Tommy's Day: 9/11

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

Tom Knox was a hard working man who took care of his family. Every morning he put toothpaste on his wife’s toothbrush before she even woke up. On 9/11/01 he put toothpaste on his wife’s toothbrush, got in his car, and drove off to work in the Twin Towers.

He entered the 90th floor at 8:40 and sat at his desk. He typed away at his laptop trying to finish last night’s work. He looked up at his clock and it was 8:45. He got up and moved to the window of his office. He stared over at the north tower when, in the corner of his eye, he saw a plane fly into the north tower.
The room shook and he bolted out. He jumped at the alarms that were going off. He looked at his watch, 8:46. He kept running down the stairs and out the door. People swarmed around him at every angle, blocking him, but he just kept gliding through the crowd. His car was gone and he knew better then to go in and get it or even start driving. He just kept running.
He sprinted so far and so much he could just see the massive Twin Towers. He stopped running, caught his breath, and looked back at the broken building. One building stood proud at this time. He thought of his friends in the north tower. All his friends that were on the top of the tower that day were dead. They were gone forever. His job and his car were gone, but he still had his family. He looked back and saw another plane crash in to the south tower. It was 9:02. He would never forget his friends or the magnificent buildings.

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on Oct. 29 2009 at 4:51 pm
brechtj2/3 BRONZE, Jeannette, Pennsylvania
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"Great,magnificent, descriptive" just a few words that describe this story. I like how you brought one of America,s tragities in to a 3rd person point of view. the best example of this is the phrase "he stared out the window to the north tower ,in the corner of his eye, he saw a plane crash into the north tower." I also loved how you put a timeline matching the events on 9/11. The example i chose to show this is "it was 8:45. He got up and moved to the window of his office." Over all i think you should keep writing.

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