Second Street boys ending

June 9, 2009
By Jose Oliva BRONZE, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Jose Oliva BRONZE, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
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Victor took a deep breath and nervously whispered, “I, I,I have no idea who did it.”
“Wow kid relax,” exclaimed the officer. “You look sick. Are you ok?” The officer watched Victor pace up and down the street, his face turning more and more pale with each step.
“I’m just dazed because Mr.Choi got shot. That’s just so awful,” Victor cried out with his ayes all red and watery.
“Don’t worry son; he’ll be fine. The bullets didn’t hit any organs,” said the officer.“Now let’s get back to business; did you see who did it boy?” asked the officer, talking in a more serious voice.
“No I wasn’t able to recognize any of them because they were wearing sky masks “nervously responded Victor.
“You know what, for now, close up , go home rest a little and I will stop by tomorrow at 12 o’ clock sharp; please be home at that time I will ask you some more questions. Maybe, you’ll refresh your memory by tomorrow”
After closing up Victor went home thinking about what just happened and If he was going to tell the police that Louis shot Mr. Choi.“What’s the right thing to do? Should I tell the police or not? If I do, will the boys from Second Street try to kill me?”He nervously thought while biting his finger nails.
The next day Victor woke up at about 10 o’clock, still not sure what to tell the police. He watched TV and than he heard a knock on the door; He knew that was going to be the police and that he was going to do the right thing by telling the police.
“Knock, knock,” whispered Officer Joe.
“I’ll be right there,” yelled Victor,` while putting a nice T-shirt on.
When he opened the door he saw a police vehicle and Officer Joe with pen and paper in hand.
“Are you ready Victor? I will ask you a few questions and I want you to be completely sincere with me,” officer Joe exclaimed.
“Did you recognize any of the 2 boys that robed Mr.Choi’s store?”
“I really didn’t recognize any of them, like I told you, they were wearing masks,” Victor answered hesitating a little.
“Did you hear any names?” asked the officer.
“Not really, I just heard give me the money and 2 shots going off” Victor responded.
“Ok, I guess there is no way in finding out the criminals that shot Mr. Choi.I have to go now kid, have a nice day and stay out of trouble.”
Right when the officer was closing the door Victor screamed in a strong voice, ‘Wait!!!”
“What is it kid?” asked the officer kind of confused.
“I know who shot Mr.Choi!” Victor said nervously.

“Who? Who did it boy? Spill the beans.”With each sentence Officer Joe talked louder and loauder.

“The person that shot Mr.Choi was Louis from Second Street. I’m 100% sure it was him; I was able to recognize his voice.”

“Thank you very much son; we will arrest him and he will be sent to a juvenile detention Center” the officer said with pleasure in his voice. “Do you know exactly where this boy lives?”asked the officer
“I sure do Officer Joe”
“Let’s get in my cruiser and take me to his house but first I’ll call for back up.”
After Victor got in the cop car with Officer Joe they went to Second Street and Victor told the officer that the green house at the corner was Louis’s house. When the rest of the cops got there they got ready to force the door open.
“Officer Joe screamingly said, “It’s the Police; Come out with your hands up or we will open the door with force.” There was silence for a few seconds; When no one opened the door Officer Joe told a rookie officer to open the door with, the colossal hammer he had. A loud noise was heard; The door was flattened down on the floor, Officer Joe said, “Go ,go ,go,” policemen charged to the house. They couldn’t find anyone.

They searched the whole house except for the basement. When the officers went down stairs they saw someone in the corner; it was Louis. “Police! Don’t move; Put your hands up or we’ll shoot,” one officer shouted.
Slowly Louis came out with his hands raised; Officer Joe was putting handcuffs on him while Officer Joe shouted to Victor “Victor, get down here; It’s safe now. Is this person Louis?” he asked.

“Yes it is; that’s him. He’s the one that shot Mr. Choi.” When Louis turned around and saw Victor, Victor’s face filled with terror and Louis’s face filled with rage toward Victor.
Louis angrily said to Victor,“ You better watch out dude cause you’re going to get banged; You’ll pay for this. You just wait.”

Officer Joe said,“ Thanks for your help Victor; Because of you Louis cannot do any more harm to anyone else. I’ll take you home now. Let’s go.”When Victor got in the car with Officer Joe they both felt happy. They didn’t talked much while they went home.
“We are here Victor. Have a good day and stay out of trouble, here is my phone number; If you have any more information call me.”

“Alright Mr. Joe talk to you later” Said Victor
The next day Mr. Choi was released from the hospital and was at his house recovering from his injuries.
Victor went to visit him at his house and Victor told him that Louis was the one who shot him and he was now in jail.
“Alright Mr. Choi you get some rest now. I’ll see you later” Mr.Choi didn’t feel safe since the day he got shot. He’s been a little afraid lately.
“Good bye Victor,” said Mr. Choi.
When Victor got home he decided to make some dinner. While he was cooking some scrambled eggs he heard a weird sound outside in the backyard. He looked out the window and screamed “Oh no the guys from Second Street are here to kill me. I better call the police.”

Victor grabbed the phone. Shaking, he dialed Officer Joe’s phone number.
“Hello,” Answered Officer Joe.

“Hello, Hello,” Victor Responded
“Who is this? Is it you Victor?”Officer Joe answered.

“Yes it’s me. I need help; Three of Louis’s friends are at my house, I think they are here to kill me” Victor nervously said with his hand all sweaty.

“I’ll be right there,” Officer Joe replied; Stepping hard on the pedal.
Victor looked out the window at what the Second Street boys were. Suddenly Victor heard a noise at the back door.

“Oh no, they are trying to get in,” he screamed.

A few seconds later, Victor’s face turned into relief when he heard the sound of the sirens from the cop car.

“Let’s get out of here!!” one of the Second Street boys exclaimed.

Officer Joe came running into the house.“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yes I’m fine .Thank god you came, the boys left when they heard your cop car,” Victor responded.

“It’s not safe for you here anymore. I think you should be placed in a protection program.”

“Oh man, that means I’m going to move right?” asked Victor.

“Yes you will move to a safer neighborhood where those kids can’t harm you.”

A week later Victor and his mom moved to the state of South Carolina; Before leaving, Victor talked to Mr. Choi who had finally recovered from the injuries .He told Mr. Choi that this place was too dangerous for him and he should move with him to South Carolina. That’s exactly what he did and
Mr.Choi opened a new store called “Pepe and Choi’s Super Store” Mr. Choi decided to name the store after Victor. Victor’s name had to be changed in order to keep him safe. Now his name is Pepe, that’s why the store is named after him.

The End

The author's comments:
We read a story in my school called "Second Street boys" and we were supposed 2 make an ending for it this is the ending i made

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