Who's Next?

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

The dry, bitter taste left him clueless about himself. In his head, he felt fine, but to everyone else around him, he was another kid too drunk to notice the people around him trying to help. The McDonald's satisfied his cravings, but still didn't prepare him to go home. he thought a nice drive would keep him out of trouble, but he couldn't be more wrong. Driving on a cold night in January, over a bridge, going ninety. He just set a date for his funeral. But what about the boy riding shot gun? The one who had to deal with two damaged legs, and, had to sit and watch his best friend burn alive and die. They took him away with the image burned in his head without giving him a chance to use his goodbye drink. Everyone spray paints the bridge and tattoos themselves with this: CCL 1-28-07. But the drinks keep pouring and the cars keep starting. Who will be the one with the goodbye drink? Just keep opening the newspaper and I'm sure you'll find out.

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