Solitary Death

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

A young boy sat silently, drifting away in the unforgiveable heat. His Mother lay dead, his father also. Hypnotised by the buzzing of flies and mosquitos he lay on his dead mother’s chest,waiting for her to awake.

A few hours passed, however he still lay on his mother’s chest.His parent’s had died of malaria, while their hut was located 15km away from the nearest village, called Luaki. The young boy was only 4 years old.

It was now evening and the boy had moved from the bed onto a stool. A distant buzzing noise got louder and louder and louder, he got bit. Only 3 hours later the young boy was dead.

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pinkprincess said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 9:51 am
aww how sad it makes me want to cry! :'(

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