May 18, 2009
By justin sanchez BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
justin sanchez BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The last period bell has just rung at king school on 71st street. A nice big school which is a “green” school surrounded by colorful plants. The students are rushing towards the main doors and a group of 6th grade girls come walking out the main doors with a girl following them that they don’t notice that girls name is Emily. Emily was a new student at King School. Emily was tall with a pink dress and a bow in her hair, which was blond. Emily was disappointed that she wasn’t apart of the sixth grade girls’ conversation so she decided to stay back and listen

“Oh my god tomorrow is Sara’s birthday.” Said the sixth with the long brown ponytail.

“Yeah I saw it posted on myspace,” the girl with the yellow shirt replied. Emily noticed this girl was in her math class.

“We should take her out to get her nails done for her birthday.” The third girl added. Emily followed them because she didn’t know how to get home because that morning her dad dropped her off. So she followed them. 15 minutes later she looked up to see a road sign that said Pulaski Road.

“Pulaski Road! I don’t know this road!” Emily thought aloud. “How will I get home?” thoughts of sadness filled her head.

Emily was walking for 20 minutes when she came upon an alley that she heard yelling coming from it so she looked inside the alley and immediately her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach. Inside the cold, damp, smelly alley was a girl that was all beaten up and she had a gun to her head plus a guy who had her purse

“Please don’t kill me!” pleaded the woman.

“Sorry,” bam! The man pulled the trigger.

The guy spun around because he heard a girl screaming. The guy started to run after Emily. The man was super tall with a beard that looked as if it hadn’t been shaved in years and he was bald. The guy had on a blue mechanic jumpsuit on that said Bob on it. Emily didn’t think to run because she was in some kind of shock, then she snapped out of it and started to run. All of a sudden the guy named Bob grabbed her and she fell unconscious because she got punched in the face.

Later Emily woke up to see that she was getting dragged in a strange dirty place. She could tell that it was night because the moon was out.

“How will I get home and what if I never see my family again?” Emily tries to kick but stopped because she saw Bob reach into his pockets and took out a big silver heavy looking thing. She stopped because she noticed that it was a gun. Bob brings it down hard on her head and she fell asleep.

The next morning, Emily woke up and asked the guy named Bob questions,

“Why did you do it?” asked Emily,

“Because little girl, I need the money.”

“Why don’t you get a job you lazy bum?”

“You saw what I did to that girl. You want that to happen to you?”

“You’re a big fat lazy animal,” she yelled.

“That’s it!” Bob ran at Emily. Then Emily had an idea she remembered that she had a metal nail file, because she was doing her nails in her dad’s car. So she reached in her pocket and took it out and when Bob grabbed her she stabbed him in the hand. His hand started to gush out blood and he fell to the floor. Emily immediately ran to the door and tried to open it but it was locked from the outside because she was in a room with one window so she thought of something then took action, she threw herself through the window! She got back up and started to run. She looked back and saw that Bob was running after her so she picked up a heavy stick that had thorns in it and hid behind a tree. As Bob was going through the tree Emily swung the branch and hit Bob in the face. He got a thorn in his eye! Using her knowledge Emily found her way out the woods by following the North Star when she got out she went to the police. She told the police what she saw Bob do and it tuned out that Bob was fugitive and was wanted for 1,000,000. Two days later Emily was asked to appeal in court.

“Is it true that you killed that girl Bob?” the judge said.

“Yes but it was self defense,” said Bob.

“Liar! You killed her and you had her purse,” Emily said.

“You’re the liar because the only reason that you want me to go to jail is because you want the money,” Bob replied.

“Is that true Emily?” the judge responded.

“No judge that is a lie with that money I would donate it to charity,” Emily said.

“How would I get your word on that,” said the judge.

“You can come with me to donate the money.”

“Ladies and gentleman the judge has taken her side and I plead you to find me innocent.” Said Bob.

After a long time the jury came and announced Bob guilty and was sentenced to life in jail.

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