a bad B.O situation on a cramped bus. Its quite simple to deal with when your eyes are open, but evil is ready to trip with ease when you see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...
‘Come to the shubbz with me... please I’m begging you.’Kimone said pleading with me; we were at the back of the bus while everyone made the usual unnecessary noise. Kimone was the pretty, curvaceous one, the one that always had ‘mandem on a line’, always making everyone laugh. I had boys that were friends, but they were only ever friends, but Kimone, was always and forever the constant centre of attention, and I was always ‘Kiomne’s friend’, quiet, that nice girl who got on with life, never really made a fuss, never thought too much of herself. People always found it so weird that we were joint to the hip, but complete opposites.
‘Fine... but promise it’s not gonna be like last time.’ She always got me to say yes, always.
‘What about last time? We had fun’
‘Last time you spiked my drink with alcohol and I ended up breaking my ankle after falling off a table bruckin out to dutty whine.’
‘And you earned 3 bills, we had fun.’ I screwed her and laughed, and focused on who jus bopped up the stairs, he was like sex on legs. Whenever he got on the bus, it was like I was in a complete trance. It’s actually ridiculous, and stupid, seeing as usual; he likes Kimone, not me. Story of my life.
‘Rye, Rye... ugh, are you staring AGIAN?’She moaned as shook me out of daze.
‘Umm... course not; I’m over that now.’ I said avoiding all eye contact.
‘You couldn’t lie for s*** ,Rye, you need a man you know, and you never let me hook you up, do you think if you were ugly I would be claiming you as my twinzy babe..?’
‘Yeah, I know.’ I said only half listening. Then I noticed him walking over, and like an idiot I looked behind us as if we weren’t sitting at the back of bus. My heart went into complete overdrive everything about him was pure perfection. Lamar had long hair with the shape up at front, sexy dimples I couldn’t get over, the weirdest mix of dark chocolate brown eyes, with a stroke of blue in them, tall and tonk. The swagger was emotional, with one fat diamond in his ear. Then, bent down, and just I as thought dreams were coming true, he starts whispering in Kimone’s ear, wile she giggles like her life depended on it. It made me sick. I decided to get off a stop early.
‘Kimone I’m gone yeah, bye.’ She pushed him off her to quickly say goodbye and winked at Lamar. I jumped off the bus and started walking home; I couldn’t hear anything because I had stuck my iPod headphones in my ears. I felt my belly cussing me and decided to turn into the corner shop. I walked back munching on a Snickers bar, with KA bottle in one hand and stuffing my face with sensations.
I got to my front door, and stopped to take out my keys to find Lamar standing at my door.
‘What the f***?’ I said in shock almost choking on my drink.
‘You swear?’Completely avoiding the fact that he was jamming in front of my house like he lived there.
‘Yeah and?’
‘You didn’t look like the swearing type, always quiet and s***.’
‘Whatever yeah, why are you are you standing in front of my house?’
‘My aunty lives here.’
‘Aunty?’ I felt disgusted, lusting after my own cousin.
‘Ermm... not my proper aunty, jus my mums bedrin but you know how Ghanaian people are -everyone’s your aunty init.’
‘So what are you doing here then?’
‘My mums going on holiday soon, so my mum said to come over to sort everything out, since I’m staying for the next three months.’
‘Let’s go in then.’ We got inside and I dropped my bag on the sofa and let him ‘make himself a home’.
Three months? I smiled in my head. Only if I knew what I knew what I was unleashing when I let him in my home...

The author's comments:
This is just an introductution,the start a off a story I would just like your opinion.

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