night shift

May 29, 2009
By Luke Henrickson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Luke Henrickson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The clerk sat at his desk with his typewriter. The janitor tripped over a hole puncher and knocked over the filing cabinet and it fell on his computer, so he is now forced to use older technologies. The accident put him behind on his work so he now is the last worker in the office, or so he thought. He had coffee brewing in the break room, so he’d get a pick-me-up soon at least

He heard movement in the hallway outside his office, something was being dragged down the hallway. Probably the janitor taking out the trash, he continued working. But then he heard a muffled cry and knew it wasn’t just the janitor.

He got up from his desk and looked out of the office doorway and into the hallway. A trail of blood dotted the hallway and continued around the corner. He followed the trail into the break room and saw a man standing there. He was tying a woman to a chair with rope. The woman had cuts all over her body and she was whimpering for him to stop and asking why he was doing it.

The clerk grabbed the coffee pot and tossed the scalding liquid on the mans face. The man screamed and swore in anger and before he could retaliate the clerk struck him in the side of the head with the coffee pot, rendering the man unconscious.

The woman had lost a lot of blood and was cutting in and out of consciousness. The clerk called the police and they arrested the man and brought the woman to the hospital. Sadly, the clerk still had work to do.

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