To be her

May 27, 2009
By Alexis Miskevish BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
Alexis Miskevish BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
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I want to change my name. Not to something to exotic or over the top, and nothing plain. I want it to be my middle name. Lea. Why do I want to change my name? It's simple, because Lea is not Katie and Katie is not Lea. Lea is a totally different person. A happier person. Someone who knows what they are good at, has some sort of passion, Lea is different. Or at least different from Katie. Lea wouldn't wear black t-shirts. And Lea would be skinny. Lea has just enough friends to make her happy. Not a million like Katie has who all just make her stressed out and feel worthless. Lea would be amazing at music and still play basketball, unlike Katie. Lea's family wouldn't fight. And Lea would have a real best friend. Lea wouldn't be scared of anybody and wouldn't be afraid to speak her mind. Lea wouldn't have allergies. And Lea doesn't need an inhaler. People would love Lea. To be Lea wouldn't be me. And that would make all the difference.

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