May 19, 2009
By Mitchrev2134 BRONZE, Kingston, Other
Mitchrev2134 BRONZE, Kingston, Other
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It happened during Senator McKay’s speech. A single bullet was loaded, aimed, and fired through a silenced rifle, slamming into the Senator’s heart, killing him instantly. Security and police were dispatched immediately, but the sniper was nowhere to be found. The rifle had no prints on it, and there was little other evidence…

“Major Williams, you wanted to see me?”

“Yes. Sit down, Corporal Hamt. I assume you saw the assassination of Senator McKay?”

“Who hasn’t, between the newscasts, live speech, internet. Did they catch the guy who did it?”

“No. But that’s why I wanted to see you.

“Yes sir.”

“Men, woman, Green Team, I have sent for you to investigate said assassination.”

“Hey, Spike, you see that on TV?” A large dark man with a goatee asked a young blond solider.

“Slug, shut up. Major Williams is talking.” Snapped a woman.

“Yes ma’am, Corporal Manitin.” Replied the dark man.

“Lieutenant Samson, is the APC ready?” Enquired Major Williams.

“Yes, sir. All gassed up, too.”

“Wrench!” exclaimed a red haired man extending his fist.

“Doc!” Replied Samson, punching the man’s fist gently.

“Now then, off with you to investigate the scene.”

“No disrespect sir,” said Corporal Hamt. “But, shouldn’t the police handle this?”

“We believe the assailant may return for his rifle, trained soldiers would have a better chance of surviving. Besides, the police are scouring the city for suspects, and you happen to have experience with snipers, Hamt.”

“Yes. Sir.”

“Don’t worry, sir, I’m sure he’s gone!” exclaimed Spike.

“Can it Spike. I had a very bad experience with snipers. BAD.” Replied Hamt.

The APC arrived at the scene within an hour. As the team exited the vehicle, Spike saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning, he thought he saw a dark shape disappear out of a window.

“Okay team, fan out.” Ordered Corporal Manitin.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay, if you say so.”


“I’ll guard the APC.”

“Wait,” Said Corporal Hamt. “Spike”

“Yes sir?”

“Stay here, we’ll check the streets.”

“Yes, sir.” And the team spread apart. As Spike looked around, Hamt was listening intently. He had seen Spike turn, and was concerned. After a minute, he heard the all too familiar sound of a bolt being flipped up, slowly being pulled back, and as slowly pushed forward again and set in place.

“Heads!” The shot echoed through the street, asphalt flew, and Hamt emptied a full pistol clip into the apartment window.

“What was that?” Slug enquired over the radio.

“The sniper came back. And he took a shot at me!” responded Hamt. He and Spike were running up the stairs towards the apartment, while Wrench, who was nearby, was guarding the elevators.

“Hurry up, Spike.”

“Yes sir.”

“Stop saying that.”

“Sorry sir.” They busted into the room, and saw the sniper.

“Freeze!” Hamt and Spike Yelled Concurrently.

“Drop the rifle.” Hamt exclaimed. The assassin dropped the rifle and pulled out a cigarette.

“Who are you? Who do you work for? Talk!” Hamt demanded. The sniper lifted his mask revealing his mouth for a split second, and bit the cigarette.

“Never.” The voice was strange and robotic, as if spoken through a voice changer. The assassin slumped against a wall and died.

“That was straight out of a Bond movie, huh sir?” said Spike.

“Shut up, Spike. Shut up.”

“Men, women. Our scientists have finished analysis of the rifle. That was a big risk you took out there, and I’m going to put you all out for a recommendation. We have not identified the assassin, he was unknown. The rifle, however, has given us one clue. As you can see, by this close up, the rifle has an inscription. Zoom further. It reads,
‘© 2056 Kayne Science inc.’ shortly before the assassination, Kayne Science reported a robbery. One security armoury was broken into and a sniper rifle stolen. We believe it was this rifle. I want you to give it back to Doctor Kayne, and investigate.”

“Sir, once again, shouldn’t the police be doing this?”

“Corporal, this is a serious matter. A high security laboratory was broken into, stolen from, and a man was assassinated. The police cannot handle this. It is simply too much of a risk to get this incorrect! Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Great. We get to be police officers.” Whispered, Slug to Doc, “What next, Security workers at a bank?”

“Probably pizza delivery boys.” He replied.

“Now, I have faith in you,” continued Major Williams, “but we need someone with extensive knowledge in computers. General knowledge, not security hacking. Sorry Spike. So, meet a temporary addition to your team, Jack Leroy from Canada.” Leroy was a thin man, with wavy brown hair and wire frame glasses.

“Great. We get a nerd.” Mumbled Corporal Hamt.

“Hi. Uh, pleasure to be here, um, I uh, look forward to working with you all.”

“Corporal Hamt, Mr. Leroy will be sleeping in the other bed in your quarters.”

“Whoopee. I’m soo happy.”

“Let me get this straight, snow boy. I don’t like you. Especially with that greeting you gave us.”

“Well I didn’t exactly get a warm welcome. And it doesn’t snow all year round.”

“Yeah, yeah.” As Corporal Hamt drifted off to sleep, he dreamt of a mission he was once on. A mission that went horribly wrong…

“Hamt! Hurry up with that bypass!”

“Sir, I’m going as fast as possible… got it.”

“We’ll go down here. Take that corridor.” All right. Now we have to save Colonel Koskatov. Down that corridor, to the left. Wait something’s wrong… I, I feel… weird… like… déjà vu. Don’t go down there. Can’t stop… no... no... Nononononono! NOT DOWN THERE! Click-chik-chik-click. -BANG- no! Sergeant Morris! Lars! Look ou- Jamie! No! John! Fred! Frag! Reggie! Huh huh huh huh Reggie speak to me! REGGIE NO! You can’t die! Reggie, you’ve got a wife and kids! Reggie! Reggie! Oh god oh god oh godohgodohgodgodgod NO! NO! NONONONONO! NO!
“NOOOOO!” he woke with a start. “Oh GOD! I... I... oh god.”

“What’s wrong?” inquired a drowsy Jack.

“I…I thought I got rid of that memory… in…in th-th-therapy.” He was sobbing. “That’s my worst memory. Almost the whole squad, gu-gunned down by s-s-snipers in the c-c-co-courtyard. My best friend, Dead. That sniper today… musta triggered it…”

“It’s not real… it’s a memory… it’s over,” Coaxed Jack. “I understand it must be traumatic for you, but it’s over. It’s over.”

“Thanks. Maybe you’re not s-so bad…”

As the APC drove through the badlands towards the HQ of Kayne Science inc., Green Team noticed another path branching off.

“Strange,” exclaimed Wrench. “Oh well, probably just an outpost or small town.”

“Also strange,” replied Slug. “Is that since we received that phone call, no one has had contact with their HQ.

“Well, what can you do?” Asked Corporal Manitin, “Besides, if they had a problem, wouldn’t they send out a message?”

“Only if they had power.” Replied Jack. “No power, no systems. No systems, no phone, no E-mail, they might not even be able to drive off they compound if they had security gates. And from the looks of this area, you couldn’t survive on foot for too long.”

“Point taken.” Responded Slug. As they APC drove closer and closer, the sheer size of the facility began to intimidate the soldiers. Kayne Science was massive in the world of Physics, Bioengineering, and Robotics, but, as it turned out, so was the size of their Headquarters. As they drove up to the gate, many people came scuttling towards the fence. Although there were many signs that read “DANGER: 10,000 VOLTS”, the people were touching the fence without being electrocuted.

“Yep, power’s out.” Commented Wrench.

“Wrench, ram the gate.” Ordered Hamt.

“Yes sir.” The APC’s air horn went off, and scientists and security guards ran away from the gate. As the horn died out, it was replaced by the sound of twisting metal, and pops as the chain-link gate was torn from the fence. The APC stopped, and its doors opened. Cheers filled the afternoon air as the Marines and Programmer departed the vehicle. An imposing man with dark hair stepped forward.

“My thanks and apologies.” He told Green team. “Our power system has been offline for five days. I trust you are here to investigate the robbery?”

“Actually, we’re here about that. A man was killed with the rifle that was stolen.” The man’s face whitened


“Senator McKay.”

“Oh. He was a good man; he funded our programs very well… Did you find out who killed him?”

“Yeah. Well, we got him. We don’t know who he was though. His body was deteriorating when our people did an autopsy, and he killed himself with cyanide…”

“Well, at least he’s off the streets. I don’t think I’ve introduced myself. I am Doctor Kayne the second. My father founded Kayne Science. And this is my head of security, General Koskatov.

“I have retired from the military,” said a large bald man with an accent. “But, I find security work very rewarding. All the perks of military work with less danger. Aside from that of a lab accident, of course.”

“Of course.”

“We could use your help,” Continued Doctor Kayne, “The armoury door, as well as most doors in the facility, are automatic, and opened with a panel in the wall. We have been running on reserve energy for quite some time. We only have enough to power a few major doors at a time, emergency lights, and refrigerators to keep everyone fed.”

“Why didn’t you sent anyone out, or use cell phones to call for help?” Asked Doc.

“No service, and the weather has been cruelly hot, I think anyone sent for help would die in the desert.” The fence sparked twice and fell silent. “You see? Little power. Although, as I was going to explain, we have an outpost down the road, which includes our auxiliary power station. Our security team will accompany you and clear out any animals that may get in the way, as we do not use the power station. The last time was in, oh, 2034, I believe.”

“Alright, we’ll go check it out.” Doc, Slug, Manitin, you should stay here and help out.” Suggested Hamt.

“Agreed.” Replied Corporal Manitin.

The power station was old and dusty looking. Wrench had decided he would stay with the APC, while Jack had convinced Corporal Hamt to take him along.

“After all,” He had said. “You may need someone to fix a wiring problem or hack a keypad on a door.” As it turned out, neither was necessary.

“You turn on our generator, we’ll stand guard out here.” Said a guard whose nametag read ‘Sergeant Jackson.’

“Fine.” Replied Hamt, grabbing his Rotary Cannon from the APC.

“Why do you need that?” Asked Leroy.

“You can never be too prepared. Besides, this is my favourite gun, and those clowns might steal it.” Jack saw the generators. He stepped up to the switch, and with a prayer of

“Let this work, PLEASE!” turned on the Generators. Instantly, they turned on, lighting up the whole room, then one exploded. There were two beeps, and a larger explosion happened nearer to the entrance.

“Let’s go!” Yelled Hamt. When they arrived, a mountain off rubble blocked off the whole doorway, and they saw the remains of a limpet mine.

“Those little B-” the rest of Hamt’s sentence was cut off my rubble falling. “They trapped us in here!”

“Maybe not. I’m betting there’s a service hatch somewhere that will let us get to the main part of this outpost.”


“You’d better be right about this, Snowy.”

“Oh, what, I’m a part of this team NOW? Of all times, NOW?

“Hey, in my team, you get initiated in your first instance of action.”

“Thanks, but I think we should be getting out of here first. I only hope they didn’t shoot Wrench.”

“I doubt it. They’re probably conning him into believing it was an accident.”

“Hey, I think I can see a service tunnel door. Iris seal.”

“Think it works?”

“Power’s on. If I need an access code, all I need is to run a bypass and override it.”

“Then try one, Leroy. And hope to God it works” as Jack pulled out a hacking device, another explosion came from the entrance.

“Great, they’re trying to bury us.”

“Almost there, I… Got it!” the service door opened revealing a small cylindrical tunnel lit every eight metres. They crawled through it, going for what seemed like hours. Every five minutes, another explosion shook the tunnel. Finally, the two crawled out into a full height room.

“We gotta get out of here.” Said Jack.

“Before they think of that tunnel. Agreed Hamt, cocking his Rotary Cannon. As they ran through the facility, they heard an APC driving away, and heard footsteps. The two ducked into a dusty security room and Jack looked at the outdated computer’s screen. It had suddenly gone on. The two heard a few automatic turrets simultaneously turning on and unfolding outside the door.

“Snowy, if we step outside the door, we’ll be dead. I’m closing the door,” said Hamt quietly, “You deactivate them with the computer.”

“I’d have to spike the system,” whispered Leroy. “I need something to program with.

“Find something!” Under toned Hamt urgently.

“The only compiler this computer has is an outdated Java compiler. I could program a spike, but it’ll take time. It’s hard enough to do on an old system, but with only Java? It’ll take time.

“Sir, we have an active computer on Level 1 in Beta Sector.” Exclaimed a technician in the outpost’s command centre.

“Find them, you fool, send out a security team, no, make that a solider team with combat officers. NOW” Doctor Kayne’s voice was hard and cruel over the radio.

“Yes sir. Patching through…”

“I hear footsteps, Snowy.”

“I’m typing as fast as I can. Hold them off or something.”

“We need to go real soon.”

“I know. Public Class Spike, Public Static Void…”


“I am! I am!” The footsteps echoed closer and closer. The door crashed open and the intruders were met with gunfire.

“DIE!” Yelled Hamt.

“Can you keep quiet? I’m trying to think here!”

“It’s your thoughts or your life! Just keep working!”

“A few more minutes. I’ve almost got the programming done!”

“Hurry! These guys are piling in, and I’m running out of ammo! I gotta reload!”

“Done! Come on, Compile!” The gunfire was interrupted by the sound of reloading.

“They’re coming back!”

“Almost there! Come on, C’mon, C’mon, 95, 97, 99…Done!”

“Then let’s get out of here!”

“The program has to upload onto the system!”

“No time! We have to leave now! Is there a vent?”

“Um… there’s one! It’s not drawing or expelling air, but it’s a vent!”

“Open it up! We have to leave NOW!” Jack quickly opened the vent and crawled through, while Hamt slammed the door, barricaded it with an empty desk, and followed, closing the cover behind him. The door flew open and an officer in a full company combat uniform ran in. His voice was distorted and strangely robotic as he lowered his rifle and asked,

“Where are they?”

Further into the base, in an abandoned area, a vent cover was kicked in. Two coughing and sputtering men crawled out of the offline system.

“Are they always that dusty?” Jack inquired.

“Only when they’ve been turned off for a couple of months. Lack of air circulation, dust accumulation. It happens in a place like this.”


“Can you disable the security systems and delete data from the computer network?”

“I can do better that that.” Replied Jack. “I can send a copy of the data to HQ before deleting the original data if this place has Internet. Just make sure no one finds us.”

“Okay. Here, I’ll turn it on.” Offered Hamt, flipping the tower’s switch.

“No!” yelled Jack, diving for the tower and ripping out a switch. Looking at the monitor, Hamt saw a window pop up. It read ‘Disconnected from network,’

“If I didn’t rip that out, they could have traced us.”


“Just, let me work. Get ready for us to leave.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Replied Hamt, pulling out a roll of duct tape and opening a second vent. ‘If I tape up the sides of this vent, it’ll stay closed when we close it.’ Thought Hamt. ‘Maybe if I dust up the tape, it’ll also look like we didn’t even go through there… Hmmm…’

“What are you doing? Inquired Jack.

“Well, Snowy, I’m making our escape invisible.”

“Good. Println (‘you are a loser.’)” and the minutes went by as the Program was written, compiled, and prepared for uploading.

“Corporal Hamt?”


“Barricade the door. I’m about to reconnect the computer to the network, and they’re gonna be able to trace us.”

“……… Ready.”

“Commence upload? Ok.” Jack climbed onto the desk underneath the open vent, which had been elevated because of a side split. Hamt followed him, closing the vent behind.

The two were near the floor of the command centre, crawling past the grate, when they heard a technician speak.

“Sir, they’ve uploaded another program. Tracing now. They’re in 52B Computer lab.

“Good. There is only one door in that laboratory.” The robotic voice, in the second time Hamt had heard it.

“ Never.” The sniper had said. It was the same voice, but it was impossible! The sniper had been killed by his own hand! The body had had a full autopsy… but it was the same, different by only a fraction…

“Find out what the program does. You, Solider. Take Bear Squad with you 52B. I want them found. Noow.”

“Keep moving.” Whispered Hamt. “We’ll be out of this vent soon.”

“And turn on the ventilation system. The men are getting uncomfortable.”

“Hold your breath for a few seconds!” Ordered Hamt quietly. The fans in the vent turned on, and dust flew everywhere, in the men’s eyes, out the covers, everywhere. Anyone watching from outside would see several considerable bursts of dust coming from all the vents that led inside.

The abandoned laboratory known as 74A suddenly had two people fall in from the grate in the ceiling. Luckily, there was a soft restraining strap covered metal plate the size of a bed directly underneath. As the men recovered from their fall, a door opened nearby. Corporal Hamt jumped up and loaded his Rotary Cannon. It all happened in a flash, the Combat Officer was greeted with gunfire, there was the sickening crunch of metal-to-metal, ripping of a flack jacket, the nausea-inducing sight of white oozing from the body…

‘Wait a second,’ Thought Hamt, as Jack puked in the background, ‘White? Blood’s usually red, isn’t it? Which can only mean,’ “These guy’s aren’t human!”

“Wha-?” replied a disoriented Jack.

“These guys with the weird voices, they’re not human, at least not all of them! In fact, this guy looks bigger than most people are… stronger…I thought the uniforms were just made for them to look bigger…”

“I have an idea…” said Jack. But I need proof. There’s a lab report on the table over there. I’ll have a look at it.”

Laboratory Report:
Head Scientist: James Kayne, Founder, Kayne Science
Project: Synthetics

“Just what I thought!” Exclaimed Jack.”
The synthetics are still in the early stages, but this technology will be most helpful for all mankind. Replacement arms, legs, all biological, all fully functional. We are even working on a plan for a synthetic heart, for transplants. If we add to the intelligence of our synthetic parts by assembling them into a body and creating a head, we may one day have synthetics walking the streets. As I told Ms.Naromi, think of the possibilities! We could have more doctors, policemen, peacekeepers, fewer robots to do the jobs we need! Less robots means less metal used for the jobs, which in turn also help mankind! Skyscrapers in Africa! All run by synthetic servicemen! Cooks, doormen, there would be less hunger if we made synthetic vegetables! I should look into that.

-James Kayne
The rest of the paper was ripped off.

“So Kayne senior was a good man,” Asked Hamt, “but Kayne junior sends synthetic cooks after us?”

“Teen rebellion could have stuck on him. I don’t know.” Replied Jack.

“Whatever happened, we have to get out and warn the others.”

“I know.” Said Hamt grimly.


“I just can’t believe they’re gone…” said Slug sadly.

“There, there Slug.” Replied Wrench. “I was there, and the whole building collapsed. The whole power station…”

“How is that possible though?” asked Spike. The whole team. Looked up in confusion.

“He has a point there.” Said Corporal Manitin.

“But there were explosions…” Replied Wrench. “Even if they survived the first one and the cave-in, they would have been crushed or suffocated…”

“Enough.” Exclaimed Corporal Manitin. “We can mourn later. Let’s keep this place safe until help arrives.”

“That may be a while,” said General Koskatov, walking in. “There is a storm coming. A hurricane. Very odd in this area, but still possible. We will be trapped in the facility. We do have extra quarters, and we are almost finished repairing the generator at the power station. We still have not found any bodies.”

“Maybe they’re still alive!” Exclaimed Spike excitedly.

“Yes, Maybe.” Answered General Koskatov. “In any case, this is my second in command, and secondary advisor, Tanya.”

“Hey, there!” Exclaimed Spike. “Wanna go out sometime?”

“Down, boy!” Called Slug. “I’m sorry, ma’am, he’s new to the team,” explained slug to Tanya. “Hasn’t learned the ropes. Especially the no flirting on duty rule!” Slug cried out at Spike.

“It’s not a problem. The lower guards do things like that all the time. Usually, it gets them on garbage detail.” Replied Tanya.

“Miss Boston,” Ordered General Koskatov, “Please show the soldiers to their quarters.”

“Yes sir.” Answered Tanya.

“Doctor Kayne, a team in the outpost found a dead Synth.”

“Thank you Mr. Stiles. You may go. Extra rations.” Kayne added, handing Stiles a note. “Mr. Jhonston, alert General Koskatov, then wake Goose Squad.”

“Sir? Goose Squad? I don’t think that’s either necessary or safe.” Replied Jhonston.

“Jhonston,” replied Doctor Kayne quietly. “I have just finished a new design for a flamethrower, a new, more efficient and painful flamethrower… It would be a shame if you had to be the… test subject…”

“Right away sir.” Jhonston snapped to attention, shaking slightly. He then ran out of the room as Doctor Kayne smiled smugly.

Coughing and sputtering, Hamt and Leroy climbed out of yet another vent.

“I never want to do that again.” Exclaimed Jack.

“You’ll have to. I assure you. It may not be in here, but you’ll have to.” The two surveyed the room. It was a dusty, generic laboratory, labelled 12C.

“We’re near the exit, I think.” Hamt told Jack.

“Good. I can’t stand this building much longer.”

“So, Snowy, what were you like as a kid?”

“What, now?”

“No better time than the present.”


I was a loner, began Jack, Not a friend in the world. I guess bullying got to me. I-I didn’t trust people, it happens after a few years. My only friends were my computer, and my dog, Jamie. He was a black lab. I learned programming over the Internet, kinda self taught… one winter, I was walking Jamie when I got a faceful of snow. The kids in the neighbourhood teamed up on me, soaked me to the bone. But the worst part was when their ringleader, a small kid, snuck up on me and unchained Jamie. He wandered into the street just as an oil truck came up. It, it killed him instantly. I didn’t get over it for years. He was my best friend, my only friend. “That’s rough.” Agreed Hamt. I went to university, made one friend. He left after he failed a course. I turned into a kind of hermit for the rest of my University days… not much more to tell; I lost my job a week before we met. My boss said I wasn’t a team player, even though I practically did all the work, covering for the slackers I had to call my co-workers. That’s all. My life.

“I had no idea, Snowy. Sorry I was so rude.”

“No problem. I’m used to it.”

“Wait! I hear something!” Footsteps echoed throughout the hall outside the laboratory.

“Goose Squad, move oout.” There was a chorus of identical “Yes sir’s” and Combat Officer uniformed Synthetics piled into the hall.

“Snowy, Take my pistol. We need to either take these jokers out, or die in a blast of glory.”

“Isn’t there another way?” Jack asked as Hamt looked out the door cautiously.

“No. These guys mean business. I see at least two flamethrowers.” He set his Rotary Cannon to pre-rotate, kicked the door open, and shot at the Synthetic Soldiers. He turned around to face the other side of the door, shooting down the commander as Jack ran out the door of 12C. The next five minutes were full of gunshots and artificial blood, and one Synth pulled a grenade. When it reached Hamt, he kicked it back. It exploded, taking the rest of Goose Squad with it. Only one remained, and as Hamt approached it, it dropped its assault rifle.

“Fatal error. Data fault 5067. Goose mode activated.”

“Goose mode?” Questioned Jack. The Synthetic solider lunged at Hamt, trying to bite him. Quickly Jack shot it down with the pistol, unloading an entire clip.

“Oh. Special programming…” Hamt murmured faintly. Then an alarm went off.

“Warning: Marine fire confirmed.” A man chattered over the P.A.

“Oh, Cr*%!” Yelled Leroy.

“Run.” Replied Hamt. The two men ran out of the outpost through the main lobby, not noticing that it was darkening three hours before sunset…

“We need a medic, NOW!” Yelled corporal Manitin.

“What happened?” Questioned Slug.

“Two men were out in the storm, they’ve been burned by the sand! DOC!

“I’m here!” Exclaimed Doc. “Get them inside! NOW!” Slug and Manitin dragged the two white-clad men into the main lobby.

“Help us… it AHHH!” Screamed one of them.

“Close the F#^&*## door!” Yelled Doc. “Get me a medical kit. ASAP.”

“Yes sir.” Spike rushed off.

“Who are you? What were you doing outside?” Demanded Doc.

“Professor George Hudson, that’s me, and Doctor Ryan Sanders.” The team looked disappointed at the thought of them not being their friends. “He was out for a smoke, and I was tying down the canisters, the th-th-the…” the man grimaced in pain. “E-extra water canisters. It hit us so quickly, like a fire… it burnt our eyes, whipped at our flesh… ahh… my… hands… my… face… Ooohhhh.” Professor Hudson groaned.

“Can you hold out a bit longer?” Inquired Doc.

“If you can find an aloe plant, I th-think I can hold out a bit longer, yes.”

“Okay. I’ll try to help you as soon as possible, but your friend needs help immediately.”


“Sir, I found one!” Called Spike, returning.

“Okay, let’s get to work.” Five minutes later, Ryan Sanders was not doing any better.

“We’re going to lose him!” Warned Doc. “Wrench, I need you to compress his chest every fifteen seconds for five seconds!”

“Yes sir!”

“He’s going into cardiac arrest!”

“What? Doc, he’s not being internally operated on!”

“He’s in shock! Weird things happen when you’re in shock! We’re losing him! God, no! Jeez! We lost him! Spike… tell Doctor Kayne… I did all I could… Okay… Wrench, let’s help Professor Hudson before heroes into shock. Doing okay?”

“Except for Ryan being dead.” Replied Hudson.

“I did all I could. I’m… sorry.”

“I know. I know. Ohhhh! Shouldn’t have moved… get to work please.”

“Doctor Kayne?”

“Yes, Professor Jennings?”

“I have bad news.” Doctor Kayne’s fist clenched further.

“What is it now?” He demanded.

“We lost Doctor Ryan Sanders in an accident. He was outside when the storm hit. One of the marines told me their medic did all he could.”

“A shame. Sanders was a good worker. You know, he developed the AI for Goose Squad.”

“Uh, about that sir…”

“What?” Kayne was annoyed.

“They’re, uh, well, they’re dead sir.” There was a pause, then:

“I want the marines we tried to kill dead. Find them. Kill them. NOW.

“Yes, sir.” Jennings left the room, and Kayne brought out a bottle of Scotch.


“I know.” Leroy and Hamt had braved the storm in Combat Officer suits they had captured by knocking out two guards in an old van. Unfortunately, the suits had started to rip and tear apart as they entered the compound, climbed a pile of canisters that had been tied down, and snuck in a ventilation shaft. They were in a storage room and away from the howling wind.

“How do we alert the others?”

“We don’t, Snowy. Not until it’s safe.”

“So… we wait in here?”

“No. They may need…” Hamt looked at the labels on the crates. “Food, any time soon. We leave and hope we survive.”

“What’s your first name, anyway?” Hamt sighed, and replied,


“Oh. Okay, now that we’re on a first-nickname basis, how about you tell ME about your life?”

I was what people like you would call a jock. Athletic, but not too smart... My grades didn’t improve until grade 10. Even then, they were only average. I joined the military at 21, went on a few missions, then that one that went wrong… you know… the Therapy one. I was promoted, but I lost my best friend… tons of therapy sessions and missions later, here I am.

“Wow. Shorter than my story.” Said Jack. “Alright Mike, Let’s get going.”

“I’m with you on that, Snowy.”

“It’s Jack.” The men exited the room and walked down the hallway towards the elevator.

“Halt!” A blue uniformed guard was pointing a gun at Mike. “Who are you?”

“We’re marines.” Replied Mike. “You know, the ones you tried to kill?” The guards face whitened and his finger pulled on the trigger slightly. Quick as a flash, Both Mike and Jack fired at him.

“I hate having to do that… I hate having to kill people.” Said Hamt regretfully.

“It’s much easier when they’re synthetics, isn’t it?” Jack replied faintly, before throwing up in a nearby ashtray.


“Le-lets go. You have any gum?”

“Nope.” Jack picked up the gun the guard had been carrying, and walked down the hall. The only snag they ran into on their way to the elevator was passing the security checkpoint.

“Do you hear anything?”

“No, Slug.” Replied Corporal Manitin.

“Sounded like someone throwin’ up.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“You never hear anything, Doc.” Replied Wrench.

“You must be hearing things.”

“I guess. Wait! I hear someone shouting, gunshots…”

“It’s nothing, Slug.”

“I don’t know, Spike… I hear more!”

“You’re hearing things.” Exclaimed Corporal Manitin exasperatedly.

“I’ll have you all know, I got 99.9 Percent on my last hearing test, and that was last month. We should check it out.”

“Fine. Spike, Doc, go with him.”

“Yes ma’am.” They coursed.

“Well, that was unpleasant.”

“You never get used to it.” Replied Mike. As the men tiptoed past an office they heard “And when you’re dying I’ll be Still Alive. And when you’re dead I’ll be STILL ALIVE. Still Alive.”

“Someone’s not using their computer for company work.” Taunted Jack.

“Who are you?” Questioned a voice from the office.

“RUN!” Yelled Jack and Mike in unison. As they entered the elevator, an alarm went off and Doctor Kayne’s voice came over the P.A.

“Attention all personnel. There is a security breach. All unarmed staff are asked to remain in your quarters with doors locked until further notice. All security teams: Beta Red Alert. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. At least fifteen people have been killed. That is all.”

“Odd ending for something like that. Something is definitely off with that guy.” Noted Mike.

“Oh, Really? When did you notice that? When he sent out super soldiers to kill us?” Screamed Jack.

“Now’s not the time. We need to find a safe place, somewhere where the guards won’t find us.”

In his office, Doctor Kayne sat down, turned on classical music, and pulled out his Scotch.

“Won’t g-get me in he-here, Corporal H-hamt.” He stated nervously. As he sloppily gulped down the alcohol, he pulled out a document dossier labelled Synthetic Solider Report 507-’13C and dropped it into his customized paper-shredder.

“This can’t be happening.”

“Calm down, Wrench.”

“I can’t, Doc, I can’t. This is the second security breach in a year at this place, and this time people are dying. We have to find this guy, and fast.”

“Calm down.”

“I can’t! This guy’s probably a terrorist. Remember 2034? Fifty people dead, one guy. And they didn’t just shoot him down, it took a month and two attack helicopters. What if this guy’s the next one? What?”

“We’ll get him. It’s not like he can go anywhere in this storm anyway.”

“No, Doc. This is bad. I can feel it. Something bad’s going to happen. Remember the attack on Alambaan? I knew something was going to go wrong in that place, and when we got there, there were fifteen snipers, and a civilian pulled a gun. We lost Frank, and Corporal Hamt just cowered underneath a tarp in the APC.”

“Yeah, well, you know, he’s afraid of snipers.”

“I know. We all know. But I felt something was going to go wrong. I was right. I have the same feeling now.”

“Whatever it is, we’ll survive it. Just turn off the light and try to get some sleep. It’ll look better in the morning.”

“Yeah, alright. It was pretty nice of them to let us sleep in the extra quarters.”

“See? Glass half full. Goodnight.”

“Good night.” Wrench rolled over on his bed towards the wall, but he didn’t sleep immediately. He stared at a poster of Niagara Falls. “You’re out there somewhere, Mike. I hope to god you’re still okay.”

The room was full of silent cages. A whole wall of them. There was another, shorter wall of glass tubes, each housing an insect.

“I hope whatever they use those cages for is humane.”

“Me too, snowy, but we have bigger problems. Much bigger.”

“Yeah.” The men became alert as they heard men running outside the door.

“Hamilton, Lake, Check animal storage.”

“Yeah, alright.”

“We’re on it sir.” The automatic door rose into the ceiling, and there were two cries of “Hey!” and pistol fire. Mike’s Rotary cannon started to rotate, then fire. The guards crumpled to the ground, and more guards poured in. Gunshots were traded, and bullets flew everywhere. When the last of the guards were dead, Mike looked around for Jack, his eyes landing on the floor.

“Mike, I’ve been shot.”


“Hang on Snowy. Hang on. Don’t be like Reggie, don’t die on me. We’re the only ones who know about the Synths. You hear me? Hang on! I need your help to beat these guys! @%^*!” Mike knew he would have to remove the bullet if Jack was to have any chance of surviving. His hands shaking, he pulled a medical kit from the wall out in the hallway. Removing a scalpel, pair of tweezers, and a bandage roll, he got to work. He had seen Doc do it literally thousands of times. The X incision where the bullet entered, digging around with the tweezers, pulling out the bullet, and bandaging the wound. He was only hoping that it hadn’t punctured his lung. If it had, there would be no hope. Shaking Jack slightly got him so stir.

“What blood type are you?”

“A negative.”

“Thanks.” He pulled a small A- packet and hooked it up to the portable IV. It took his shaking hand three tries to puncture Jack’s vein. Five minutes later, Jack spoke again.


“No problem. That’s what I’m here for, right?”

“No, that’s what Doc’s here for.” Jack joked.

“Yeah, well, that’s who I learned First Aid from in the first place.”

“Let’s get moving.”

“If you think you’re up to it Snowy.”

“I am.”

“Then let’s get moving.”

“Morning, Slug.”

“Hey, Doc” Green Team was up early to look around for the intruder. Two hours ago, Combat Officer Jackson (The very same Sergeant Jackson, after a promotion) found the bodies of many guards near and in Animal Storage L3-14A. There was also a dried patch of blood.

“So, Slug, any idea who might be in here with us?”



“Probably some thief, but then again, thieves aren’t that smart.”

“This means they have to be someone specially trained to do this stuff!”

“Hey guys! What are you talking about?”

“The guy who broke in here, Spike.”

“Ahh.” The three walked down the hall into the main cafeteria…

“At least these vents are clean.”

“Trust me Snowy, There are worse fates than being in a dusty vent.” The two were in a storage room.

“Hey, there are some food crates in here!”

“What? You hungry Snowy?” Joked Mike.

“It’s been about a day since I ate last.”

“Point taken.” There was a rustling noise. “Get down!” Mike hissed. He slowly walked towards the noise. It was coming from an opened crate. Hamt walked back, took Jacks pistol, and walked back towards the crate, gun drawn.

“Don’t shoot!” Yelled the man! He was thin and unshaven, with an unkempt beard.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Y-your not one of the guards. Unless, there’s been a uniform change…”

“Answer the @&%* question.”

“Why should I?”

“Because if you don’t I’ll pull the trigger.”

“Alright, alright. My name is Doctor Samuel Blanch. I’m one of the scientists. Or at least, until I quit. A-are you a guard?”

“No, I’m a marine. Corporal Michael Hamt.”

“You’re not sent to kill me?”


“Then what are you doing here?”

“Trying to find our friends and tip them off about the good Doctor Kayne. What about you?”

“Hiding from him…” Replied Blanch.

It all started a month or so ago. Or, at least I think a month. It’s been hard to tell… I was working on synthetic soldiers.

“We’ve fought a few of those guys.” Said Jack.
Yes, well, I am sorry for that. I had been told they were for a peace keeping mission, but one day, I was searching the system for alternate genetic algorithms, when I saw a file labelled “Peacekeeper” I opened it, and it turned out to be a digital lab report from Doctor Kayne himself. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t making peacekeepers; I was creating an army for world domination. I confronted Kayne, and we had a yelling match. Then I quit. I thought I was safe, but he unleashed security on me. I’ve been hiding here ever since. Whenever someone came in here, I hid in the vents.

“So none of you knew what your work really was for,” Breathed Jack.

“None of the people I worked with, maybe the executives.”

“@&%*! We have to stop these *^&%@##!&, before they start World War four!”

“I whole-heartedly agree.” Replied Blanch.

“Seconded.” Agreed Jack.

“So, Doc Blanch, will you come with us?”

“I-I don’t know. It’s very risky. I’ve gone over the variables, and I see only a 0.21% chance of me surviving, 3% with an escort.”

“Come on, we’re professionals. Or, I am. Snowy here’s a programmer.”

“Well, alright.” Blanch strode across the room and opened the door. “But you must keep that weapon at the ready. I’ll get some information for you, in case I perish.”

“We’ll do our best to make sure you get out of here. Snowy, get ready.” Mike Set his Rotary cannon to pre-rotate and stepped outside the door…

“Sir, we’ve found three more bodies in Delta sector.”


“Sub-sector 13-B.”

“Very well. Keep the men on high alert.

“Yes sir.”

“General Koskatov?”

“Yes, Doctor?”

“Wake the B-2 Synths. Put them on high alert. This is a code orange.”

“Yes, Doctor Kayne.” Replied Koskatov. Kayne walked to his filing cabinet, pulled out two packages, and set one on the table. The other was dropped into the paper shredder. Kayne opened the other, and removed its contents: A cigar and a bottle of brandy.

“It is time for you to die, Corporal. You and your little programmer too…” Kayne laughed nervously and drained the bottle in three gulps.

“Okay, here’s the terminal. Get to work Doctor.”

“Alright. This is a secure system, so it will be very difficult to hack into. Log in. HudsonG. Password: Unreal.”


“I’m using my friend’s. They’ve probably locked mine down.”


“Download onto external system. All files containing Combat+Synth+Synthetic+Solider. Hand me that external hard drive.”


“Thank you, Mr. Leroy. Downloading 1%. I’m going to leave a message for George. Login message: George-Synths are soldiers. Terminate next batch immediately. Kayne must be stopped. World domination in mind. Repeat: Stop Kayne. Still alive, George, Still Alive.-Samuel. Enter.”

“I hear foot steps.” Whispered Mike.

“It’s at 34%.”

“I’m gonna load my cannon.”

“Don’t worry Doctor Blanch, We’ll cover you.” Said Jack.

“Do be careful.” The footsteps were getting louder. Mike pointed his cannon at the door.

“It’s lock and load time. Man, that’s clichéd.”

“Call the soldiers! RUN!” Gunfire met the man’s words instantaneously. There was a sickening crunch, and the smell of burnt gunpowder met the noses of everyone in the hallway. For a split second the scene froze for Mike. The guard’s corpse in midair, two guards running, a scientist on the ground, whimpering, and one last guard, his hand above the alarm switch.

“Don’t do it!” Yelled Mike. His rotary cannon exploded into life, but the man’s flailing leg hit the panel, and a siren blared throughout the complex.


“I know, Snowy, I know!” one more guard fell, but the other kept running around the corner and beyond. Jack checked the guard near the alarm and the scientist for vital signs.

“He’s alive, but barely.”

“What about our lab-coated friend over there?”

“He’s fine. I think he’s in shock, but he seems OK.”

“Shock? Can’t that be fatal?”

“U-usually. Yeah.”

“Can you help him?”



“Yeah, if-if I can get circulation back into his whole body, I-I think it’s only the first stage, but I don’t know much about medical science.”

“Attention All security units,” Blared the intercom, “There is a security breach in Delta 14-A. Delta 14-A. All security units respond, this is a code RED! I Repeat, Code RED, delta 14-A.”

“Took them long enough. If this was a military base, it would have been shut down for the delay.”

“Its okay, it’s okay. Just breathe deeply; we’re not here to hurt you.”


“Okay! Take good care of yourself, doctor.”


“Good! C’mon Snowy, we’ve got to protect the doctor!”

“Intruder detected. Taking immediate action.”

“Oh, how I HATE these guys!”

“Direct contact. Terminating…” The two swapped gunfire, until the Synth fell.

“System unstable. Shutting down.”

“You bet your sorry A** you’ll shut down!”

“There they are! Open fire men!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to!” More gunfire. “Evidently, I do.”

“Open fire.”

“Kill him!”

“Intruder detected.”

“Initiating fire.”

“Capture mode engaged.”


“I’m right behind you!”


“Sneak attack.” Gunfire blasted behind their backs.


“Doctor Blanch!” the Synth was killed, and the door was locked before he had his say.

“It’s at 94%. Seal it in a waterproof bag. Keep it on your person. Gi-give my regards to George. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”

“Snowy, get the drive ready! I’ll hold ‘em off!”

“99%! 100%!!!” Jack quickly hid the hard drive in a bag that Doctor Blanch had been carrying. There was a blast, and the door disappeared.

“You have been captured.”


“Any orders, Doctor Kayne?”

Gghht-“Yes. Take them to the cooling station. Oh, and turn off the alert.”-gghht.

“Kill the survivor. The doctor does not want any witnesses.”

“No, please! I-I created you! I am your father, especially you, C1410! I created you myself! No, please! C1410! I’m begging you!” The scientist was not in shock anymore, but he looked very frightened.

“Prepare to be executed.”

“No, I-I… made you.” A single shotgun blast made him stop moving.

“Survivor has been executed, Doctor Kayne.”

“Oh my god. To think one man could have done this.”

“I know, ma’am. It’s impossible that he didn’t have military training.” A man crawled up to them, a shotgun wound on his front.

“Snowy saved me.” The man crumpled, to never say a word again.

“Snowy?” the two asked each other in unison.


“Where are you taking me? Where’s Mike?”

Corporal Hamt is in the process of execution. I am taking you to be executed as well.” Jack’s eyes saw a glint of metal on the Synths uniform, a knife. He grabbed at it, made contact, and stabbed the Synth.

“Fatal error. Main pump damaged.”

“Good.” Jack ran down the hall and found a laptop.

“Let’s download the area schematics.” Typing franticly, Jack found the schematics on the mainframe, and started to download them. He ran back to the Synth and took what he forgot, the Synths pistol. Running back, he found the computer ready to disconnect from the network.

“Fast computer.” He unplugged it, and walked down the hall.

“Kayne said something about a cooling station. Here it is! Just down the hall!” he ran to it, to find only a console with a microphone, a window, but no door.



“Jack? Where are you?”

“Look through the window!” the cooling station was on the other side, a large round room with a high ceiling, and the window was halfway to there in the room. It was filling with water, and Mike was uneasily treading water.

“Oh, god.”

“How do I stop the water?” Jack typed quickly on the laptop.

“Get on that platform,” Jack said, pointing at a catwalk section with a ladder on it. “Then turn the valve.”

“Which one?”

“Uh… the red one!” Mike turned it, and the water stopped.

“Okay, now how do I get out of here?”

“I’ll have to look a few levels down… here it is! You’ll have to open a panel on the bottom, in the middle.”


“No auto drain. Sorry.”

“Great.” Taking a deep breath, Mike dove down and pried open the panel. As the water flowed out, shards of glass joined him on the bottom, then Jack and the laptop.

“How did you-?” asked Mike after the water was below head height.”

“Shot out the window.” Replied Jack.

“Ah. What about the computer?”

“Kayne Science seems to have invested in waterproof covers for their laptops. Good thing, too, we’ll probably need this for a map and interface.”

“Alright then. Which way?”

“Down and to the right. Into the maintenance tunnel system.” The tunnels were flooded to waist height, and rounded at the top. As the men delved into the tunnel system, heading towards the munitions lab, Jack fired a clip of ammo into a pipe, opening it, and closed the panel so the tunnels wouldn’t flood.

“What could that man have meant by ‘Snowy saved me’?”

“I don’t know, Slug. Maybe he was delusional.” Replied Doc. “Gunshots can sometimes have that effect, if you lose enough blood. Where’s corporal Manitin?”

“She’s talking with Doc Kayne.”




“Hey guys.”

“Hey Wrench.”


“Yo, Spike, get over here!”


“Know what snowy means?”

“Uh… covered in snow ever occur to you?”

“Any other definition?”


“Men.” Corporal Manitin had arrived.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“‘Am.” Spike finished.

“Let’s pull out. We’re done here.”



“I guess.”

“The intruder has been caught, men. We’re done here, as I said.

“Not quite yet.”

“General Koskatov? What is it?”

“We have a disturbance. Follow me.” As Green team walked down the hall, an elevator opened. “Inside.”

“Hey, Tanya.”


“Sorry.” The door opened to reveal five armed combat officers.

“Officer Jackson, take Green team to the cell block.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Sorry Spike.”

“Corporal Manitin, what is this?”

“That’s Lieutenant Manitin to you.”


“Lieutenant. I’m going to help Doctor Kayne.”

“Do what?”

“Use his Synthetic peacekeepers to rule the world.”

“You mean you sold out the world for two ranks?”

“And a hefty increase in pay. Plus, I get New Zealand.”

“I can’t believe you. How long was Kayne planning this?”

“Years. Since before he inherited the company, he tells me.”


“Yes, Wrench. He killed Hamt and Leroy. He orchestrated the whole thing.”

“That B#%$#&^!”

“They did survive, but they were captured and drowned.”

“I-I can’t…”

“What’s wrong? Can’t believe he was nearby for so long, and you didn’t realize it? Your poor friend. The ‘Intruder’ was him and Leroy. Everything.”

“You monster! Kayne killed him because he knew he couldn’t manipulate him, didn’t he?”

“Yes. And now, I have to go. I’m having dinner with Doctor Kayne.”

“In the cell, Green team.”

In munitions lab A5-D, a floor tile was lifted, and out stepped two soggy men.

“That was cold.”

“Even for a Canadian? Wow.” Jack sighed and rolled his eyes, and started cleaning his glasses.

“What time is it?”


“Exact time?”

“I always say the exact time. It’s a habit.” Mike looked around the room. “There it is. Locker C-5. Confiscated Weapons.” He opened the locker and reclaimed his Rotary Cannon. “Ain’t nothing mini about it.”

“I wonder what’s in locker C-4?” pondered Jack, opening it.

“Hmmm. Looks like C-4.”



“Which is?”

“A form of Plastic Explosive. You guys used it in WW2.”


“Actually, C-4 is a more powerful modern version of Plastique.’

“Why are we wasting time?”

“Don’t know. Just let me get some.”

“Doctor Kayne, Doctor Hudson is here to see you.”

“Very well, send him in.” George walked into the office and closed the door.

“Doctor Hudson, I trust you are doing well. I heard about your injuries, very sad.”

“You Maniac.” Hudson pulled a semi automatic pistol out of his lab coat. “You said the Synths were for peace. Instead, an army of soldiers to take over the world. I’m ending this, now. I’ve already pulled the plug on the latest group. And you know what, I’m GLAD I got burned. It made it easier to conceal this.”

“How did you find out?”

“Samuel left me a message on my computer. You killed him. You killed HIM! You are truly a monster. How many innocent people have you killed? HOW MANY? Five? Ten? Fifty? Tell me. Tell ME!”

“As of now, let’s see… Senator McKay wasn’t innocent, so, eight in my lifetime.”

“EIGHT? And how many of them did I know, pray tell?”

“Two only those that found out.”
“You’ll kill countless more soon. Or, you would. I’m going to put a stop to this.”

“You wouldn’t dare. You don’t have the guts.”

“Try me.”

“Fine then. I have Green team locked away. I killed the two members that disappeared in rubble, and soon the rest will join them. I’ll kill you when you turn your back. I will kill whoever it takes to rule the world and gain power.”

“I will put a stop to you. I WILL! You are FINISHED!” his grip on the trigger tightened. There was a muffled blast to the secretary’s ears.

“West.” Jack and Mike walked down the corridor in delta sector.

“Lock and load.” Came from behind a door.

“Wait.” Mike kicked the door open and saw a group of scientists, heavily armed. “Whoops, wrong door.”


“Huh? Why aren’t you killing me?”

“We want to stop Kayne.”

“What? Why?”

“We found out that the Synths were being created for anti-peace military purposes.”

“George Hudson told us. Then he went off to confront Kayne, wearing a wire.”
“Then why are you getting armed?”

“Listen. We recorded what the wire picked up.”

“I will put a stop to you. I WILL! You are FINISHED!” A loud blast.

“Good work, Miss Manitin.”

“A pleasure.”


“Yes sir?”

“Get rid of Hudson’s body.”

“Yes sir.”

“So, Lieutenant, are you enjoying you new work?”

“As long as you get me what you promised.”

“That’s what happened. We think the decrease in noise was George’s Cadaver being taken away.”

“Oh my god. I should have seen this coming.”

“What? You aren’t even an employee. Who are you anyway?”

“We’re the two members of Green team that were killed. Or so they think.”

“I should have seen this coming. She was always trying to impress management. She wanted a big promotion, power, and she got it. Only price is the world.”

“You mean… that woman on the recording was a member of Green Team?”

“Yes. And I’m going to kill her! You people get armed, get armoured, hide out in areas of importance, and when you hear the word ‘Turbo’, get going, take this place down!”

“I trust your food is good.”

“Very. Who cooked it?”

“T-5012. A Cooking Synth. A well fed army works well, as do scientists.”

“I especially like the steak.”

“That’s not steak. That’s your medic. Joking! Joking!” There was a silence. “Is something bothering you?”

“Just thinking. I’m being stupid, though. Power is the only friend I need.”


“How long until we mobilize?”

“Twelve hours.”


“This way.” Jack and Mike were heading towards the cell block. “We need a passcode.”

“I know a good one.” Replied Mike, before shooting the keypad. The door opened.

“That works, strangely enough.”

“Who’s there?”

“It’s us.”

“…Mike? Jack? But, you’re dead!”

“We survived. We’re still alive, but there were unforeseen consequences.”

“Stand back, guys.” Called Jack, before shooting the lock.

“Alright, Snowy!”

“His nickname is Snowy?”


“Well, that explains a lot doesn’t it, guys? Huh? Huh?”

“Can it Spike!”

“Good to see you too, sir!”

“Enough with the SIR!”


“Come on, men, let’s get out of here!”

“Yes sir, Lieutenant Samson.”

“Glad to see you finally accepted your place as team CO., Wrench.”

“Me too, Mike. Me too.”

“Turbo, Turbo, Turbo!” Jack yelled into a walkie-talkie. “The uprising has begun.”

“Doctor Kayne,”

“What is it now?”

“We’ve lost contact with another patrol. They, well, they said something about scientists with guns.” Kayne Swore.

“They know. Alert the men. Alert the Synthetics. Tell them to shoot anything without a security pass on sight.”

“On sight, sir?”

“Yes! Yes, you fool! I have put too much money into this endeavour to be stopped by my underlings. I WILL not be stopped by these FOOLS!”

“Yes, sir.”

“And get me contact with General Koskatov.”

“Right away sir.”

“Tanya Boston here.”

“Boston? Where’s Koskatov?”

“I’m not sure sir.” She replied. “He took his rifle though. And one of the new flamethrowers.”

“He must have caught whiff of the uprising and gone to help appease it. Miss Boston, hunt down and find Hamt.”

“Sir? They’re dead.”

“Then I suppose the rest of green team just walked out of they’re cell? Security say’s they’re gone.”

“Yes sir.” With that, Kayne turned off the intercom, opened a bottle of wine, and lifted his desktop. It was on hinges. He removed a shotgun, and kicked over his desk.

“You sh-sh-shant get me…” Kayne laughed nervously and opened the bottle, draining it into his mouth within five minutes.

“Let’s get going.”

“Mike, do you think they’ll send the security officers?”

“Synths mostly, I’d think.” Put in Wrench. “Possibly Koskatov.”

“And me.” Came a voice. Tanya stepped out of the shadows beside a pipeline, holding a pistol. “You’ve set Kayne Science back quite a bit. Now it’s time to repay what you’ve ruined.”

“Now, certainly we can talk this out,” Started Mike.

“No talking. Only dying.” Jack was looking at the pipeline, and read the labels. Quickly, he shot at the one-labelled Gas. The pipe exploded, and the roof collapsed on Tanya. Doc rushed forward.

“…We’re safe. She’s dead. We only have to destroy the entire army, Koskatov, and Kayne.”

“That’s… a lot.” Said Spike.

“Oh, really? When did you figure that out?” Retorted Mike.

“Enough.” Said Jack. “Let’s just get to the surface.”

“Hear, Hear!” Agreed Spike.

“Where is Miss Boston?” Demanded Doctor Kayne.

“I-I don’t know, sir. We lost contact with her fifteen minutes ago.”

“Then you may very well be the last human solider under my command. Fetch me the experimental flamethrower.”


“Do it! Do it you fool! I will not fall to these, these, marines!” Kayne spat.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good lord, you’re here! We haven’t had much luck with our Synthetics.”

“Don’t worry, Professor, we’re here to help.” Replied Mike. “What’s Kayne doing?”

“I assume he’s going to fall back to his experimental flamethrower, and perhaps retreat to that water tower outside.”

“Outside?” Asked Jack.

“Look out the window, Leroy, the storm’s stopped.” Answered Slug.

“Great timing.” Said Mike sarcastically. “Alright,” He said, serious again, “let’s get you guys suited up. Where’s the nearest armoury?”

“Down the hall, to the right.”


Doctor Kayne was laughing manically. He had already stopped three scientists with his flamethrower, and made countless others run for shelter.

“Fire burns well, less fuel consumption, and from the sound of these screams, more painful than ever.” Noted Kayne, before laughing again and climbing the water tower.

“Incoming!” Doc Yelled. A missile slammed into Kayne science’s main laboratory, launched by a Synth.

“They have WHAT now?” Screamed Mike. Spike took the Synth’s head off with a well place AP round from a sniper rifle courtesy of the armoury.

“There’s Kayne!” exclaimed Slug. The others followed his gaze to the water tower.

“I’m going up. I’ll show that $#@%#^* what happens when you try to take over the world.”

“No, Mike, It’s my battle too.”

“Snowy, you stay here.”

“If you’re going up, than I am too.” Hamt sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing.

“Fine. Just don’t get killed.”

“Like that hasn’t been used before.”

“Snowy, this is not the time, or the place.” Jack rolled his eyes, and followed Michael Hamt up the ladder as the remaining members of green team joined the clash against the synthetic soldiers.

Corporal Manitin had shot more scientists in one hour than she had terrorists on her fourteenth mission in the desert. Running towards the water tower to seek shelter underneath it, she looked up to see two figures climbing it.

“So, you’re still alive. Not for long.” She smirked as her pistol was unholstered and aimed…

The shots came quick and deadly. Three bullets in the tower, causing water to gush out right beside Jack.

“Uh, Mike?”


“We have a problem.”

More shots came every few seconds, barely missing them. Water was gushing everywhere, and soaking both Leroy and Hamt.

“That’s Manitin, isn’t it?”

“I’ll kill her. Not only does she betray the world, she tries to kill us? She wouldn’t even get a trial.” Hamt jumped from the ladder, and grabbed it again below Jack. He then sped down the ladder onto the platform just 30 metres above the ground. He booted up his rotary cannon, and fired at the supports. He then climbed the ladder to join Jack at the top. Kayne was laughing manically.

“When I shoot at him, run to that side of the tower.” Mike instructed.


“Trust me.” He turned to Kayne. “Nice plan, Doctor Kayne.”

“What? H-how did you g-g-get up here?”

“We climbed.” Mike opened fire, and Jack ran towards Kayne.

“No, you’ll kill us all! Y-y-you’re insane!”

“Really?” Said Mike, rushing towards him. “I thought that was you.”

Manitin swore. They had made it to the top. As she ran around the tower, she saw them rush towards Doctor Kayne, and she resumed firing. The tower groaned, as if it was about to collapse. Too late, Manitin realized why Mike had shot the supports down to toothpicks.

“Oh, Sh-“

“You okay?”

“Yeah. You?” Replied Mike.

“Yeah. Some plan. Where’s Manitin?”

“We’re standing over her.” The metallic remains of the Kayne Science water tower were spread around the battlefield.

“Y-you ruined it. M-my perfect plan… I… will KILL YOU ALL! Kayne rushed towards them, but stopped short when he heard a pistol fire. He felt as if he had been punched, and as he looked down, he saw red. “I’m coming, father.” He said, then crumpled to the ground.

“I doubt it.” Said Mike. “His father was a good man.”

“You guys okay?” Called Slug, as the other members returned.

“A few cuts, a bruise or two.” Replied Mike, as Jack picked up Kayne’s battered flamethrower.

“You have ruined it… you will pay noow.” Green team turned. It was Tanya Boston, but… different. She had no hair, and pale skin. She was a Synth.

“My consciousness was copied into this synthetic body. Noow you will pay for killing me.”

“I don’t think so!” Came a yell. Five shots slammed into the synthetic Boston, and it fell to the ground. Spike was behind, holding a .358 Magnum revolver. Jack burned both bodies with a flamethrower to ensure they were dead. Kayne Science’s plan was over.

“Come on, guys. Let’s get out of here.” Said Mike.

“That is so clichéd I don’t even know where to start!” complained Jack, as the sun came up.

3:57 pm, Monday July 17 2058.
All but 16 of the 503 Kayne Science Shareholders were imprisoned for knowingly financing a global domination scheme. Of the 16 found innocent, one was an 11 year-old boy.

1:32 pm, Saturday July 23 2058.
The last known sighting of General Martin Koskatov. He is presumed alive and well. A reward is posted for anyone who can reveal his whereabouts, and he is wanted dead or alive.

11:00 am Sunday July 24 2058.
A press conference was held by Mr. Jack Leroy, stating that Koskatov seemingly deserted Kayne’s plan, and should not be given the maximum 59-year sentence.

12:30 pm, Monday July 25 2058.
Lieutenant “Wrench” Samson was officially re-instated as head mechanic and leader of Green team.

12:30 pm Monday July 25 2058.
Corporal Mike Hamt began training new recruits into the Special Forces academy of New Roswell, TX.

3:00 am Sunday August 1, 2058.
The body of Kayne science shareholder Adam Williams was found in his high-rise apartment. Beside his body was a skull made of a metallic material, thought to be a synthetic’s skull. A thorough search of his apartment revealed that he was in fact, knowingly financing the domination plot. The case is reopened to investigate the other 15 shareholders.

1:00 pm Friday September 13, 2058.
All s

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Censored. Wrote in grade 6.

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