My beloved puppy life

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

I was only 2 months old when I had to move out of home. I was just so sad. But at first, I was confused. Why was Mommy crying? Why was Sianna waving goodbye at me? And why in the puppy world was I getting in a strange metal box with wheels on it that Sianna called a “car?”

I then realized I would never Sienna, Mommy or my brothers and sisters again. Oh, how I was lonely at my new environment! Sadness filled my heart as went to sleep on a hard floor in a cage without Mommy or my brothers and sisters.
My next day was dreadful. Babies pulled my tail, I had to take a bath, and I stayed in the awful cage almost all the day. I felt like I was in jail.

I thought nothing could be worse. I got yelled at just because I peed, (Why am I getting punished? They pee too!) I got locked up in the laundry room just because I was exercising my teeth on some poster board, and more kids came!
But this time was different. The kids cuddled me and told me that I was such a cutie pie. Was I really pie? Will they try to eat me? Oh well, they said so warm and friendly like that it must of meant something good.

What the kids called “Daddy” took me around the neighborhood to exercise. He called them “walks.”

I started loving my family just as much as I loved Mommy and Sianna. But then, Daddy took me to a scary place. A strange person stook a painful needle right on the back of my neck!

How could they do this to me?! Didn’t they even love me any more? But when I came home, something surprising happened. The kids cried in my fur and put a bandage on my owie. I knew they still loved me.
Now I love them with all my heart and they love me with all their hearts. Even though I still miss Mommy and Sianna, I know that Im going to live a very happy life with my new, loving family.

The author's comments:
I really have a dog that I adopted when she was only 2 months old. On the first night without her mother and sisters she seemed so sad! I decided to make an article of what I thought Tina ( the dog) felt like. Now I know she has a loving,caring family to love and take care of. Thank you Tina!

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