May 28, 2009
By Gema:) BRONZE, South Paris, Maine
Gema:) BRONZE, South Paris, Maine
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“Um. Sure?” Gloria says. Not very enthusiastic if you ask me. Her arms wrap around my neck, arms length away. Unlike when I saw her last slow dance with Will. Will, may you say, is way up there. So to speak. He’s had girlfriends. He’s good looking, and he’s everything I’m not. Back to topic. With Will, her hands had been resting on his shoulders, her beautiful head lying on his shoulder, and you could see that giant smile he brought to her face. He had his hands all up in her “business,” Right on her butt to be clearer.

The whole time during that maybe two minutes of dancing, Gloria simply walks away to talk to a friend. What the hell? It pains me to say, but I never saw her to be a snotty type.

A few songs later, another slow song blasts through the speakers. Should I go and ask her again? God dammit I can’t even find her between the darkness and all the students dancing in suck a tight spaced gym. That’s until, I see her. With some kid I thought was her best guy friend, just by the way that they act around each other, sucking each other faces. I never knew that within four-seconds someone’s heart can drop all the way to the floor. Just like that.


The rush was even better then dropping off from the top of a roller coaster’s biggest climb. How was I even supposed to know that by just dancing with my best friend I would my first real kiss? It was as if his lips were just made to meet with mine, like they never even felt before, until I kissed him.

Right at the end of what felt like hours of kissing him, (I wish it was longer) I saw Joey, running out to the bathroom. Were those tears I saw in his eyes? Did I cause them? Holy crap, what did I just do?

It’s not like I don’t like Joey, he’s just, different from my normal type of guy. Not to be mean and all but, he’s a total geek. A wannabe. Someone who has more pimples on his face then I do hairs on my head. I do talk to him, during homeroom when I’m waiting for buses to be dismissed. It’s nothing exciting, just “Oh yeah; I hate we had a pop quiz too,” and such.

As the song ends, I feel like I was in heaven. Floating above ground, that’s until Joey comes over. It doesn’t even take him two-seconds but, he punches my best friend right in the jaw, it bleeds, it looks like it hurts. Soon enough, the cops that the school keeps around come and take the two into a room, I try to listen. All I hear is screams, and sobs.

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