Suessical Murders climax scene

May 21, 2009
By Rebecca Shaw BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
Rebecca Shaw BRONZE, Rockville, Maryland
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“The Suessical Murders”
Climax Scene
INT. abandoned building
Steven and Julian enter the building quietly. They are wearing black shirts and pants. Julian clutches the code paper and the note from his doorsteep in his hand.
Steven(shouting as he opens the door to the building)-
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart, are you in here?
Shh- do you want the evil people to hear you.
I just wanted to see—
They are probably bounded and gagged. It won’t do any good to shout.
Oh, what are we going to do Julian? I’m scared.
Ms. Sweeney (O.S in another room to Todd)-
Oh he’ll come honey bear. I know that little creep. He’s the annoying kid in my class. It’s his parents for heaven’s sake…
Steven ( whispering)-
Is that-?
Yes. No wonder she never wanted me to figure codes out in the class. Steven listen to me. They are only expecting me not you from the looks of the note. You are going to find all the poisons and bring me back the weakening one. I will be hiding behind the screen in that room. After I inject them with the poison, you need to free my parents. If that doesn’t work you will need to inject the bad guys while they chase me.
Julian, I can’t do this.
Julian –
Yes you can. No matter what happens, I want you to know you are the best friend I ever had. (They hug.) Now go!
Steven sets off. Julian goes to hide behind the curtain in the room his parents are tied up and knocked out in before Todd and Ms. Sweeney come in. They are still in a closet sized room.
His father wakes up from being knocked out.
Mr. Stuart-
Whaat- Where am I? (notices his wife and the fact he is tied up.) Oh my goodness. Sally, I am so sorry. Sally!
Mrs. Stuart-
(she wakes up)Ugh. Oh my goodness, where are we. Where is Julian? Zachary what happened! All I remember is a huge man coming at me with a syringe!
Mr. Stuart (meekly)-
I guess this may be a bad time to tell you I am a spy.
Mrs. Stuart-
What! What kind of husband are you to keep such a huge secret?
Mr. Stuart-
Lately, a lousy one. But honey I wanted to protect you and Julian from the dangers. I never even told the agency I was married. I cannot imagine how they found out about you. I just wanted to keep you safe.
Mrs. Stuart-
It does explain a lot. All I care about right now is where Julian is and if he’s safe.

Todd (comes from the closet sized room and out of shadows)–
I would not be worrying about that now if I were you.
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart-
Who are you?
Ms. Sweeney( stands beside Todd)-
Oh just my boyfriend.
Mrs. Stuart-
Ms. Sweeney! What have you done with my son!
Ms. Sweeney-
I can honestly say I do not know. He was supposed to be here an hour ago with the code.
Mrs. Stuart-
What code?
Mr. Stuart-
Oh my! The code was right! I knew it.
You see Mr. and Mrs. Stuart. Your little boy Julian broke our code we sent to the USA government. We intended that the time it took for them to figure it out our plan would be underway.
Mr. Stuart-
The plan to kill all the famous kids of celebrities?

Correct. You see those kids would inherit great amounts of money from their parents and if they are dead, the money would come me. You see all celebrities use a special bank located in New York City. And I am the head of that bank.
Ms. Sweeney-
Your little brat spoiled our plan when he figured out the code. I heard him talking to his slimy little friend.
Mrs. Stuart-
Don’t you dare call my son that!
Ms. Sweeney-
I can call him what I please, you are the one who is tied up to our poison cylinder.
(to Ms. Sweeney) Now dear, be nice. (to the Stuarts) So basically we need your son’s decoded paper so we can destroy it and then we will kill him and you. You are merely pawns on our chessboard.
Mr. Stuart-
He’s only seven. Ms. Sweeney, you’re a teacher. How can you kill children?
Ms. Sweeney (smiles evilly)-
With pleasure.
Shot shifts to Julian still concealed. Steven is back.
Steven ( whispering)-
Psst. I got it.
Good. When I reveal myself, wait for the signal, and then inject the poison into the tall man and Ms. Sweeney.
What’s the signal again?
Julian wiggles his fingers.
Oh ok.
Julian gets out from the curtain.
I am here. Don’t hurt my parents anymore Ms. Sweeney and whoever you are.
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart-
Julian! It’s ok honey. Get out of here. Mommy and daddy will be alright.
Ah, the boy. (to Ms. Sweeney) Get him! We will deal with the parents later!
Julian (wiggling his fingers)-
Ms. Sweeney lunges at Julian. Julian runs away from her allowing himself to be cornered in a corner by her and Todd.
As they grab him Steven injects the poison into both Ms. Sweeney and Todd’s arm and they instantly become paralyzed.
They go up to untie Julian’s parents.
Julian and his parents embrace. Mr. Stuart takes a cell phone from Todd’s pocket. He calls some people.
Mr. Stuart-
I just called the agency and police. They are on their way over to collect the poison. Those two will be spending the rest of their life in prison. I am so proud of you son.
Mrs. Stuart-
Me too, Julian. (looks at Mr. Stuart). No wonder you are always frustrated. Just know I you can trust me with any secret, particularly if I can potentially die from it.
They laugh, embrace, and kiss. The Ms. Sweeney and Todd glare at them but are unable to move in their paralyzed states.

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