May 19, 2009
By Jerry Figueroa BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Jerry Figueroa BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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The car pulled up beside me. I did not dare to look. I started to walk faster and the faster I walked, the faster the car went. All I seen was the dirt on the floor of the alley and a blue blur from the car on the corner of my eye. “All we want to do is talk Alexander,” said the guys in the car. I recognized those loud deep voices. The car rammed passed me and blocked my way out of the alley. Four guys stepped out the vehicle with very big smirks on their faces. “I knew it,” I told myself. The four guys that stepped out the car were the four most abusive guys in Albany High. Freddy and the Boys is what we like to call them. These were the wrong guys to mess with. These guys also like to mess with people for no reason. Just because they think its fun.
When they blocked my way out and stepped out the car, I quickly turned back and started running the other way. “Shoot him,” said one of those deep voices. I can tell it was Freddy, their leader. My heart dropped when I dropped when I heard that. I started to run faster when I got hit on my shoulder. Paint splattered all over my face. They shot me with a paintball gun. “That s*** hurts badly,” I thought to myself. I still was up and running until I got hit on my head.
That finished my attempt to run away from Freddy and the Boys. I feel on the ground and tasted nothing but paint and dirt. I heard the car coming towards me. I was so nervous that I could feel my heart pumping through my arm. Freddy pulled up beside me and just smiled. They suddenly left the alley. I got up from the floor but couldn’t see out my right eye because paint was all over it and on my shoulder. There was a lot of paint on my head. I was disgusted in the things that seniors decide to do. They could have hurt me badly. I walked towards the end of the alley and a cop passed me slowly and stopped. “Are you okay young man?” ask the cop. “Yeah, just a senior prank,” I told the officer. “Are you sure? It seems like it was more than a senior prank,” said the officer. I explained to the officer what happened and he suddenly cut me off. “You said it involved a blue Mercedes?” the cop asked. “Yes,” I said scared out my mind. “Officer Montanez to Officer Smith, where did that accident with the blue Mercedes take place?” said the cop. “Smith to Montanez; the accident took place on Lexington Avenue, the Mercedes seemed to be turning out the alley on Crawford Street.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “Well young man, it seems that those seniors aren’t having fun any more. They got into a serious car accident with a truck and their car flipped over. All four boys were seriously injured.” I was just blank thinking about how they were just shooting me with a paintball gun and now they’re on their way to the hospital. “The guy driving the car flew out the window.” said the officer. “Freddy,” I said to myself. “Do you need a ride home?” asked the officer. “No, I live down the street” I told responded.
As I walked home, I was thinking to myself if the guys were okay, even though they just abused me. I had sympathy for them. Then again I thought to myself, “Karma is a bitch.”

The author's comments:
This is the ending to a short story.

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