May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

It was Whitfield High School. Jessie was a sophomore. As Jessie was walking through the halls wearing skinny jeans and a sports t-shirt, she saw friends hanging out gossiping, couples were flirting with each other, and students being scolded by teachers.

The bell rang for 1st period. Jessie was late for her English class and she hurried down the hall, where her friends Eric and Sasha were

“Welcome, Ms.Carter,” Ms.Bailey, Jessie’s English teacher said.

“Good morning Ms.bailey,” Jessie said back to her as she walked away.

“Everybody. Get in your seats. I have an announcement to make,” Ms.Bailey said.
All the students scattered to their seats.

“As you all know we are going on a class trip to Spain on Friday, so don’t forget to bring your permission slips back,” she continued.
Jessie was so excited to go on that trip because she was waiting for it all year. They were going to stay in a nice hotel and go see some sights. Also, have really good food service and get to swim in the pool. She could not wait to go home and tell her parents.

When Jessie got home, she saw her mom on the couch wearing a pink robe and sipping coffee. Jessie felt a gut feeling because there was a good chance her mom was going to say no to the trip because every summer, Jessie has to spend a week with her grandparents. They hadn’t seen her all school year. Even though she did like being with them.

“Mom,” Jessie began nervously. “There is something I have to ask you.”

“Spit it out Jessie!” Jessie’s mom said impatiently.

“There is this really amazing, trip to Spain on Friday, and I know this is kind of last minute, but I was hoping that you and dad would let me go,” Jessie said fast.

“Jessie…Jessie, Jessie, Jessie. Now you know that you have to go visit your grandma and grandpa this weekend,” Jessie’s mom said.

“But mom,” Jessie pleaded.

“No ‘buts’,” Jessie mom said. “You just can’t go.”
Jessie grabbed her book bag and mumbled up the stairs, “I don’t get to do anything!”

The next day at school, Jessie was wearing a blue jean skirt and lime-green shirt. She walked into class with a grumpy attitude.

“Hey, Jessie!” Sasha and Eric said.

“What’s wrong?” Sasha said.

“My mom said that I couldn’t go on that trip with you guys,” Jessie said.

“You have to go Jessie. Are you just going except no for an answer?” Eric asked
Jessie was slightly influenced by Eric’s comment.

“My mom already made up her mind you guys,” Jessie replied.

“You can’t just give up!” Sasha said.

“ I guess I could give it another shot,” Jessie said, “Oh, and thanks you guys for cheering me up!”

“We’re your best friends. That’s what we are here for,” Eric said.

“You two are the best!” Jessie said.

When Jessie got home from school, her dad was in the kitchen reading the newspaper. Jessie’s dad was kind of dorky. He had laid back hair that sometimes was really greasy, he wore glasses, a striped tie, with work pants. Even though he looked nice, he was tough!

“Dad?” Jessie said.

“I want to go on this trip to Spain on Friday, and it costs 400 bucks,” Jessie said.

“No-way-José, and not another word about it!” Jessie’s dad angrily said.

That night, Jessie lied in her bed thinking a lot. Jessie just had to go on that trip. Jessie was an only child and wanted some time to be with her friends. A crowd of her own age. Everyone else was going and she did not want to be the odd-one-out. Her parents always treated her like she was a kid because she was their only child, and they were not ready to “let go”. She thought, how am I going to get away with this with know one knowing? She also thought, what am I going to tell my grandparents? Her thoughts were interrupted by, what will I tell my friends? Jessie had to think of a plan…and fast!

The next day, it was Thursday. The day before the trip. Jessie walked into class and she didn’t know what to tell her friends because they would be disappointed if she told them that she could not go on that trip with them. Jessie tried to stay out of view of Eric and Sasha, but unluckily, they spotted her.

“So?” Eric asked.

“What do you mean, “So”?” Jessie stalled because she had not decided what to say.

“What did your parents say about the trip?!” Sasha said.
Jessie hesitated.

“They said yes!” Jessie lied, but tried to sound enthusiastic.

“That’s awesome! I knew that if you try you will succeed,” Eric said in his nerdy way.

“I can’t wait!” Sasha said.
“Sasha, is it okay if you and your mom give me a ride to the airport tomorrow?”
“Sure. No problem,” Sasha generously said.
Her friends were happy, but Jessie was not.

When Jessie got home from school, no one was there. She had the house all to herself and there was no time to waste. Jessie had to succeed in a lot of tasks that day if she wanted to go on that trip on Friday. Jessie dropped her book bag at the front door and went into the kitchen to call her grandparents. Jessie knew she would not have much problem with her grandma because she was old and pretty much fell for anything. On the other hand, her grandpa was a little harder to get by because he was more alert, and could tell a lie from a mile away. The phone was ringing. It picked up.

“Hello? Grandma? It’s Jessie,” Jessie “searched” for a voice.

“Oh, hello peaches!” It was Grandma.

“”Hey Grammy. I called because I got some bad news,” Jessie started, “I can’t come visit you guys this weekend. I have something planned. I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me,” Jessie apologized.

“That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing you this weekend peaches, but that’s okay. I will tell your granddad about this,” Jessie’s Grandma said.

“ I love you guys,” Jessie said.

“We love you too,” Grandma said lovingly.
Just as Jessie hung up, her mom walked through the door. She looked really exhausted as she sprawled onto the living room couch. Jessie pulled her permission slip out of her bag. Jessie thought it would be a great chance to trick her mom into signing it. Jessie took that risk.

“Mom, could you sign this paper?” Jessie hoped that her mom would not notice.

“Sure,” Jessie’s mom surprisingly did not notice.
Jessie then ran fast up to her room.

Jessie sat down to think, how am I going to get that 300 dollars for the trip?
After several moments, Jessie realized that they kept a secret stash in the closet down the hall. Jessie knew that it was stealing from her parents. She held the box in her hand. Jessie let her greed get in the way. She took the money and ran. She went to her room to pack her bags. She packed all her good clothes. She could not wait till tomorrow.

It was the day of the trip, and Jessie woke up feeling really wonderful. She took a shower and put on her favorite outfit. Her favorite purple tank-top. Her favorite dark blue-jean skirt. Her favorite grey sweater with pink and black designs. Her favorite flats and arm-warmers. She put her money in her back pocket and went downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal.

“Jessie, are you excited to go to your grandparents’ house today?” Jessie’s dad said.

“I am so excited. I talked to my grandma yesterday, and she said we were going to have so much fun there!” Jessie faked her excitement, with her mouth full.
Jessie heard the car honk from outside.

“It’s time. Gotta go dad!”

“Tell me how your visit with them goes. Okay?” Jessie’s dad reminded her.

“Alright dad,” Jessie said.
Jessie left out the house to Sasha’s mom’s car. Sasha’s mom had a black truck that Jessie liked to ride, just for the fact that it was someone else’s car. Out of the ordinary. They were off to the Carey airport.

When they got there, the airport was bustling with people all around, the sound of chatter, and smells plain. Every person going on the trip, had to get in line to give their permission slips and money, before anyone boards the plane. While Jessie was waiting in line, she could not stop keeping her mind from thinking about all the lies and bad things she had done. She thought; what child could lie to their own family? Is it that important that I go on this trip? How can I pass up a fun and guilt free vacation with my favorite grandparents? Jessie also had positive thoughts; this trip is going to be so much fun! Forget about my family…they will be there when I get back. No one is going to know. Who’s going to tell?

It was Jessie’s turn to give her money and permission slip. Jessie hesitated. She knew her family’s trust was more important to her than some trip. Jessie was not the type of girl to deceive her parents. A vacation only lasts for that moment, but family lasts a lifetime. She knew what to do. Jessie got out of line and ran over to Sasha’s mom.

“Hey, can you take me back home? No questions asked?” Jessie said.

“Sure thing Jessie,” Sasha’s mom said.
As Jessie walking out the door, she heard someone yell, “Hey. Where are you going?”
It was Eric.

“Home,” said Jessie.
Jessie blew him a kiss and he caught it and put it in his pocket.

Jessie arrived at home.

“Thanks for the ride,” Jessie yelled back.

“Anytime,” Sasha’s mom said.
Jessie walked into her house with her head down because she did not want to see the look on her dad’s face when she walked in.

“What in the devil are you doing back here? Where is your grandfather? Open your mouth and speak!” Jessie’s dad was furious.

“Dad, I have some thing to tell you that you most likely don’t want to hear,” Jessie began, “I made up a whole plan in order for me to be able to go on that trip. Obviously, it worked. I am very sorry and I hope, from the bottom of my heart that you…I mean, everyone will forgive me,” Jessie pleaded with her head still down.

“Look at me Jessie. You should be very ashamed of yourself. I trusted you and you disobeyed me!” Jessie’s dad said.

“I didn’t disobey you. I came back, didn’t I?” Jessie said.

“At least that’s one good choice you have made. Come here,” Jessie dad said.
Jessie hugged her dad for a long time.

“Am I grounded?” Jessie asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Jessie dad said.

“Fair enough dad…fair enough,” Jessie said.

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