May 28, 2009
By Shadow_Lobster BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Shadow_Lobster BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Behind her, the noise escalated. Louder and louder it became, until all voices merged into a deafening roar. It was confusing and frightening, shaking her small frame to the very core. However, above all the uproar, one voice rang through to her. Like the small hand of a child, it reached out grabbing a hold of her. Small, yet surprisingly strong and clear, it only spoke one word:
So she went. Her legs moving sluggish at first; one in front of the other slowly and strained, as if even such a small movement caused her immense pain. However, as time progressed, she grew more confident and her strength began to peak. One in front of the other, one in front of the other, over and over and over; She got used to the feeling, and her legs began to get a mind of their own. Faster and harder they pumped, her feet slapping the ground like little girls playing hand games. Her heart was dancing wildly with joy and excitement. Gaining momentum, the roaring grew fainter and fainter. The fierce jabbering was subsiding, and the soft voice urging her forward grew in clarity. With even more speed and purpose, she padded along until her whole body began to sway out of control. Rocking to and fro, she willed herself on, just a little further…
And just as she knew her body had reached its limits, and she could no longer continue on with this foreign phenomenon with her legs, the clear, small voice was directly in front of her. Warm and soothing, she knew it was safe to surrender. In a fit of giggles, she collapsed happily into the waiting arms of her mother, the rest of her family still mingling and laughing in the party behind her.
“Good job, my baby girl! I knew I could do it.”

In her lifetime, she’d face many challenges, achievements, and do many great things. But nothing will compare to the wonder, excitement, and awe she experienced the very first time she took flight on her own two legs.

The author's comments:
I actually got my idea for this piece from a sentence I found on a creative writing idea website I found on the internet. I basically just took that senetence and ran with it. I originally intended for the piece to be about a girl running in a marathon (hence the loud cheering people), but it turned into a narrative of a baby's first time walking. Weird...

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