Why Me.... Im Scared!!!!!!

May 26, 2009
By Abbi2 BRONZE, Upper Arlington, Ohio
Abbi2 BRONZE, Upper Arlington, Ohio
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Why' Why me? Is something going to happen in the future?

I get these fellings like ............like I dont know how to explain it.

A coulpe of days ago I was At the holocaust musem in DC and I looked in to the eyes of one of the picuters and I started to fell: Pain, Sarrow, Hurting..... the Kind of hurting like when some one deer and close to you just died in front of you.Then all of the sudden these images flashed in to my mind that seemed to be from the holocaust. Dont get me wrong sure I did study it but what I had saw that day was nothing of that I have seen before. These Images have now been constantly flashing in my mind and I have woken up screaming once because the images have come in dreams...... I did this agin to day but it was not the same.... I just looked in my friends eyes and I saw something of there past it was some thing they have not told any of us... So i had to ask them about it and they started to freak out because only her and her family knew about it!!! Both of us could not figure it out.......! What do I do???? Why do I see these images?????
I've started to get scared to look in to any ones eyes!
What do I do??????

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